The Plumber wanted payingI’d just got in from work and we’d had tea and I was upstairs on my laptop working out some stuff from work. I heard a knock on the door but knew Donna was downstairs I let her deal with it. She shouted up to me “It’s the plumber he’s come for his payment” ‘odd’ I thought, ‘he’s had his payment when he screwed my wife’.As I could hear voices I carried on doing what work I had to do. After a few minutes I couldn’t hear anything so I went into our spare room. Now because we’re very sexually active in all forms of sex we’d had some cameras put in downstairs and in our bedroom so we can watch stuff back. I went in the spare room where all the recordings are made and switched on the downstairs cameras.Donna had the plumber cornered in the conservatory, they were talking and she had her arm d****d across his shoulders, she took him by the hand and sat on the settee, as he sat down she hitched up her skirt a little as he looked her straight in the eye, she bent forward and kissed him. He relaxed a little and kissed her back, soon they were passionately kissing.As I watched I felt myself getting hard so I gave myself a little rub. The plumber avcilar escort had moved his hand onto Donna’s tit and in between kissing he was fondling her, her hand was on his knee. A few minutes later and he’d moved from her lips and down onto her neck, his hand still stroking her breast. A few more minutes and Donna took her blouse off.He reached behind her and in kissing her shoulders he unclipped her bra, her tits tumbled out. He grabbed one and moved down so he could lick and suck her nipples which were already starting to harden. As he licked them she fell back into the cushions and his hand moved over her chubbiness and down the front of her belly resting on the waistband of her knickers.He licked down the middle of her chubby belly and slipped his tongue into her belly button, his right hand was on her knee and slowly moving upwards. By now my cock was rock hard and in my hand as he pulled up Donna’s skirt as she automatically opened her thighs his fingers moved onto the front of her knickers, rubbing her crack.He slid off the settee and positioned himself between her thighs, he widened them and crouched down his tongue slid over şirinevler escort her crotch as she gasped loudly, after a couple of licks he pulled her gusset to one side and licked her button. I know my wife and this is sometimes enough, and this was one of those times, as soon as he gave her a couple of licks she was coming.As she screamed out her juices flowed and soon enough his face was covered in stickiness. He stood up and undressed himself, Donna moved forward and grabbed his cock, licking it and wanking him. In only a few minutes he back away from her and spread her thighs again he rubbed his cock up her slit, as she widened herself he slipped into her warm wet hole.As I was watching I was so turned on I got undressed and crept downstairs, walking through to the conservatory I could see the plumber fucking my wife, she was moaning quite loud as he was moving at a steady pace. I walked in and straight round to where she was facing, waving my cock at her she grabbed it and fed me into her warm mouth.Licking me and wanking me the plumber almost shit himself with surprise, but I said “Carry on” as he shagged her. After another taksim escort few minutes had passed I said to the other guy “Change places” he pulled out and I slotted in Donna gasped. As she gave him a good time, she does do a good blowjob, I shagged her like never before I was so turned on.Minutes later I knew she was coming again so I said to the plumber “Rub her clit” as he reached down as I pounded her pussy he rubbed her and sure enough Donna let go of him as she screamed out her second climax. After it had subsided she resumed his cock in her mouth and judging by the look on his face he was nearly there also.I knew I wouldn’t last too long myself as I’d been watching for ages. As I fucked her as hard as I could I knew I was coming too. The plumber was groaning as was I, I pulled out and went up to where Donna was she grabbed me and inserted me straight in her mouth as she wanked the other guy off, sure enough he groaned and pumped his seed all over her tits.Seeing that tipped me as I grunted and deposited all my warm sticky cum down her throat, all his was dripping off her tits as mine ran down her chin and mixed with his. He got dressed as I went to the bathroom, as Donna sorted her clothes out. When I came back into the room the plumber looked at me and said “Sorry mate there’s no charge” smiling I said “I should fucking hope not” and with that he left.Donna and I watched it back resulting in another good shagging session.