“So how was the trip?” I asked as I greeted my mother in front of our house.

A cab had dropped her off and I helped carry her luggage. She had just returned from a cruise with her best friends, and when she returned, she had pretty serious case of tan lines.

“It was enjoyable unless you count the unexpected change of weather,” she said with a sense of disapproval. “Take a look at this.”

She turned around to show me her back, and since she was wearing a tank top, it was slightly noticeable that the skin tone of her back was darker than her front.

She continued, “As you can see, my back had gotten a nice tan before I got a chance to work on the front. It looks ridiculous.”

“I can barely notice it, mom. Well, unless you look carefully. A nice thick sweater for the next few weeks should do the trick.”

“Very funny,” she replied. “With this heat, a thick sweater would be great if I need to lose 10 pounds of pure sweat. So get used to seeing me finish up my tan in the backyard. The last thing I need to show up to work looking like this.”

“Trust me mom, no one is going to notice.”

“That’s easy for you to say. Oh well, a little extra time in the sun should fix things.”


The house was unusually quiet early the next morning. Her bedroom door was wide open and usually, that meant she was busy around the house, talking to clients or friends on the phone, or simply watching the morning news before she headed out the door.

My mother always liked getting up early, and I didn’t. So at 9 am there was no way she expected me to be awake.

And then it hit me; she must have been in the backyard tanning. Now keep in mind, there are women with great bodies, and women with great fucking bodies. My mother has a great fucking body. After all, as a high end personal trainer, it’s her job to stay in shape all year round. So mom or not, there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to see her lounging under the sun.

I headed over to the window in her bedroom, which had a perfect view of our pool area, and what I saw didn’t disappoint.

My mother was spread across the lounge chair by the pool. She was in a small bikini listening to her iPhone and she looked perfectly relaxed. The sun glistened off her tanned skin, and I was mesmerized by the sight of her womanly physique from head to toe.

She checked the time, and afterwards, she took off her headphones, got up, and gracefully dived into the pool for a swim. After she did a few laps, she exited the pool and the show was over for that morning.


Mom was in the kitchen drinking orange juice when I went down stairs. She was in a robe and her long hair was still soaking wet.

“Good morning,” she said in her cheerful and vibrant self.

“Hey mom. You look like you’re in an especially good mood this morning.”

She smiled. “Why wouldn’t I be? It’s a beautiful day outside.”

“It looks like it,” I replied. “You haven’t gone for a morning swim in a long time.”

It was at that moment that I noticed my mother’s robe start to open as she dried her hair with a small towel. The top of her bikini tan line around her breasts started to show. But of course, I couldn’t look for more than a split second because she was right there in front of me.

“Well, I was fixing my tan and the pool was practically calling me. It’s incredibly refreshing on a hot day like this. You should join me sometime. It’ll be fun, we could tan and swim together.”

“Thanks for the invite but I prefer using my mornings to sleep,” I replied. “College is hard and I need my rest.”

She finished her juice and left it on the counter. And when she walked towards the stairs, she gave me a big motherly kiss on my cheek.

“I miss being your age. But I’ve got to shower and meet some clients after.”

“Yeah, well look on the bright side, you’ve got a great job where you get to spend time with cool people and workout with them.”

She smiled. “You’re right about that. I love my job. And I meant what I said about tomorrow morning. If you’re in the mood to swim together, you know where to find me.”


The following day I made sure to wake up extra early so I could watch my mother’s next tanning session. And once again, the show I got didn’t disappoint.

She laid on the same lounge chair at the same spot. She wore sunglasses this time, and her hands were behind her head and her feet were moving to the music she was listening to. The bright yellow bikini she wore also gave a nice contrast to her perfectly tanned skin.

After a few minutes of enjoying the sun, she looked down and lifted the top of her bikini to peek at her breasts. My heart raced. She was clearly thinking of what to do next, and I got an absolute thrill when she reached back and undid her top.

I immediately became aroused as she pulled her bikini top away and placed it on the ground. Despite her constantly wearing small outfits around the house, this was the first time I had ever seen her topless. My heart pounded looking at her perfectly shaped, medium sized breasts. Her nipples were large and bright pink. And I was especially turned-on by her bikini tan lines, where her body was nicely tanned, but her breasts were pale white in shape of large triangles from her different bikinis.

For about a minute, I watched as she squeezed her breasts together and massaged them. It was as if she was playing with them. She clearly enjoyed setting them free and giving them their long awaited opportunity to see the bright sun.

Before I could pull my cock out and masturbate, she suddenly turned her head towards the direction of the window. I ducked down as fast as I could to avoid being seen. Because of her sunglasses, I wasn’t sure if I was caught or not.

As much as it hurt me to do so, I went back to my room to sleep. After all, who wants to get caught spying on their mother?


A few minutes later, I heard my mother’s footsteps as she came up the stairs. She made no effort to walk quietly, and she didn’t even bother to knock when she opened my bedroom door.

“Are you awake?” she asked.

I slowly opened my eyes and gave the best acting performance I could give (which was horrible) pretending to be asleep. And to my pleasant surprise, she was still only wearing her bikini (with her breasts covered unfortunately).

“Ugghhh…mom…you just woke me up…”

“We both know that isn’t true,” she replied in her mom knows best tone of voice. “Come on, if you’re going to spy on me, then you might as well have the courtesy to keep me company. It’s the polite thing to do.”


Once I washed up, I headed to the backyard where my mother set up an extra lounge chair next to hers. She was still in her bikini.

“You look wide awake already,” she smiled as she patted the seat next to her. “Have a seat.”

I walked to the chair in my t-shirt and shorts and laid next to her underneath the sun. It was the same scenario as the day before, where I tried my best not to stare at her body, but this time she was scantily clad under the bright sunshine, making her skin even harder to ignore.

“So, did you like what you saw?” she asked. “Earlier I mean, while I was sunbathing.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” I replied, being as coy as possible.

“You mean that wasn’t you behind my bedroom window watching me while I was topless?” she asked jokingly and with exaggeration. “Oh my god, I think we may have a ghost in the house. Or an intruder…”

I sighed, “Fine, okay, you caught me. I couldn’t resist.”

“So you liked seeing me then?”

“Well, I don’t want you to think I’m creepy because you’re my mother, but sure. I mean, tits are tits as far as I’m concerned, and you’ve got a beautiful pair of them.”


“You don’t seem phased by any of this,” I commented.

She raised an eyebrow. “Should I be?”

“I was expecting a long lecture to be honest. That’s the normal reaction isn’t it? I know I’d be pretty freaked out if I had a 20 year old daughter and I caught her checking out my package. One of my friends used to check out his mother when she would come out of the shower, and when he got caught, he got the scolding of a lifetime. Poor guy never got over it.”

“I’m not like most mothers,” she said with a coolness. “You should know that by now. Sex and sexual desires are a normal part of being a human being. And you’re clearly a vibrant and healthy young man.”

“Why do I get the feeling that this whole thing doesn’t surprise you at all?” I asked.

“Because it doesn’t. That’s why. I’ve already told you that I’m not uptight about your sexual habits. I even think it’s kind of flattering that you would look at me in that way. Besides, I kind of expected this to happen eventually.”

“Wait, what? You did?”

She nodded. “It seemed inevitable.”

“Huh? How?”

She collected her thoughts. “I swore I would never tell anyone this, but I used to watch my brother share intimate moments with our mother. I think it’s really cute and romantic in some strange way.”

“Uncle Jeff and Grandma?” I gasped. “You mean they…they…you know…”

“Committed i****t? That’s the truth. They did. I’ll tell you what, you can hear the full story if you promise to be mature about it and never tell anyone. I think you’re old enough now.”

“I promise. Trust me, there’s no way I would ever tell anyone.”

She spread her arms and relaxed. “I was 18 at the time and my brother was 20. Our family used to have annual vacations during the summer, and for one trip we were able to rent a small place to ourselves by the beach. Me and my brother slept in once place, and our parents slept in another. At night we used to be really naughty and spy on our parents having sex in their bungalow. Keep in mind that this was a much more modest generation, where there was no cable tv, and we were both virgins. So naturally we were curious about something as taboo as sex.”

“I understand completely,” I replied. “God, I’ve always thought of you as being a cool mom, but this sounds wild. Everyone on your side of the family seems so plain and bland. So to hear something like this about them just seems crazy- no offense.”

She smiled. “None taken. And you’re right, my brother and parents are very mild mannered people, which is why I find this whole thing to be even more erotic. Anyway, one night while we were watching them have sex, my brother peeped in front of their window a little too long and got caught. We both ran back to our bungalow terrified that we were going to get scolded. It never happened though. The next day, and the rest of that trip, they never mentioned the fact that they caught my brother spying on them and it was as if nothing was out of the ordinary.”

“But of course they eventually talked about it right?” I asked.

“Of course they did. But unfortunately, it was after the trip when I wasn’t around. Luckily, my brother gave me every single detail: He told me about how our mother confronted him when they were home alone. She told him that she saw him spying on her having sex and asked why he did it. He told her everything and she was captivated by the details. She eventually asked if he was a virgin, and when he admitted that he was, that’s when our mother offered to be his first.”

“Grandma had sex with him? Jeez, she doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would do something like that. I don’t mean that as an insult either. It actually sounds really hot.”

“That’s exactly how I felt,” she replied in an understanding tone. “I hassled him for every juicy detail whenever he got together with our mom. He told me everything and I made sure that his descriptions were as graphic and un-rated as possible. Keep in mind that dad also knew about this. So it wasn’t really like they were cheating or anything. He got off on hearing it from mom. And I got off from hearing about it from my brother.”


“I know. Everyone in our family loved the i****tuous mother/son relationship that was going on behind closed doors. And we were all secretive about it even though everyone knew. We never talked about it openly. Even to this day I can’t get enough of reading these types of stories online. It’s by far my favorite fantasy. And like I said, I figured it was only a matter of time before you would end up having the same feelings for me.”

My heart rate was rising and I finally built up the courage to ask her what I had been thinking all along.

“Well, if you don’t mind me asking, are you aroused right now? I mean, finding out that I saw you topless, and then you telling me this story and practically reliving it, has it turned you on?”

“What do you think?” she asked with a mischievous grin. “Come on, let’s go for a quick dip in the pool. I have an appointment later this morning.”

She got up and gracefully dove into the pool and began to swim laps. I got up, took off my t-shirt, and followed her lead, swimming around with her before we were both stopped at the shallow end.

“I wish we could have done something fun together like go to the beach or go get a fresh fruit smoothie, but I’ve got an important client to meet soon. I’ll see you afterwards and we can finish this conversation later.”

“Oh come on mom, we’re having such a great time together,” I pleaded. “Can’t you cancel today’s meeting so we could do all the fun things you mentioned?”

“That depends. Does us hanging out help pay for this expensive house or your pricey education? I’m working with an actress who’s getting ready for a big movie role in an action film, and she pays top dollar.”

“Good point,” I conceded. “I’ll see you soon.”

We both laughed, said our informal goodbyes, and she left to go shower while I stayed in the pool with a raging hard on in my shorts.


We never got to finish that conversation that day. She was gone all afternoon and I went out with friends that evening. Our paths crossed a few times late at night, but it was filled with our usual small talk and joking around. She seemed casual about everything, and I didn’t want to bring up my new favorite topic unless we had a chance to fully discuss it. So that night, I did the only thing I could do- masturbate thinking about her.


The sound of my mother’s voice woke me early the next morning.

“Wake up…Wake up sleepy. Let’s go for another morning swim. It’s nice and hot outside.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock which read 8 am.

“Ugghhh …you actually woke me up this time…” I groaned. “Can’t we do this later?”

“It’s another busy afternoon for me and I was hoping we could pick up where we left off yesterday. But I guess not. Oh well…”

My eyes flung open, my mind became alert, and my penis started coming to life.

“Why didn’t you say so?” I replied as I struggled to get out of bed.

She smiled. “Good, I’m glad you’re up for it. Now brush your teeth and I’ll meet you outside in the pool.”


I knew it would be a great day when I saw my bikini-clad mother standing on the shallow end of the pool. The lower half of her body was in the water, and she leaned her back and rested her arms on the concrete edge of the pool. She raised her chin high and absorbed the rays of the sun.

“I’m so glad you found the time to join me,” she said playfully as I came nearer.

I got in the pool and relaxed in the same positioned as she did right next to her, soaking up the sun while my lower half was in the water.

“You’re right, this is a nice way to start your day with this warm weather and everything. I feel extremely relaxed.”

“And you’ll get a great tan too,” she added. “Speaking of which, I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday’s chat. It’s something I never thought I’d ever tell you and it just came out while I was in the moment.”

“I know what you mean. I couldn’t stop thinking about it either. It’s not exactly an everyday topic that you’d hear around the campfire, but it was very interesting. Plus we got to know each other better.”

She laughed. “Oh please, you never ask about my personal life or my time growing up. Not unless my sex life is involved, apparently.”

“What can I say? Sex makes all stories more enjoyable, don’t they?”

“Anyway,” she said as she playfully rolled her eyes. “How does my tan look? After all this baking in the sun, I think I’m finally starting to even out.”

She stood on the pool’s floor and modeled her upper body for me, turning around so that I could see both her front and back. I was supposed to be looking at just her tan lines, but of course I couldn’t help but gaze at her sculpted body and beautiful breasts.

“It looks even as far as I can tell.”

She looked down at herself and the back of her shoulder. “Are you sure? My back still looks a shade or two darker.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you already know that your tan is okay,” I asked skeptically. “You can obviously look in the mirror for that sort of thing.”

She smiled. “I wanted a second opinion. And to be honest, I think it’s kind of funny teasing you like this. Your reactions are always priceless.”

“And I thought I was the naughty one between the two of us.”

“Hey, let’s not forget that you spied on me while I was topless.”

“Good point,” I conceded. “I assumed you didn’t want to talk about that anymore, but since you brought it up, mind if I ask you something?”


“That whole thing with Uncle Jeff and Grandma, what was your favorite part? I mean, you said you really liked hearing about it from him, but was there anything in particular that you enjoyed him telling you? I know it’s kind of inappropriate to ask, but it’s made me curious.”

She leaned her back and arms against the concrete again to relax, and thought about what to say for a moment. Or maybe she was thinking if she even wanted to answer that question at all.

“This stays between us. I don’t want anyone knowing, and I especially don’t want your uncle or grandmother knowing that I told you this story.”

I playfully motioned my fingers around my mouth. “My lips are sealed. This stays between us.”

“Good,” she replied. “My favorite part? It would have to be their activities in the pool. It was still summer when they first started doing things together. Our dad would be at work, and me and my brother had different class schedules for college. So when he and mom were home alone, they would swim together and fool around in the pool. He would tell me about it, and I would later swim in the pool by myself, and as disgusting as this may sound, I would imagine their fluids still floating around and what they must have done together. That’s one of the reasons why I bought this house, it has a large pool and it brings back pleasant memories.”

“Oh… it sounds like you really had a thing for… you know….”

“i****t? You don’t have to be shy about what it’s called. And yes, I ‘really have a thing’ for it. I think it’s so romantic and cute how two people have to overcome social and traditional barriers to experience love. And once they do, it makes everything so much more rewarding.”

I nodded. “You’ve got a great point. The thought of something like i****t is a lot more common than people want to admit because of how taboo it is. I’ve obviously thought of it. And…I’d love to experience it one day…”

“Are you hitting on me?”

“Maybe. I only mentioned it because I thought we were being open and honest here.”

“Since we’re being frank, I wanted to ask you something yesterday but never did because I didn’t want things to get too awkward between us, but have you ever masturbated thinking about me?”

I took a deep breath as she stared at me sharply. “I might have done it a few times in my life. Well, maybe a little more than that. I’ve always thought that you’re an amazing woman with a great personality and a fantastic body. I’d even go as far as to say that you’re my ideal woman. There, I said it.”
She smiled. “You know, back when I started developing this i****t fantasy, I used to masturbate by the pool whenever I was home alone after swimming in it. I imagined by brother and mom having sex and oral sex in the pool, and of course a lot kissing. After our little chat yesterday, when I came back home later in the afternoon and I was home alone, I did it again. I masturbated by the pool for the first time in decades, and instead of fantasizing about my brother and mom or some generic mother/son couple, I imagined it was us. It’s the first time I had ever had that thought.”

I was speechless for a moment. In that period of time, I felt something I had never felt before- a combination of pure eroticism, lust, and love.

“God…I’m almost at a loss for words. You really caught me off guard with that. Have you ever…you know…thought about what it would be like to take the next step?”

“Fantasy and reality are two different things. I honestly don’t know if I could go through with it in real life.”

“What about showing me?” I asked, taking a huge risk. “No one would ever know. It would be something nice between us.”

The look on her face showed how conflicted she was. On one hand, she knew that this was something extremely taboo which she could never take back. On the other hand, this was as much her fantasy as it was mine.

“Just this once,” she replied bluntly. “And only because you’ve been such a good son to me for all these years. Some of my friends tell me about how their k**s rarely want to talk to them or help out around the house. So this is my way of showing a little appreciation. Enjoy it.”

She lifted herself out of the water and sat on the concrete floor with her feet on the edge of the pool. Her eyes shifted around to ensure that none of our nearby neighbors were watching, and in one quick swoop, she reached down and pulled her bikini bottom off and tossed it behind herself.

My eyes were fixated on the sight between her feet as she sat in a crouching position with her butt on the floor. I immediately became rock hard seeing the muscles of her thighs being flexed to hold the position. Her crotch was perfectly smooth and had a pale white tan line on it which was in the shape of her bikini bottom. And most of all, I was enthralled by seeing cunt spread wide open. Her labia was average sized and her inner hole was bright pink, and had pool water dripping down from it.

“So what do you think? Do I live up to your high expectations?”

“I love it,” I replied. “You’ve got a beautiful vagina mom. And those tan lines of yours are a real plus.”

“Thanks,” she said, almost wanting to blush. “Now enjoy the show.”

She licked her index finger and brought it down to rub her private area. My rock hard erection throbbed as she rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion, and every so often she would reach even lower to touch her pink flesh and bring her vaginal fluids up to her clit. It looked like something out of a porn video, but instead of it being some porn star or a homemade amateur, I was watching my own mother giving me a private show.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked.

“What do you want me to think about?”

I thought for a moment. “Think about us. Imagine that it’s me touching you.”

Her eyes closed and her fingers picked up speed. Her mouth opened and her breathing became harder at the thought of us together. The muscles in her arms and thighs started to tighten, and her toes started to wiggle. She was clearly enjoying this moment of i****t as much as I was.

“Oh my god…” she moaned.

Just as her feet started to clench the top edge of the pool and her back started to arch, she put her hand over her vagina to cover it and ended the show.

“That’s enough for one day,” she said, trying to hide her labored breathing. “I may have gone a little overboard with that.”

I tried my best to hide my obvious disappointment, and acted as diplomatic and mature as possible.

“Mom, I hate to be this blunt, but that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m sad it’s over.”

She smiled, “All good things come to an end don’t they? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shower now or else I’ll be late.”

With that said, she got up, picked up her panties, and walked bare bottomed inside the house. I got a real eye full watching her sculpted rear end sway back and forth with every step she took.


The rest of the day was the same as before. My mother was busy all afternoon and I went out with friends again that evening. When we saw each other at night, she greeted me with a wink and a smile, and I greeted her the same. We were a little more flirtatious and playful than usual, but we never brought up the sexual encounter we shared because of would have made things awkward in that short amount of time that we saw each other. And who needs that?


I woke up nice and early the next morning and headed down the stairs after washing myself. My mother was in the kitchen wearing her silk robe and drinking a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

“It’s 8 am,” she said after looking at the clock. “I’m actually kind of impressed that you would get up this early on your own free will.”

“What can I say? You’ve really gotten me addicted to a morning swim and sunlight to start my day. Well, that plus the other thing…”

She nodded. “I know, talking about sex and putting on that little show for you won’t exactly earn me the Parent of the Year award, but at least we’ve really gotten to bond with each other, right? In some ways I know more about you now in these past two days than in the past few years. Most young men your age don’t even bother to have personal conversations with their parents anymore.”

“To be fair, most young men my age don’t have a mother as loving or as beautiful as you are,” I replied.

“That’s very sweet of you to say. I wasn’t planning on it this morning, but I’m assuming you want us to go swimming again.”

“Sure. Unless you’re busy or you’re not in the mood.”

“I’m up for it,” she replied happily. “Just give me a second to change into my swimsuit and I’ll be outside in a heartbeat.”

I gave her a suggestive look. “You don’t need a swimsuit. You look great the way you are mom.”

“I’m wearing a blouse underneath this robe and nothing else,” she replied with an eyebrow raised.

“Please don’t hit me over the head with a frying pan for asking this, but it’s a beautiful summer morning, and I have a powerful urge to strip off my clothes and dive in the pool. What do you say? Let’s go skinny dipping together. I’ve already seen your most private parts already so it won’t be that big of a deal.”

She paused and gave me a stern look. “Actually, if you had asked me that question a few days ago, I would have hit you over the head with a dinner plate- not a frying pan.”

“I believe you. But what do you think now?”

“Now we’ve already gone far beyond that point for me to be angry. So why the heck not? It sounds like fun and I haven’t done anything this crazy in years. Do me a favor first and make sure that none of our neighbors are outside. They’re probably all at work, but you never know.”

I pulled off t-shirt and shorts and got completely naked in our kitchen. It felt liberating and incredibly arousing seeing my own mother look me over. I turned around and headed towards the backyard pool.

“Who cares what they think,” I said. “I’m sure they’d enjoy the free show.”

“What the heck! Are you crazy!?! Get back here!!!”

“Sure. I’ll come back in the house after you come get me. And you better hurry or else the neighbors might see us!”

I opened the glass patio door and ran outside to dive in the pool. The look on my mother’s face was priceless as she ran out to come get me. And when she came outside, she thoroughly checked our neighbors’ windows to make sure nobody was watching.”

“Relax,” I said, treading in the water. “No one’s around. And the water temperature is perfect.”

She took off her robe and placed it on the lounge chair, and stood only in a thin blouse. She walked towards the pool and dipped her foot in the water.

“You gave me a good scare for a moment, but this does feel nice. I’m wearing an expensive blouse which definitely wasn’t made for swimming, but I guess it’ll have to do,” she said as she stepped in the pool.

“Hey! You already agreed to go skinny dipping with me and I’ve already got naked. I’d feel like a real creep if I was the only one without any clothes here.”

Her eyes once again showed how conflicted she was. “Well… I guess it wouldn’t hurt. Besides, you’ve already seen the most intimate part of me yesterday as you’ve already pointed out.”

She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head to throw on the floor, leaving her completely exposed. She stood proud of her naked form. I, of course, was in completely awe of her feminine yet perfectly sculpted and athletic body. She was lean, yet had womanly curves in all the right places. And most of all, her bikini tan lines made her physique even sexier. Her body was tanned from head to toe, yet her skin was fair around her breasts and crotch, and in the shape of her bikini.

“God you’re stunning,” I exclaimed. “You’re perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. And those tan lines of yours are a perfect compliment to your body. You look great.”

She playfully raised her arms to flex her biceps, and then she turned to the side to flex her calves and thighs.

“I’m glad you approve. Now brace yourself. Here I come!” she yelled before diving in the pool and making a big splash.

She swam a quick lap in the water before heading towards my direction to greet me with a big hug, with or without realizing that her bare breasts and large pink nipples were pressed tightly against my chest.

“This is so much fun,” she said happily. “I haven’t gone skinny dipping in decades. It makes me feel young again.”

“You still are as far as I’m concerned. And I’m having lots of fun well swimming with the most beautiful mother in the world.”

Her eyebrow rose. “You really love this whole thing, don’t you? This taboo I mean. The fact that I’m your mother as opposed to some random woman you could meet anywhere adds an extra thrill for you, doesn’t it?”

“In a strange way it does. This is easily the most exciting thing I’ve ever done without any clothes on. How about you? Are you comfortable with this?”

“I have a confession to make,” she said with a hint of enthusiasm. “Yesterday morning, after I briefly touched myself for you, I went to go shower and I found myself masturbating again. I kept thinking about what I had done and what I was fantasizing about. And let’s just say that the shower head wasn’t the only thing releasing fluids. I had the most intense orgasm I felt in years because of you.”

“You mean you squirted while thinking about me?”

She gave a simple nod.

“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one,” I replied. “I thought about you after you left, later that night, and…”

“I think I get the picture,” she smiled.

“So what now? Do you we just go back to being your average mother/son living casually in a house together? After all we’ve seen and done with each other?”

She held me tighter and pressed her lips against mine, kissing me. And it wasn’t your average mother/son kiss either. It was the kind of kiss that I had been fantasizing about for years but assumed would never happen. It was a kiss which showed how much she loved this.

“Does that answer your question?” she asked.

I gave her a few more kisses. “It does. That kiss was a dream come true.”

“So what other dreams do you have about me that I’ve yet to fulfill?”

“Lots of them,” I replied. “I’ve had all kinds of naughty fantasies about you- the kind that I never ever thought I’d be admitting.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Now you’ve got me curious. What are they?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to make you squirt. That’s one of the reasons why I was so taken back by your admission.”

“Then I guess we better finish what we started yesterday.”

She let go of me climbed out of the pool to sit on the concrete floor with her feet still in the water. Her legs were spread wide open and her body glistened from the combination of pool water and early morning sun.

I took a few steps forward while still in the pool, and stood with her vagina right in front of my face and placed my hands on her knees.

“Can I touch it? Your private area I mean.”

“Fine,” she replied. “There’s no harm in that. Rub it the way you saw me doing it yesterday. Make sure it feels good for me.”

My heart pounded as soon as I heard those words. It obviously made her slightly uncomfortable when I first reached forward to touch her clitoris, since it was the first time that either of us had ever committed i****t, but she relaxed when I started to rub. Sexual gratification made up for the simple fact that she was being pleasured by her own son.

She moaned, “Just like that. Press it harder, it’s not fragile…”

I pressed my finger harder against her swollen clit and rubbed it even faster. As much as I loved seeing her vagina so up close in my face, it was an even bigger thrill seeing her facial expressions change. She looked far more aroused with me pleasuring her than she did when she masturbated alone yesterday. Her eyes seemed to make every single expression that they could possibly make, and so did her mouth. She would go back forth between clenching her jaw and opening her mouth wide so that she could moan. And her eyes would either clench tightly or be wide open.

“Oh god…I’m about to…I’m about to…”

Without any sort of permission, I grabbed both of her muscular thighs and used them as handles as I leaned forward to orally please her. I licked up and down her labia, side to side, and in and out of her vagina. When I sucked on her big clit and ran my tongue across it, she came. She let out a strong, but muffled moan and I could feel her muscles tense up. A sudden stream of fluids rushed out of her vagina canal and I got a nice little surprise in the form of my mother squirting all over me and into the pool. Her squirt came out strong and fast, and when it was over, she gave me a look of utter disbelief.

“Oh my gosh…” she moaned, catching her breath. “God…that felt better than when I came in the shower yesterday. I can’t believe we just did that.”

“Neither can I. That was the first time I had ever seen a woman cum like that, and I’m glad it was with you. So… do you think you’d be willing to return the favor? I’m throbbing badly over here.”

“Your wish is my command,” she smiled. “Let’s trade places and we’ll figure out the rest after.”

She slid back into the water from where she sat, and I sat on the edge of the pool, where she had just been a second earlier. Her eyes were locked onto my erection as it stood right in front of her.

“You weren’t joking when you said it was throbbing,” she said, looking at my hard penis. “Now let’s see if I can handle this properly for you. I’m assuming your fantasy with me starts off with some sort of handjob right?”

Both of her hands rubbed up and down my thighs. They made their way to my crotch before eventually wrapping themselves around my cock.

“Pretty much. The way you’re doing it feels nice.”

“Tell me what you want me to do next,” she replied.

I knew exactly what I wanted. “Stroke it up and down. Like that. All the way from bottom of my shaft and balls, up to the tip of my cock.”

Her fingers expertly wrapped around my organ as if she had done this thousands of times and had taken lessons. Her strong grip from years of working out was an added plus.

“Now lean down and kiss it. Kiss the tip of my head.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You know that there’s no taking this back right? Once I take you in my mouth, our relationship will never be the same again.”

I nodded. “I know. But I think it’s for the better. This feels right with you. And I’m sure you feel the same way.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

She leaned down and kissed the head of my cock the way I asked her to. It was a soft kiss at first, and then it was followed by an even stronger kiss. She kissed all around the tip of my cock and it felt as good as it looked.

“Now the shaft,” I instructed. “Kiss it all over.”

She held my hard cock in her hand and continued kissing me down the length of my shaft. I was surprised by how enthusiastic she was and how she touched each part of my sexual organ with her lips before suddenly stopping.

“Can I suck it now?” she asked with my cock in her hands. “This is much more exhilarating than I had expected. And I think it’s time for us to take the final plunge, so to speak.”

I could have cum right there, hearing her say that.

“Please. No one is stopping you.”

She leaned her head down and went straight to work sucking my raging hard cock. The suction of her mouth was unbelievable and airtight. Her head bobbed up and down, faster than I had ever seen in any porn video. (I guess being in great shape does pay off sexually)

“Oh shit…” I moaned. “That feels amazing. Just like that…”

“Mmm…Hmmm….” she moaned back while still sucking.

The vibration of her voice while her mouth was wrapped tightly around my cock sent a shiver up my spine. For the next minute or so, she kept sucking and bobbing her head at a ferocious pace in a way that I had never seen or felt before in my life.

She suddenly took my manhood out of her mouth and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

“So what’s next?” she smiled, kissing along my shaft. “Do you have anymore fantasies or instructions for me before you cum? If not, I have something I’ve always wanted to experience.”

“And what’s that?” I asked curiously.

“Lay back, on the concrete floor.”

I did as she asked and laid on the concrete surface. My cock was pointing straight up in the air and my naked mother got out of the pool and crouched over me. She used her hand to hold up my stiff erection as she lowered her body onto mine.

“Remember when I told you that the thing that got me off the most was hearing about my brother having sex with our mom by the pool?” she said as the tip of my penis touched her labia. “That was my favorite fantasy. I never got to see it and I never will. But now we’ll get to experience it for ourselves.”

She lowered herself all the way and my cock slipped right inside her vagina. Both of our sex organs were dripping wet from a combination of pool water, our saliva, and her natural fluids- so lubrication wasn’t an issue. Even on a hot day I could feel the warmth of her vaginal walls. The flesh of her thighs and butt felt soft against my skin. She put her hands on my chest and slowly started to gyrate her hips.

“God that feels amazing…” I panted.

“Do you like how this feels?” she asked with a sexually depraved voice. “Do you like screwing your own mother?”

“Yes…I love it…God…do it harder…”

Her eyes widened and she put more effort in her hips. It had gotten to the point where she was nearly bouncing up and down on my cock and both of us were overwhelmed by this strong sexual feeling. Her medium sized breasts even started to wave back and forth as she gyrated on top of me. I squeezed her hips tighter and she reached to her chest and squeezed her hard pink nipples, which only made her more enthralled by this i****tuous moment.

“I’m going to cum in a second…” I gasped.

Instead of speeding up, she clenched her vagina tightly and slowed down. It was the perfect feeling. I had never felt anything so intense in my life as her vaginal muscles showed its strength.

“Cum inside me,” she breathed deeply. “I want to feel it inside me.”

Her hips slowly went back to work with her vagina skillfully clenched, and my cock erupted inside of her. She smiled seeing my reaction, and I’m assuming she also smiled because she felt my cum dripping inside of her vaginal walls. She stayed clenched and kept the motion of her body going until she milked every last drop of cum that I was able to produce.
She reached down and touched her labia, which was now dripping with my orgasm, and scooped it up with her index finger and ate it.

“You taste good,” she said.


After we finished having sex, my mother laid her head against my chest and we enjoyed the moment with my flaccid penis still inside her. We stayed quiet and enjoyed the moment for a few minutes before going back inside the pool for a brief swim. I was glad that I woke up extra early that morning because we had extra time to spend with each other.

“I think I could get used to this,” she said as she hugged me in the pool.

“So can I,” I replied. “It was better than anything I had ever imagined. This feels nice with you. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

She smiled. “I agree. And to top it all off, I feel as though I lived out a powerful fantasy of mine ever since my brother started telling me of his i****tuous experience with our mother. You obviously have the same fantasy, but mine has lasted for over twenty years. So, thank you.”

We kissed each other passionately, and it suddenly occurred to me that if any of our neighbors were at home and spied in our backyard, they would have witnessed an unholy coupling of a mother & son sharing an explicit sexual encounter. But at that point, I didn’t care.