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Steampunk Harlots – Chapter 1
Everyone expected a war between the old ways of magic and the new ways of the steam engine upon its invention. However, what people quickly learned is that a synthesis of the two did more than anyone realised. Instead of a steam engine that could merely power trains and factories, it was made to power airships and augment spells. There was a frenzy of development as every day brought a dozen new inventions. While there inevitably were those who fundamentally opposed one side or the other, most people welcomed the change and the improvements it brought. A war between the old and the new was averted despite the pessimistic predictions of many.

However, as those who remembered the time before steam grew grey and withered, the raw resource used in making steam engines more than their technology allowed, became scarce. The once plentiful element, the raw magic that had bonded with fossil fuels in the ground over centuries, called Ember, was now becoming much harder to find. Mines are dug deeper and prospectors scour for new sources. Heavy contestation over ownership of the new and old sources is escalating tensions. As a result, the tried and true method of settling debates has come back with full fury. War is on the horizon as each nation is quickly industrialising its military.

At the most blissfully unaware state possible, the most critical element in the war to come was getting herself drunk in a bar, with no idea of the role she would play.

“Don’t you think you have had enough?” Miller, the barkeep, teased his favourite customer.

Not his favourite because she paid her bills or avoided needing to be thrown out. Rather, he enjoyed having a fun loving red haired woman with an amazing figure and ample bosom in his bar. That, and the fact was that she was bringing in customers simply being there, by sitting, with her well-toned bum, on his bar stool. Her white top, tight and, ever so slightly see through, clearly showing off her black bra, distracted him enough to almost miss her response.

“I will give up drinking when people stop buying them for me. When do you think that will be?” Although she never really found the old and overweight barkeep attractive she always favoured him with a smile and her most playful voice.

“Last call as always I guess.” He chuckled.

The exchange was not what it seemed. It was a planned conversation and his way of letting her know when a man she had brought home in the past walked in. The last call bit was to let her know the old fling was avoiding her. If he felt there might be a ruckus he would suggest she buy her own drinks to help her cut down. Not that she was shy about how she had fun but it would rather spoil things if those buying drinks for her knew.

“Damn… Now here comes real trouble.” Miller announced.

“And hello to you too!” The new arrival exclaimed as she sat down at the bar. “Hey, Hannah. Get laid yet?”

“Just my landlord’s son at lunch. So my rent is paid.” Hannah chuckled. “How are you doing Mari?”

Mari was a visual contrast to Hannah, while Hannah had clean skin and an elegant haircut Mari had shaved half her head and covered her skin in ink. Her hair dyed purple, it was always styled in whatever outrageous manner Mari took a fancy with. As well endowed as Hannah’s breasts were, Mari’s were about twice the size. Her almost non-existent top showing off the gleaming mounds and the ink that covered them.

“Nothing new on them today,” Mari commented, catching Hannah staring at her breasts. “I’ve been too busy.”

“Your busy day is, I’m guessing, at least seven men.”

“Three, but that’s just what I woke up with and I had to do something while waiting for my appointment.” Mari made a thoughtful pouting face as she pondered how to explain things.

“An appointment that you are going to rope me into joining you?” Hannah asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No but also yes.” Mari flicked her hand to order a drink and adjusted her, also almost non-existent, skirt.

She always did that when she was about to try and convince someone into doing something and seduction wasn’t an option. Hannah stared at her until she was ready to speak again.

“So, I already agreed on my behalf. It’s a job in a brothel.” Mari explained.

“Those are i*****l if I recall. In this city and a lot of others.”

“Well, actually it’s only i*****l if it’s in a city controlled space. Kinda boring to get into the legal crap but the point is that if you operate from an airship you can do whatever you want. Since it’s not a part of the city, just visiting, you can run whatever business you want. As long as we aren’t smuggling anything, we are in the clear.”

“I assume we will have someone telling us who we can have sex with?” Hannah stated levelly with disinterest.

“Well yes,” Mari confirmed. “But the point is that we can get paid to dress up pretty and spread our legs for all the fun we can manage. I know you like to choose for yourself, but after that bit with the blindfold in the stadium locker room, I doubt you can claim to be that picky.”

“Yes I can, I knew they were all sexy as hell before going in there. The blindfold was to not see what was going on. I have standards, just not restraint.”

“The point is…” Mari sighed “You have taken a lot of men to bed you might not have if you didn’t get lost in the moment. That wedding last month, you didn’t know any of the men before then.”

“I was drunk off my ass and still don’t remember. I like where I am, I choose who I want, live where I want, and I never suffer from a lack of food, clothing, or drink. What more do I need?”

“Make enough money and you can buy your own airship. Then you can do that same stuff, but all over the world with a lot more people.” She paused before adding, “and not worry about how we just ruined your reputation by discussing your sex life in front of everyone here.”

Hannah looked around the bar realising that absolutely everyone heard the whole thing. There were some very genuinely disappointed looks from some of her previous conquests and more than a few disgusted looks amidst the shocked expressions.

“Balls…” Hannah muttered.

“As many as you could ever want. Now let’s go.” Mari quickly led Hannah out of the bar and towards the docks.

Unimaginatively named Crater Peak, the city they lived in was on a mountain that was also in the middle of a crater. The surrounding mountain range provided a massive natural barrier against any force attempting to march on it. Originally founded by the few hardy travellers who braved the crater mountains, the invention of the airship lead to the creation of a castle at the peak of the mountain inside the crater. Airship docks were installed below the castle to act as a trade hub, and the rest of the city crawled down from the peak down towards the valley. Farms in the valley fed the city and grew some of the most exotic crops the local environment allowed.

Hannah flattened out her red skirt to make sure it didn’t look messy while she smirked at Mari who adjusted hers as if it mattered. The station this low in the city was rather run down with mouldy concrete and rotten wood panels but the carriage itself was finely decorated. It wasn’t often that it ever came so low in the city.

“Looks like someone is having a bad day if they had to come down here from the castle,” Mari mused.

“Either that or someone is slumming it. How did you get up and down for that meeting?” Hannah responded.

“Oh, there was a posting, I just made use of a wire and called ahead. She sent word and I was able to hitch a ride on one of the cargo carriages.”

“Well, this will be a nicer ride for sure. Assuming we can get on, I’m not going to go look for a cargo carriage with this thing here.”

There were two obstacles to getting onto the gondola, one was a young man sitting in a control booth that doubled as a ticket counter at the door. The other was preening his moustache and trying not to let the local air touch his suit.

“What one do you want?” Mari asked, adjusting her breasts.

“You know the drill, whoever he looks at the most. The other gets the man in the booth.”

Mari held her hands behind her back as she trotted with a grin up to the gondola. Hannah walked gracefully beside her with a smile. Both men noticed the women approaching and were both a bit stunned when they reached the doorway the fop had been standing in.

“What are…” his eyes moved between the girls until they settled on Mari, “…you two doing here?”

Mari wanted to wink at Hannah but kept her eyes on her mark.

“Well, we need to get up to the docks. I’m a bit afraid of heights but had hoped someone would be able to keep my mind off of things. Also, you look like a man who has better things to do than just standing around so perhaps we can help each other out.”

“Indeed I do have better things to do… but if you think I can let a slum rat like you onto this gondola… well, you are sadly mistaken.”

“If you rather me on something else, this slum rat is happy to oblige. Unless you prefer your rightful position… on top.”

Mari was not too subtle with her hints, biting her lower lip as if it’s all she could do to contain her lust. Her eyes pleading, almost begging, for him to accept the offer. He sniffed the air and looked down on her for a moment before turning around and walking inside.

“Get in here before someone else sees you,” He stated as he started to take off his gloves.

Mari smiled at Hannah as she trotted after him while Hannah took a few steps inside and watched her friend leave. Mari followed and unbuckled her belt knowing it would slow things down if she waited for him to do it. She was lead into a private cabin with a bed and bathroom attached. He took off his jacket and placed it neatly over the back of a chair. When he turned around he saw Mari getting on her knees in front of him. Excitement in her eyes, he grinned as she undid his trousers and pulled his stiffening manhood free to slide into her open mouth. His own eyes widened in surprise as he was taken completely down the girl’s throat without a problem. He groaned in pleasure at the feeling as she withdrew only to plunge him deep a second time. Every time she took a gasping breath he smiled, feeling powerful that he could control her breathing while she pleasured him on her knees.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs,” He commanded, ready for the next step as he stripped out of the rest of his clothing.

Mari gave a noise of assent as she flicked off her skirt, having already undone the belt, and got on the bed. She crawled, showing off her bum in the air before starting to slide off her panties as she rolled over. Tossing them aside, as she watched her partner crawl on top of her, she slid her hands under her top and pushed them up to reveal her breasts.

He looked at her naked body, the intricate designs of the ink markings all over it. The pale white flesh that peeked through contrasted with it. He held himself up with one arm supporting himself as Mari held onto her own legs to keep them spread wide. As he reached down to fondle the exposed womanhood he drew in close and penetrated her body slowly. Mari, gasped as though the wind had been knocked out of her, as though she struggled to accommodate him inside her. After having guided himself inside her, his hand reached up to grip her by the breast and yank on it as he thrust inside her.

Soon he began to make a weird noise that Mari quickly realised he was about to climax. Disappointed that he hadn’t lasted long enough for her she tried to keep him inside her but he pulled out too quickly. Instead, she wrapped her lips around him in time to swallow the seed that poured forth. As he collapsed on the bed, Mari felt the gondola start to move and the view out the window start to change. She smiled as she climbed onto her mark to see if she could get him going again. She wondered what her friend had done to get the ride going.


Hannah smiled politely at the young man in the control booth through the small porthole window in the door. After she and Mari had been admitted he kept glancing at her.

“You know, I’m much better company if we didn’t have a door to keep us from talking,” Hannah had to raise her voice slightly to be heard through the door but didn’t let her charm leave her tone.

“Not supposed to be talking with passengers ma’am, or opening that door for them,” he replied sheepishly.

“But we are the only two on board, well except for the one man who is far too distracted to care what you might be doing.”

He seemed to be deliberating his choice seriously before giving in to his temptation to get closer to the redhead. Her green eyes having already enchanted him through the porthole. When he opened the door Hannah smiled and drew close to kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you so much,” she said as if he had done her some great favour.

He blushed and mumbled something in response before sitting back down at the controls.

“So, what are we waiting for before departing?” asked Hannah before she drew a deep breath to push out her chest.

“Ummm… well we were told to wait until our client returned. Said he had to inspect his factory holdings.”

“How long until he gets back?”

“Hours.” he sighed at how boring his wait had been up until very recently.

“Enough time to get up to the docks and back?”

“I suppose but… no, I can’t do that,” his eyes widened as he got the hint.

“Maybe not, but I’m sure you can point out what I need to do while you keep your hands busy elsewhere,” Hannah explained as she sat on his lap.

She could feel him stiffening as she rubbed her bum in his lap and leant back to kiss him while offering a fine view down her top. He quickly walked her through the controls as she slid her panties off and hiked up her skirt. By the time she had gotten her skirt out of the way to sit back down he had undone his trousers and felt himself sliding slowly inside the woman as she put pressure down upon him.

“Now this is a ride I could do all day long,” Hannah gasped as his hands groped her breasts and belly.

He didn’t respond as she gently nudged the controls to get the gondola moving. The launch was smooth and the minor shaking felt great as the man inside Hannah shook with it. She rocked her hips back and forth, around and up, all while moaning in pleasure. People outside could see into the booth and she freed her breasts for the viewing public by pulling her top down. Her playmate seemed oblivious to the onlookers now that her breasts were free. Pinching at her nipples and gripping them roughly Hannah moaned harder.

As the gondola rose up and out of the dock the view of the city was extraordinary. Getting off his stool and bending her over the ticket till, he gave her a good view of the city as he gripped her hips for stronger thrusts. She watched small airships flit around the city and the buildings that all looked like they were crooked. It didn’t matter if they were built vertical or perpendicular to the slope, everything seemed a bit off. When he started to pull her hair while thrusting harder, she could start to see the larger airships that were coming in to dock or had just left. Suddenly she felt the hot seed spurting into her womb as her playmate gasped in pleasure.

As he sat back down with Hannah still on his lap, the door opened.

“There is a washroom if you need to clean up,” Mari commented as she handed her friend a pair of towels.

Hannah took one towel for herself and passed the other to the controller. Then headed off to follow Mari to the cabin where she could clean up. After doing so she came out to find Mari pouring a drink she had liberated from a cabinet for her. She looked at the bed at the still body on it.

“Is he dead?” Hannah asked with a smirk.

“No, sleeping like a log but not dead. I haven’t done that to anyone yet,” Mari smirked back while taking a sip of her own drink.

Arriving at the docks, Hannah flashed a smile and a wink to the gondola controller before leaving him.

“I think he wants to marry you now,” Mari commented with friendly teasing.

“I get roughly two or three marriage proposals a week. That’s what I get when I meet someone, we end up fucking and I make them feel loved. For that short time of burning passion, I love that person.”

“When it’s not a sports team in the locker room.”

“Well yeah, sometimes a girl just wants to have a wild ride.”

“Well, this new job will make good use of that. Dock 17 is over there.”

They walked past all sorts of other airships that, while impressive, were industrial hauliers or cheap passenger liners. Only the top ten docks housed the rich luxury liners or military warships of the line. They were looking for something a little more common.

Reaching their destination, the ship they saw looked absolutely dilapidated. Rotten boards on the hull bounded with rusted iron rivets. The only thing that looked new was the renovated cabin on the deck made from cheap wooden panels and plaster. The portholes were opaque with grime.

“Are we going to be murdered?” Hannah asked. “If you ruined my reputation just to get us murdered, I want to know so I can bitch about it in advance.”

“No, damn it.” Mari sighed. “I suppose I should have warned you but I’ve already been here. It looks a lot nicer on the inside.”

“It could be the slum den I was born in and still look better on the inside than out.”

“Ok I will give you that but airships aren’t cheap. Even the shitty looking ones. So just ignore it until we get inside.”

Hannah took a deep breath and stepped up the ramp to the loading door that had been left open. Mari led her into the ship since she certainly wasn’t going to be first. The hall showed signs of some very serious cleaning and rolled carpet was stacked off to the side of the hall. Doors on either side looked like they hadn’t been opened in years and that they were most likely the personal cabins. Names were scratched into the woodwork. Up some metal spiral stairs, only the railings of which had been sc****d of rust, they were in a lobby that seemed to have been the focus of the cleanup. Soft carpet, hardwood wall panels, antique chairs with soft velvet cushions, and a fully stocked bar with crystal glasses. Hannah started to feel that murder was a less likely outcome.

Sitting at one of the chairs, staring at papers and ledgers arrayed on the solid oak table, was a woman. Older than either Hannah or Mari, who were twenty-five and nineteen respectively, the woman was a very young looking thirty-two that Hannah pegged as twenty eight or so. Wearing a dress that Hannah pegged as the cities fashion of choice last month. A cheap buy when the nobility switches their wardrobe but an amazing deal for anyone else. A soft yellow jacket wrapping a white overbust corset and a long white pleated dress. Not what Hannah would consider fashionable but the nobility always played by its own rules. Her long blonde hair, done up in curls, were falling out of shape. A slender narrow face, but not harshly, so much like Hannah and Mari themselves. Lovely full lips that smiled when she looked up to see her new arrivals.

“Well now, Mari was right when she said she had the perfect friend for this ship. My plan is to only hire women I would be willing to bed myself, and you certainly fit the bill.” The woman eyed Hannah with interest.

Hannah walked over and straddled the woman in the chair, leaning in to let her breasts caress her face, before tilting her head up to kiss her. A long kiss, sliding her tongue inside and massaging her soon to be employers with her own. Eventually, she pulled away feeling the blonde woman’s lips sucking on her tongue for a moment trying to keep it in her mouth.

“Any time you crave a taste, I am more than willing,” Hannah whispered while breathing deep and putting her breasts in the woman’s face, ever so slightly from touching.

“As classy as I am crude.” The blonde replied, “That’s what your friend said to me, and that you were every bit a manipulator with your body as she was.”

Without preamble or introducing herself the woman lifted Hannah backwards onto the table and re-engaged the kiss. Hannah wrapped her legs around the woman and slid her hand under the jacket and around to her back to undo the corset dress she was wearing. Keeping her other hand running through her blonde curls to the back of her head to hold her kiss in place. Hannah felt her breasts being squeezed tightly as a pair of hands found their way under her shirt. Finally releasing the last clasp on the dress Hannah yanked it down to reveal the smaller, but still more than a handful, breasts. Pushing the dress the rest of the way off with her feet Hannah felt her top lifted entirely to push their breasts together. The kiss broke for a moment to get rid of Hannah’s top before resuming again.

Mari, having done it before, quietly slipped around to remove Hannah’s underwear so that when her new boss’s hands decided to explore between Hannah’s legs, they wouldn’t have to wait to penetrate her flesh. Hannah shook slightly when she felt two fingers sliding into her and a very talented thumb locating her clit with flawless precision. Mari sat back down to enjoy the show while Hannah gasped for air as a third finger found it’s way inside. She returned the favour herself soon enough now that her hand was free after removing the dress. The table creaked as they swayed back and forth on top of it. Quickly the blonde gasped and soon screamed in ecstasy as she was brought to a climax that triggered Hannah to a vigorous frenzy to make it last as long as she could. Mari counted thirty-seven by the time she collapsed on top of Hannah panting like a dog resting her head on her breasts.

When she started to get up, Mari helped her back into her seat when she couldn’t lift herself under her own power. She sat with her curls resting on her sweaty breasts, and wearing only her yellow jacket. Hannah lay on the table, leaning up to look, but keeping her legs apart and her body exposed.

“Well I don’t know about you but that was the best job interview I could imagine having,” Hannah commented with a smile.

“It has been a long time since I’ve had an orgasm that lasted so long, and I’ve needed one for quite some time. Safe to say you have the job.”

Hannah sat up chuckling with her breasts bouncing as she did so. “I meant it, though. Anytime you want me.”

“And I will. I expect all my girls to be available for my personal use.” She stated as flatly as she could still being out of breath but also looking at Mari so she knew that included her.

Mari was taken aback by the required sexual servitude that she hadn’t been told about in advance. “I..” she started

“Oh, girl! A tease, I assure you. Your bodies are your own to do with as you please and under no circumstances are you to ever feel forced to avail them to anyone. Only once money has changed hands is anything expected of you. So even I must pay for your services.”

“Oh really?” Hannah asked, giving Mari time to relax. “How much did I just make?”

“Job interview doesn’t count.” She joked as she leant forward to put her hands on Hannah’s thighs. “By the way, my name is Liddy and I don’t believe I have finished my portion of the job interview yet.”

As good as Hannah thought Liddy was with her hand, it didn’t compare to the feeling of her tongue pushing inside her as Liddy forced Hannah’s legs to remain wide apart. Reaching down, Hannah grabbed Liddy by her curls and held her in place as Liddy darted her tongue in and out and over her clit. Hannah arched her back on the table, letting go of Liddy with one hand and clawing at the air for something to grasp.

Mari held her hand to keep her stable as Hannah ground her hips into Liddy’s face as if to, somehow, get her deeper inside her. Hannah ended up letting go and gripping the table with both of her hands. Mari sat in the chair Liddy had vacated and pulled off her own top before relieving Liddy of her jacket. This let Mari press her massive breasts onto the flawless back of the blonde beauty. Mari slid her hands around Liddy to her breasts, to tease and play with them while she pleasured her friend. Liddy could feel the hard steel of the rings piercing Maris’ nipples pushing into her back. While Hannah could always last a long time, she was helpless against the movements of the tongue exploring her. Liddy had Hannah screaming for almost a full minute before she collapsed.

Liddy leant back still kneeling on the floor resting her head on Maris’ belly who was in turn resting her breasts on her head. Hannah lay on the table panting quickly. Her chest rising and falling again and again as she slowly caught her breath. Soft white flesh glistening with sweat and reflecting the light.

“I was worried when Mari was the only one responding to my search for working girls. Now I feel much better about my chances of making this work.” Liddy explained.

“So it’s just the three of us?” Hannah asked between gasps not bothering to sit up.

“So far as working girls, yes. I have two mechanics who are sexy enough to work, but not interested. I didn’t want men on board, aside from clients, and they wanted a ship where they couldn’t be cornered and coerced by the crew. I plan to sell myself as often as possible to keep this wreck afloat, but between managing things and keeping guests happy you two will be doing most of the work for now. If we can get a few new girls before setting out, or maybe at the next few stops, then things should get easier.”

“How’s the pay working then if not all of us are working client’s?” Mari asked.

Hannah finally sat up eager to listen looking about for her clothes before deciding they didn’t matter enough to bother getting dressed.

“Well, I will be blunt and tell you that you won’t be making a lot to start. As you noticed this ship needs a lot of work and my funds are limited.” Liddy held up a piece of paper. “This has all the numbers and details on it, and you can read it before you sign on, but the short version is that I take a cut out of every client.”

“Sounds violent. I’m in.” Hannah smirked.

“I mean,” Liddy looked at her and smiled with an eye roll. “Everytime someone sees a client, a portion goes to me and another to the running of the ship. So food, fuel, drinks, repairs, and all that get paid for and I make my own wages. The rest goes to you.”

“How big are those portions?” Mari inquired as she gently pressed her breasts into the sides of Liddy’s head.

“Depends on how much work the ship needs and how much you two drink. That being said, most of what you get paid will still be going to you. At least it will once things settle down. Since this wreck needs so much work, I am including renovations as maintenance. So each port I will do a bit of work on the ship. We still get paid, but not as much.” Liddy actually looked worried after explaining all this. Fearing her only two girls would walk out. “I will keep track of how much you are losing because of this and promise to pay you back once we are finished fixing the ship.”

“Sounds like a raw deal for us and a risky move for you given that the ship is barely presentable. Why do this at all?” Hannah asked bluntly.

“Because I am tired of being passed between nobles who tire of me and tossed to the soldiery when I’m no longer the type of girl popular in court anymore. It’s time I put my talents to making a life for myself on my own terms. I know it is a lot to ask a stranger but I need your help to make it happen.”

“I ended up spending a week with some visiting house guards after one of the nobles had his fun with me at a party. So I can understand that. I’m in. Mari?”

“I’ve already told her I would if you did,” Mari smirked.

Liddy sighed in relief. “Thank you. Now as for rules they are pretty simple. Regardless of if you see clients here or their place, you are to never let money change hands anywhere but on the ship. Legal reasons mostly but if we get a bigger crew of girls I want everything in the open. Now if you for some reason find yourself not getting laid enough and you do it on your own time then you are free to do so. Just that any paid sex is paid on the ship. Any activities between girls on the ship are between consenting adults. Except for me. I want to be your friend but also as your boss keep things professional so I will pay for your time and you get paid full wages with no cuts taken off. Gifts from clients are yours to keep but if they try to give you extra coin or bills while off the ship you need to refuse. I don’t want you arrested. If you can get them to buy you things instead, then go for it.”

“I suppose that all makes sense. Seems silly to refuse extra money but last time I was arrested I was sore for a month.” Mari hadn’t really enjoyed the experience but happily satisfied city guards for a few days to avoid prison guards for years.

“All paid business should go through me. but if I’m busy I don’t want you skipping clients. You two have fooled around with nobles sure, but I lived with them and I know the world well enough to keep things safe for you and this ship. Try to avoid personal activities with the upper class and keep it professional. They are the clients who should be paying for your body not getting them for free because you are bored. That’s what the people in the class we were born into are for. Also, feel free to entice girls to work on the ship but don’t promise anything. Any hires are my call to make. Granted I doubt all interviews will go the way things did today. In fact, I should have avoided that entirely. But that’s done and over with. Lastly, the bar is free to drink from while in dock and when we can buy more, but I don’t want to arrive somewhere and be cleaned out. Buy your own to drink while in the air until we are rolling in enough money that I don’t have to worry about it.”

“Damn. Hannah, will you be ok with that?” Mari asked with a grin while dr****g her arms over Liddy putting more pressure on Liddy’s head with her breasts.

“I can deal with a lack of booze easy. Though depending on how long it takes us to get places I am going to climb the walls for some action.”

“Good.” Liddy shook her head in as much a gesture of humour as it was to feel Maris’ breasts. “You will need that energy to see as many clients as possible once we dock. Now I have some good news and bad news. Good news is your choice of cabin. The bad news is that I haven’t gotten those damn doors open since I bought this thing so I have no idea what is in any of them or what shape it’s in. So tomorrow when the workers arrive I will have them pry open the doors so you can clean them out and move in.”

“I’m pretty sure I fuck people so I don’t have to clean anything myself.” Hannah laughed. “But I’m sure I will manage.”

“Well, the more we do ourselves the less we need to pay others to do it for us. Also, you will be fucking people to do things for you. Just a little less directly than before.” Liddy smiled.

“Hannah and I both grew up pretty low in the city, so despite how comfortable we have gotten lately, we know how to get our hands dirty with actual work,” Mari added laughing. “What room is yours?”

“This room for now until I get the door busted open on the one at the back of the ship.” Liddy pointed to the hallways leading to the rear of the ship. “Everything downstairs is yours to choose from. I’d like to have separate rooms for seeing clients on this deck so that the view is better and your rooms are your own. But I unsealed those doors first, and they are such a mess that it would be best if you focused on the room you sleep in to be presentable. We can get the nicer rooms for work later.”

“Will we be seeing any clients before we leave?” Hannah asked.

“No, we will be working on the ship until we have to leave and while we are in the air to wherever I decide to take us next. When we land is when we see our first clients.”

“Fair enough. So how good a fuck did you get with Mari?”

“We were surrounded with sweaty workmen so it was a purely professional meeting. In hushed tones, so they didn’t get distracted.” Liddy explained.

Hannah got up from the table to sit on one of the chairs. “Then fuck her now. I know you want to be professional but she’s the reason I’m here and as our boss, you shouldn’t show any favouritism. I may have done you good but she will still make you scream.”

“I’ve been waiting for my turn. I’m game.” Mari added leaning down to speak softly in Liddy’s’ ear.

“You two are just determined to make me want you bad enough to pay you. Fine. Might as well take all I can get while it’s still the interview.” Liddy stated with a smile.

Hannah and Mari never actually fucked each other but always enjoyed the sight of watching the other work. Frequently sharing a man, woman, or simply swapping partners, and of course kissing each other when called to do so. The rest of the time they acted more like sisters, uninterested in getting physical together. Hannah leant back in her chair softly massaging between her legs while Mari lifted Liddy to her feet, holding her by her breasts. Liddy gasped in pain at the violent movement but was spun around to face Mari and thrown against the wall before she could say anything. Mari put her hand around Liddy’s throat and kissed her, squeezing ever so gently. Mari kicked Liddys’ leg to the side to expose her well-trimmed landing strip. Liddy had her hands on the arm choking her, trying to pull it off, before she succumbed to the desire to grab Mari by her massive breasts. She could never hope to hold them in her hands but tried so very hard to make sure she gave attention to each inch of them. Finally settling on yanking the piercings and forcing Mari to gasp in pain.

Keeping her hand on the throat Mari pushed Liddy down so that her mouth could assuage the pain on her nipples. Liddy moved her talented tongue over them to heighten their sensitivity before she started to bite gently on her breasts. Mari tightened her grip around Liddy as the blonde bit her nipples and began to yank them with her teeth. Mari pulled Liddy off her, gasping for breath, and pinned her against the wall while she returned the favour. Liddy’s smaller breasts suffered in pleasure as Mari bit harder and yanked the tender nipples more roughly with her teeth, before returning to force her tongue into Liddy’s mouth.

Hannah used one hand to abuse her own breasts, as she penetrated herself with three fingers with the other. She enjoyed the sight of Liddy being used.

Mari suddenly pulled Liddy away from the wall and forced her to bend over a chair. Spreading Liddys’ legs with her feet Mari plunged three fingers inside her and worked them in and out rapidly. Already as wet as she could be, Liddy still wasn’t ready for the fourth finger and quickly the thumb. Liddy cried out in pain as Mari pushed her whole fist inside her. As tiny as Mari’s hand was, it was still a lot for any woman to take, but Liddy was well practised and quickly began to moan deeply as each thrust of the fist made it’s exit and entry. Liddy couldn’t contain herself for long and screamed while Hannah counted. twenty two seconds. She must be losing energy Hannah thought.

Deciding it was her turn Mari pushed Liddy off the chair onto the floor. Laying on her back Liddy looked up just to see Mari kneeling over her and showing her what a clean shaven girl looked like. It was harder for Liddy to work her tongue with Mari grinding onto her face but Mari got more pleasure from staring at the wide eyes belonging to the woman desperately trying to breathe. Liddy reached up to hold on to Mari by her much less abused breasts to even the score.

Hannah enjoyed the spectacle of Liddy flailing her legs trying to get enough purchase enough to flip Mari but failing.

Mari leant forward to relieve the pressure on Liddy and bounce her hips over her mouth. A moment hovering above and the next brought to her waiting lips. One moment furiously working her tongue, and the next Liddy was desperately lifting her head to have more. Soon Mari let out a loud stuttering moan as she climaxed leaning backwards, grabbing her own breasts with Liddy’s help, as Liddy lapped like a dog at Maris’ flowing juices.

Mari made Liddy wait, and continue to lick until she was done, before getting off her. Hannah tossed Mari’s shirt over to her and the three of them all started to redress.

“Well, I’ve never had a woman take me so violently. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much,” Liddy commented as she walked over to her dress.

“Normally I’m on the receiving end of the rough stuff but with a woman, I like to make her cry,” Mari explained running a finger along Liddys’ cheek to her eye who had definitely been crying as the tears continued to flow.

“Well, there are always clients who want that. Receive or give. Hannah, can you help?” Liddy asked as she turned to show her undone back.

Still yet to find her own top Hannah fastened up the dress and helped Liddy put the jacket back on. “This is a damn sight easier to do when I can see it.”

Liddy and Mari laughed. Hannah separated her bra and top from the pile Liddy had yanked off. Refastened the red clasp on the otherwise black piece and pulled her top back over her head. The shirt was white but stretched over her breasts making it very tight and her bra very visible underneath. Mari almost never wore a bra and her simple tube top slid back on easily. She never did take her almost nonexistent skirt off.

“So go pick your rooms while I get my papers back in order. Then go pack your things and I will see you ready to get working tomorrow.” Liddy explained to the girls as she composed herself.

Mari and Hannah left Liddy to her work and started their new lives.