Seducing Nelly, a TS erotic storyI first noticed Nellie on a Friday evening when my fraternity and her sorority got together to make a homecoming float. She had gorgeous blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulders, she knew exactly what she was doing with her eye makeup, lining them in black with a smoky finish. Once my gaze connected with hers I couldn’t look away.I smiled, grabbed a couple beers from the ice trough, walked up to her and offered the drink. She smiled, accepted and introduced herself, “I’m Nellie” she said, I told her my name, we shook hands and both smiled. Her teeth were perfect, bright white surrounded by full, red lips. I was imagining her blowing me a kiss when I heard an airhorn go off followed by a shout from one of the older brothers, “Ok bitches, that’s enough with the float. We got beer and jungle juice inside, the DJ’s all set up and it’s party time waaahoooo!!”Nellie and I looked at each other, smiled and then burst out laughing. My beer can was too full and I spilled a some onto the ground, splashing onto her bright white, probably new Chuck Taylors and the black leggings she was wearing with them. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” I said, “Wait here, let me get some paper towels real quick.”Before she could tell me that it was just fine, I was gone inside the house. When I came back out she was sitting on a bench, double-fisting the beers. She handed me mine about a quarter empty by now, “So you won’t spill on me again,” she said with a smirk and lifted her leg up so it was resting over me as I sat down on the bench. I pulled a paper towel out of my pocket and started dabbing at her leggings which were skintight around her ankles. I wiped a bit off the exposed skin between there and her shoes, trying to sop up as much of my spill as possible. There wasn’t much left as it had mostly dried but I liked getting to touch her and I loved girls in leggings and Chucks so that was an extra bonus for me.I tossed the semi-wet paper towels across the courtyard and into the trash can. She propped her other foot onto my legs and we kept chatting, telling each other about our majors, where we lived in the dorms the year before and what we loved and hated about the Greek Life on campus.By now we were the only two people outside as the rest of the party had moved indoors. We’d had a couple more beers and she had since re-positioned herself on the bench so her feet were back on the ground and she was sitting next to me. I grabbed another pair of drinks and when I opened hers some of it splashed on her shirt.“Of course,” she said with a laugh. “You have any more paper towels?” I pulled another out of my pocket and put it on her shoulder where the can had splashed her. She grabbed my hand and whispered, “I think you did that on purpose.” Our eyes locked and we both smiled, I could feel the tension, knowing she wanted to kiss me so I dropped the towel, put my hand on her arm and went in for it.A rush of warmth came over me as our lips connected, I put my other hand at her waist and she had both her around my shoulders. canlı bahis We continued for a few more seconds before both of us pulled away, sheepishly giggling. We made eye contact again and went right back into it, this time I started sliding one hand up and down her thigh while she intertwined her feet with mine“You live here right?” she whispered into my ear between kisses. I nodded and she said, “Great, let’s go.” She took my hand and lead me inside. We danced our way through the party, stopping to grind on each other for a bit. We started making out on the dance floor and she kissed me even harder when I grabbed her ass. She took my hand again and practically dragged me to the stairs, making sure to swing her hips as I followed her up the stairwell to the second floor.The halls were packed with people as we switched places with me leading her around the corner towards my room. Thankfully my roommate was spending the night at his girlfriend’s house to avoid the fraternity event so the room was dark and empty. I shut and locked the door behind me and flipped the dimmer switch up just a little bit so we could still see each other. I put on some music and we started our own private dance party.She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again before turning around and grinding her ass on my now hard cock. I could tell she felt it through my shorts as she let out a very sensual moan. She turned to face me again, biting her lip and pulled my head near hers, “Ummm…” she paused and looked down, I could tell she was nervous about something.“I think you’re really cute, but I need to tell you something before we go any farther.”A rush of thoughts came over me, does she have a disease? A boyfriend? Is she saving herself for marriage? She could tell I was taken aback by her statement and quickly calmed me down by somehow reading my mind, “I’m clean, I’m single and I don’t want to leave this room without getting you inside me but…” She took a deep breath and went on, “I wasn’t born a girl.”My eyebrows raised, “Really?” I said, in a way that she’d know that she had peaked my interest. “That’s fine with me, how long have you been a girl?” We sat down on my bed and she explained how she never felt like a boy, always wanting to play with Barbies and have her mom paint her nails. Her parents were always supportive and she started hormone therapy before she hit high school. “Most of my sorority sisters don’t even know,” she said with a smile.So…what do you think?” I realized I hadn’t said that I was completely OK with it, but instead of speaking all I could do was smile and kiss her again. I could tell she was very happy about that, kissing me back with a big smile as she propped her legging-clad legs onto my lap again. I reached down to her bright white Chucks and slid them off, revealing red painted toenails.My hands remained all over her legs, feeling her up and down, from her waistline down to where her leggings ended and ankles began. When I was back up at her waist I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and started bahis siteleri to slide it up. She raised her arms and I removed the shirt, revealing a sexy black bra filled with very natural looking breasts.“They’re real, don’t worry,” she said with a wink. I had practiced the one-handed bra removal and that came in handy as I snapped it off in one try. After throwing it onto the ground she pulled my shirt off and leaned on top of me, pushing me onto my back on the bed. She scooted back, grabbing my shorts and yanking them off with my boxers revealing a hard cock which made her eyes go wide.I sat up and kissed her again, my hands all over her back and her chest, sliding down to her waistline again, grabbing her leggings and slowly starting to peel them off. A lacy pink thong appeared underneath as I slowly pulled her leggings off her thighs, down to her calves and ankles, finally removing them.“You want to see it?” she said, rubbing her thong. I couldn’t speak. I had been on the transgender cam sites before and have had my share of sexual fantasies, but nothing like this happening in front of me. I nodded with a blank stare, she giggled and put her legs together, sliding the thong off. I could only see the bottom of her legs and ass but I had my hands on her thighs. She split her legs apart and put one foot at each side of me to reveal a hard cock, about 5 inches long and completely shaven.I stared at her, mouth agape. “Come here silly,” she said, grabbing my neck and pulled me on top of her. We kissed again and I could feel her cock push against my stomach. Mine was against hers already dripping. She reached her finger down, sc****d it off her stomach then licked it off and beckoned for me to kiss her again.She opened her legs up a bit more and grabbed my cock. She noticed a can of Vaseline sitting in the room and asked me to pass it to her. She put a big glob on her hand and started rubbing her ass hole with one hand and my cock with the other. It felt so good I had to tell her to wait so I wouldn’t come before fucking her.“Are you ready?” she whispered. I was and got onto my knees, she raised her feet into the air, revealing a nicely lubed up ass hole, grabbed my cock again and slid it right in. “Oh my god,” I said, “You feel amazing!” She smiled big and said, “So do you” as I started thrusting in and out. “Touch me,” she whispered, grabbing my wrist and moving it towards her cock.I grabbed it and she let out a squeal, nearly making me come. “More,” she moaned. I started jerking her up and down in rhythm with my fucking. I came without warning, harder than I ever had before, all while holding onto her cock while we were both writing in ecstasy. She grabbed a few kleenex I had sitting near the bed to clean up as I pulled out. I started to get off the bed and she grabbed my arm, “You aren’t done yet baby, my turn now.” Before she could finish I was all the way back on the bed, hand on her cock, kissing her thighs.Before I knew what was happening my lips were wrapped around her, tasting her as I bobbed me head güvenilir bahis up and down. My tongue swirling around her as she continued to squeal and moan. I could tell she was getting close when she pushed me off and reached for the Vaseline again. “What do you think?” she said, looking at the jar and back at me.“You’re gorgeous I want everything,” was all I could get out of my mouth, I was so excited I couldn’t speak in complete sentences. She reached under my cock and found my ass hole, rubbing in the Vaseline with her fingers and offered me the jar to lube up her cock which I did with great pleasure.“How do you want to do this?” she asked.“Why don’t we just switch places?” I said. She sat up and I lied down, legs open, knees in the air, ready for her. She held my wrists down and teased my ass hole with her cock. “I take it this is your first time down there?” she asked, holding me down. I nodded and we both smiled.She pushed her cock forward and I could feel her sliding into me, the Vaseline being an excellent lubricant. She slowly continued, moving in and out until she was all the way in and I was letting out noises I never knew I could. That was until she grabbed my cock and started stroking with her thrusting. I was getting hard quickly and knew that I would be shooting cum all over myself if I wasn’t careful.I couldn’t hold it in any more and whispered out to her, “I’m going to come again…” she smiled and tugged at me harder until I started spraying cum all over my chest. It shot all the way up to my shoulders and she quickly started licking it up, from the top all the way down to my belly button where the first shot had landed. This was turning her on like crazy, she let out a yelp and I could feel her filling me up with her come. It was an unusual warm sensation that I’d never felt before but very comforting at the same time.FUN AT THE FRAT PARTYShe grabbed some more kleenex and held them up to my ass hole as she pulled out, cleaning me up with the paper and her tongue until it was all gone. We laid in bed together talking for quite a while before drifting off to sleep. I was awoken by my roommate coming back but when he saw a girl next to me in bed he gave me the thumbs up and walked back out, locking the door behind him.Nellie was up a few minutes later, we talked a bit about the previous night and how great it was before I got to watch her put her clothes back on. If you’ve never seen a girl put on leggings then you’re really missing out. She slipped her shoes on as I put on some gym shorts and a dirty t-shirt. I took her hand as we walked into the hallway and down the back stairwell. We kissed at the bottom and exchanged phone numbers.“You better text me, ” she said.I told her she’d get one before she got home. We stepped outside into the bright morning and I watched her shake her ass walking out to her car parked on the street. She looked back at me and smiled one more time before getting in her car and driving back home. I texted her almost immediately, “Same time tonight? ;)” it said. She sent one back soon after that said, “Absolutely, but only if you don’t spill beer all over me!”“Deal,” I said, “Come by around 6 and we can go to dinner first.” She was definitely excited about our date, “I’ll be there, can’t wait!