Southend subs part three
So while we were having coffee’s etc, they invited me to visit them the following weekend, they were happy to host and went on the say they had built a play room in the loft of the house and wanted to share it , adding that they both wanted to delve deeper into the whole b.d.s.m world, if i have learnt anything over the years its best to find out as much as possible about what people want ?

what a person says can differ so much in real life, so with that in mind i reminded them both that they both had a safe word to fall back on, they could beg of mercy etc, but unless they used their safe word it would not stop , they both nodded their agreement, so next saturday could not come quick enough ,

i duly arrived at theirs early that evening, having already told them that they both must be naked on my arrival , weaing their slave collars, as a visble sign of their submission to me, the only choice they had that evening was that whoever opened the door to let me in would be the first to be dealt with,

As it turned out it was her who answered the door and i was expecting him , anyway with out any hesitation i hooked my finger into one of the rings on her slave collar which in turn brought her down bent double , they had sent me some photo’s of the layout of their place and what was available , they had hooks set into the door frame and i attached her to those until she was in an X position, its a favorite one for me as i can walk around the slave with access to all areas so to speak , she looked at me in a rebellious sort of way, i like to hear a sub when i am dominating them , listen to their reactions of whats being done to them etc, but there are times when silence is called for and that will kick in when i want it too,

so here she was in the X postion , having raised her wrists higher to made her to stand on tip toe, she watch me very intently as i took out some of my toys from the holdall, placing them in front of her on the hall table, various implements , teasing her as to which of them she would experience ? i picked up a leather flogger, a cat – o – nine tails to be precise, just a lightweight one but with knotted tails,i stood in front of her and brought it up to her lips, ” kiss it ” i commanded , she did as she was told and rung her little tongue over the strands as ifshe was going to eat it, in that moment i thought to my self this is going to be fun, clearly she was on heat for a better word and seemed up for anything ? as she stood there i called to him to join us but to do so on his hands and knees , i got him to kneel facing me but just with his head backing on to her cunt , it was a perfect picture, i fed my now rampant cock into his mouth and he proceeded to please me with his mouth and tongue,

as i stood there i began to torture her nipples, first with fingers and thumbs , sqeezing and pinching them , hearing her sqeal as i did this was music to my ears and cock which was being worshipped in his mouth , i was very turned on, so much so that i could feel an orgasm building, i took hold of his hair and fed my rock hard cock fast in and out of his mouth and all the while pinching just one of her nipples now and kissing her very passionately as i came powerfully into his mouth, he choked with the volume of spunk i spunked into his mouth but i cared not, she whispering a thank you in my ear shortly afterwards , what a wonderful way to start and i’d only been there an hour or so….. more to follow.