True Confession – A Bicycle Ride Not Forgotten
Some years ago I was into bicycle riding and rode long distance rides on a number of occasions. I was home on summer break from college and decided to take a weekend ride. My girlfriend from college was away for several weeks on a trip so I have plenty of time for riding my bike.

I put on biking shorts and shirt and took off into the country. After 15 or twenty minutes of biking I had worked up a sweat and was pedaling down a country road I heard a car approaching. I moved to the right to let the car pass and the driver slowed down and opened his window. It was a lone young male and he yelled out the window “do you want a blow job?”. I was somewhat startled and tried not to pay attention him and kept riding as he passed on.

I was hoping he would move on as it was a deserted road and I was a little afraid. Trying to concentrate on something else I kept riding. As I glanced up I spotted the same car coming back in my direction and it started to slow down. As the car drew closer I recognized the driver as a local guy who was known to be gay and he was several years behind me when I was in school. I was not fearful at that point and stopped the bike. He again drove by slow and this time was more direct “can I suck your cock?”. I told him a was not into sex with other men and had a girlfriend. He introduced himself as Dave and I recalled he was telling the truth as I remember his name.

He understood I was straight but I could see him eyeing my crotch in the tight black spandex riding shorts. As he talked with me I began to seriously consider his offer and he could see my cock starting to enlarge in my tight outfit. He knew I nervous and I told him I had never done anything like this. Dave understood and said I did not have to do anything to him but he could love to please me orally. At that point I agreed to go with him and he said there was on abandoned barn around the next intersection which I was familiar with as I had been parking there with my girlfriend times. Dave said he would drive to the barn and park out back as the corn was high and passers by could not see his car. He told me to park my bike in the corn field and walk in the side door.

He drove away and I started riding my bike to the barn. My mind kept telling me not to do it but my erotic side kept driving me on. I got to the barn and parked my bike out in corn where it could not be seen. Walking in the side door I saw him standing there and I walked up to him. He pulled off my shirt and then started rubbing my ass and cock so he could watch my manhood grow under the spandex. I began to get afraid someone would catch us but he assured me we were fine.

As he rubbed me I started to calm down and I began to feel a cool breeze blow through the stall were were in a he slid down my shorts. As he took them down to my ankles by cock popped out fully erect. I apologized for being sweating but he said that it was exactly what he wanted as he started low and licked the moisture off my balls. He slowly worked his way up my shaft and started to tickle the end of my penis with his tongue. Dave was obviously skilled at this and his drove me wild.

Eventually he started to rim my cock with him mouth and started sucking me. He proceeded to do this for several minutes and I told him I was close to an orgasm. He just kept sucking without stopping and I asked if I could cum in his mouth. Without slowing down he gave me the thumbs up and within 10 seconds I shot my load into his mouth. I started moaning as I felt my sperm shooting out into his throat but he just kept sucking every drop. By then my cock was very sensitive and I asked him to stop. He slowed down and pulled back to inspected by dick to see if there were any droplets coming out which there were. Dave’s tongue came out and gently licked up the last cum.

I then felt totally relaxed and started to put on my clothes. He asked how I enjoyed it and said he did a fine job of pleasing me. Dave asked if we could meet again and I told him he would think about it but I knew he did not remember my from high school and did not know my name. We never met again under these circumstances although I spotted him several months later when I was with my girlfriend and purposely walked away want to avoid an embarrassing encounter.