Rescued by 4 Indian Co-workers – Paying them back
Rescued by 4 Indian Co-workers – Paying them back

Here’s how my Friday went … and it only got better!!!


I cursed my luck. For once I was going to be early to work and I mean by like 20 minutes! Then I had a flat. I jumped out, jacked the car up, got the tire off, retrieved my spare… and it was flat! “Just my luck!” I was about a mile from the exit and there were three gas stations there, so I stuffed the spare under the body of my jacked up car in case the jack fell and started toward the ramp, rolling my flat tire as traffic whizzed by.

I was probably about a quarter mile from my car when a car slowed as it passed me and pulled into the breakdown lane ahead of me, stopped and backed up toward me. When they pulled back even with me I saw that it was four of the women from the programming department in the data center where I work. They were all from India and I thought that the two in the back seat were named Nicky and Sara but I wasn’t certain. They asked me if I needed a ride and I told them it would sure help. The back of the car opened and I rolled the tire back. I rolled my eyes. There were soft-sided shopping bags and suitcases in the back, not really full, but in order to not put my tire on anything breakable, I started moving and rearranging things.

Nicki came to the back to see if I needed help. I have seen her around the office building and if there is such a thing as a human doll baby it is her! Just a shade over five feet tall, she has light brown, coffee with lots of creamer skin with big dark eyes, an easy shy smile and a frame that screamed little girl and not woman! I mean, if she weighs 95 pounds I would be shocked!!!

Sara is much darker and taller. In fact, I did not believe her when she told me she was from India as well a few months ago when we were working on one of the systems together. At 5’10, her graceful lines looked like poetry in motion when she walked. It was really much more of a glide than a stride and her beautiful eyes and angular face brought together all of the lovely features on an Indian princess in the darkest toned flesh I have ever seen on a person from India!

Well they were both standing there and they started giggling and pointing at each other and shaking their heads as they jabbered in their own staccato dialect. I thought they were teasing each other about me, but I dismissed that, since at more than twice their age and weight I doubted that they would be interested in me.

Then something in one of the bags started buzzing and as I reached to move the bag and hopefully stop whatever I had started, a pink life-like jelly vibrator rolled out of the bag followed by a tube of lubricant! My eyes went from the source of the noise to the gasping girls who suddenly went silent. I swear those few seconds felt like hours! Then when reality started again it was unnaturally quick! Sara snatched up the vibrator and turned and handed it to a squealing Nicki who at first waved her hands back and forth refusing it before glancing over at me and the grabbing it and hiding it behind her back. Sarah turned and saw the lube and grabbed that with a shrieking laugh and I heard the driver call out her window what was going on. Sarah smiled at me and said, “Oh Vani is going to die!!!” She laughed, turned and grabbed Nicki by the arm and raced up the side of the car to the driver’s door.

I picked up my tire and as I put it into the trunk I heard Vani yell, “No!!! Give me that! Oh my god!!!” The others were all laughing hysterically and jabbering at her in their language. I decided while I waited for them to settle down and get it all out of their system, I would glance in some of the other bags. There were all kinds of lotions and even some sexy veils and scarves and such. I stopped after not immediately finding more naughty notions though rather than get caught.

Closing the backend and walked to the back passenger door. The four women were all snickering, well three of the four were and they were all staring straight ahead. A man my size was going to have trouble fitting in the back seat of that car by myself! There were two beautiful young and nearly bursting young women occupying the seats! Where was I supposed to fit in? “Excuse me ladies, I don’t mean to sound rude, but where am I supposed to sit? I will squish either of the two of you if I sit on your laps!”

Sarah snorted and Nicki fought to keep from busting out for a moment before failing and then she whipped up Vani’s toy,; point straight up as she managed to say between giggles, “Here? Vani says it is a good place to sit!”

They all shrieked and Vani turned and tried unsuccessfully to snatch the toy and in so doing managed to pop two buttons on her top as she lunged between the seats. Vani is a typical small Indian woman, solidly built with nice prominent tits and a little extra hips, but still quite beautiful in an exotic type of way! The others in the car did not seem to see what had happened to her blouse, but from where I was standing I had a straight shot view of her entire right bra cup and unlike most of the American girls I know with padded and foam B cups, I could tell by how her nipple poked through the front of her bra that what I saw was all her!!

It all got a little confusing then. Vani seemed to realize something was wrong, froze then looked up at me and gasped. I looked down and realized that I had quite a bulge in evidence right at their car window height! She whipped back into her seat pulled her top closed as the others squealed and then Sara pointed at me and I froze for a moment before stumbling back a little and turning away from the car!

Nicki said something and they all screamed. The other woman in the front, Sangita rolled down her window and said, “It is good that we are not at work because Nicki thinks you have almost as nice an ass as Vani does a cock!” They all laughed and I whirled on them and shook my head laughing at them!

“Alright, alright! You ladies are crazy, but we all need to get to work!” I leaned forward in an attempt to conceal my erection. They were still laughing and snickering and making comments in their language. Sangita started to say something else, but Nicki leaned forward and put her hand over the other woman’s mouth and they all burst into another storm of laughter!

Nicki climbed out of the car and indicated with her hands that I should sit down as she tried to look at anything and everything other than me. I stepped past her and let my left hand graze the front of her thigh. She yelped and whipped around to look up at me. I smiled down at her and winked and she tried to look appalled but could not quite keep the smile from her face.

Even when Vani slid her seat all of the way forward, I did not fit, so I wound up putting my feet in the well beneath Sarah’s feet and then Nicki climbed in on top of me and closed the door. It probably looked like a clown car to people passing by but it felt like an Indian brothel! Sarah was sliding the naked back of her calf over my shin (They all had on lightweight skits) and Nicki was sitting cross ways on my lap and my dick was poking straight into the crack between her boney ass cheeks!! To my shock she turned and though the others could not see, she pressed her right breast into my face and rubbed herself against me causing me to harden even more. I honestly was not certain to pray for Vani to speed up or slow down!!!!

At the gas station I got out of the car and adjusted myself as the ladies all excitedly started jabbering. I rolled the tire into the shop and they told me they would have it done by lunch… hopefully. I could not miss a half day, so I told him okay and we all piled back into the car. When I told them I was going to need a ride back, Sarah said in a husky deep sexy voice that we were all going to need something really soon! We all laughed and they all volunteered to take me back this evening IF I promised to eat with them that evening. I struck that deal in a heartbeat.

By the time 5:00 came around, we stopped and got my tire and they drove on to their apartment to change clothes and meet me at the restaurant. Putting the tire back on my car took less than five minutes and I sped home to shower and fulfill my obligation.

They all were running behind and when they walked in, I realized why. They had all taken the time to change into some very revealing club style short dresses and paint on the makeup! There were people all over the restaurant staring at them when they walked in and when they pointed over to the table I had for us people stared at me too!

Sangita had not come, but that was no shock. She was married! The other three slid into the booth table and trapped me next to the wall. To my surprise they each ordered wine and meat! After the waiter took our order, I asked them about it and Sara, who was sitting across from me, looked down at the table and said, “Good Indian girls are taught there are three things they must not do. They must not drink alcohol; they must not eat meat; and they must not have sex before they are married.” She then looked up beneath her eyebrows at me with a smirk and added, “We aren’t very good Indian girls, but we have fun!!!” They all burst into laughing and Nicki slid her hand under the table and gave my leg a squeeze.

I found out that Sarah was a little older than the other two and her parents had selected her fiancé’ for her about two weeks before, so she was going to be turning in her resignation and going back to India next month. Both Nicki and Vani had just finished college last spring and had told their families that they were breaking with the traditions they had grown up with. They said that since they did not believe in the gods of their ancestors why hold to the traditions that came with them?

I did not have an answer for that, so they smiled at me and Vani triumphantly declared, that is why we are exploring all of the things that we were told growing up to never do! I have eaten ice cream for breakfast, a steak and I have been drunk all in the same day!”

I laughed and told them it sounded like they had all become very americanized, but I was not certain that was a good thing. When Nicki looked at me with genuine concern on her face and wanted to know why I said it might not be good, I tried to keep a straight face as I replied, “Well I’m not certain giving up the teachings of the Kama Sutra for the boring Missionary Position of America is worth it!!!”

They all sat there, very seriously considering it before Sarah snickered and then they all started laughing! “I guess we will just have to blend our ways and yours together to experience the best of both worlds! I agreed whole heartedly!

Nearly two hours later I paid the bill and we walked out into the parking lot. They had parked next to me so the fun continued and I was treated to seeing lots of leg and a little ass and Vani even showed me a little more of her sweet young chest fruit than she intended. As we approached the cars, Sarah walked to the passenger side of my car. I figured it was just to get a rise out of me, but the other two said goodnight, got in their car and Sarah just smiled at me.

“They are coming back for you right?” I laughed.

“No, I asked them to let me have tonight with you. I will be leaving soon and before I go back to India and become a good Indian wife and woman, I want to know what it is like to be with a man who I will be sleeping next to for the rest of my life.”

In the dim light of the parking lot I stared into her beautiful dark face as she smiled. It seemed she was trying to bolster her own confidence in her decision. I walked around the back of my car and I took her hands in mine and bent to kiss her. It was a soft gentle kiss at first. We pulled back and I could almost hear our hearts pounding! I looked at her heavy lidded eyes and moist, sexy lips and found myself leaning back down and this time kissing her deeply! Her hands went to my back and mine went to her hips and waist. She lifted her chin and I kissed my way down her throat as she moaned. My fingers found the hem of her dress and my fingertips found the silky soft flesh of her thigh and slid in toward the middle of her legs.

“Not hear. Take me to your home or my apartment, but not here.” She panted as my lips and tongue played across her collar bone. I came back up, kissed her on the lips once again and opened the car door for her. When she sat down, she kept both feet on the parking lot and reached out and rubbed my now very obvious cock outlined in my slacks. I moaned and she said, “I don’t think my husband will be this large. Most men from my country are not.” She added the last almost to herself.

“I will be gentle.” I said as I smiled down at her. She looked up at me and then swung her left foot into the car, pushing the hem of her skirt up high on her hips and giving me a shadowed glimpse of a closely trimmed pussy. She winked at me and then put the other foot in and faced the front of the car. I thought my cock might explode as I walked around the car to get in on my side.

We decided that her apartment was closer and as she directed me to it, she played a hand over my confined cock and I am not ashamed to say I had a lot of trouble concentrating on driving!!!

Following her up the steps I was painfully aware of 1) what an incredibly tight hourglass form she had and two how temptingly short the hem of her dress was, exposing to me small slivers of Indian moon as we walked up and she buzzed us into her condo

She locked the door behind us and turned right into my arms. Her stretchy black, body hugging dress was gone within the first minute and I stepped back to admire the young exotic beauty in the dim light of her entryway. She had long thin tapered legs that rose into a full woman’s hips, leaving a beautiful thigh gap that most men who have seen her in pants have a tough time forgetting. Seeing her naked within arm’s reach, still standing in 4 inch heels is something I will always remember!

She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs and into her second floor which appeared on first glance to be one single room and hers was dominated by a large king bed! She stopped at the foot of the bed and we kissed. As my fingers explored the curves, valleys, rises and planes of her naked flesh her own hands and lips were busy unbuttoning my shirt, sucking on my nipples, clawing down my chest and abs (thank god I started going to the gym 2 years ago!) and then started pulling on my belt. I reached to help her and she sank down and knelt in front of me waiting for the unveiling of her prize. A moment later I was standing with only my briefs and a smile on. “I figured I would let you have the final honors.”

The minx put the flat of her hand against my bulging cock and slowly rubbed up and down as she took a single fingernail on the other hand and slid it around every opening in my briefs. She kissed, bit and put her mouth all over my cock and balls through the cotton briefs and I could feel my pre-cum leaking through in one direction as her spit seeped through from the other!

When I thought that I could take it no more, she hooked her fingers into my waistband and pulled it slowly down, while staring up into my eyes. I moaned as I looked down and saw my cock being lowered like a drawbridge extending an invitation for her to approach. When it slipped the bonds of the wet cotton, my rod flew back up and slapped my belly! She giggled and wiped something from one side of her face.

She turned around and put her ass up in the air and face on the ground. “In my country they would say I am acting like a dog, so fuck me like one. I want to be fucked like an a****l.”

I reached down and picked her up as she squealed and laughed. “You have a nice big bed right here. I am not going to ignore this opportunity!” I put her down on the bed and while holding her hip, I pushed her shoulders down and forward. She giggled and shook her incredible ass at me and I was the one that was suddenly moaning!

Putting my hands on her hard boney hips I squatted down and stuck my tongue deep into the dark cleft of her ass before sliding it down lower to the steamy wet source of her swampy pussy! She squealed and shook her ass from side to side, but giggled and then gasped as my tongue slid down to where her fingers pulled back the hood to introduce my tongue to her clit! The moment I touched her she shook and moaned. A wave of moist heat washed out of her across my nose until I leaned forward and filled her pussy slot with my face and sucked her clit into my mouth! She shuddered and pushed back into me. I had forgotten just how sweet and wet young pussy can be! There was no gamey fish taste to her only the thick sweet flavor akin to the taste of an apple or peach! I gobbled her sweet nectar, releasing more of her honey into my greedy lips and tongue with every lick and touch of my tongue and lips!

I had her shuddering and moaning, begging and pleading for me to fuck her, to fill her wet cunt and make her my whore. Being the gentleman that I am, I stood up and after a couple of slow strokes with the tip of my cock through her soaking labia; I took aim and pushed the head of my cock into the foyer of her Indian temple of love! She drew in a sharp quick breath and then hissed as she relaxed and more of me penetrated into her incredibly tight pussy. I found myself trying to remember if I had ever fucked such a tight pussy in my life! I had to go slowly and push firmly for every fraction of an inch that I sank into her. I watched as her fists pulled the comforter and beat on the bed. My god the girl was tighter than a tube of rubber bands!!!

Finally the tip of my cock touch touched something deep inside of her at the same moment that her labia lips kissed my scrotum. She shuddered and was chanting or praying in her native tongue. I just held myself there, occasionally flexing my dick to watch how my small twitch made her jump! It was one of the most delicious things I have ever witnessed.

Leaning over the hump of her ass I reached forward and gently took hold of one of her hands and then the other and slowly pulled them down and behind her, straightening her and making her lean on her chest and face. I pulled her hands together behind her and then slowly raised them together until I could tell she could go no further comfortably. Holding her hands there with one hand I slowly pulled my cock back a couple of more inches from where I had slid out in reaching over her. Then I slammed my hips into her ass in a sudden hard surge that made her yelp and sent a spray of her tasty fountain across my thighs. As I drew back, I slapped her ass and made her yelp again and then I thrust into her again.

Slowly I built the rhythm of thrust, slap withdrawal; thrust, slap withdrawal. It became a Waltz of our erotic dance performed to the magical tones of her whorish moans and groans. After a few minutes she began begging for me to free her hands and I did so that I could get a better hold of her hips and slap both sides of her lovely ass. Her hands immediately darted beneath her and I became certain that while one began squeezing a breast, the other went straight to her clitoris and was driving her rapidly toward tidal wave of an orgasm!

I pulled all of the way out and held my glistening rigid cock back from her and I listened to her whimper and then beg, “Oh god is something wrong? Oh don’t stop! Please, put it in me! Please fuck me don’t stop!” I smiled as I heard her and I slapped the wet length of my shaft directly over the rose bud of her asshole. She moaned and as I pulled it back up, I saw the muscles of her anal ring contract and relax. I chuckled a merciless laugh as she moaned. Pointing it lower, I sank balls deep in a single thrust into her pussy, driving the air out of her in a single cry!

I leaned over her and wrapping my arms in front of her shoulders and locking my fingers behind her neck, I raised her up off of the bed, still impaled on my cock as I loosely held her aloft in a full nelson. I turned around and sat down on the bed, releasing her shoulders. Leaning back on the bed, I slid my hips forward and she was now riding my cock with her thighs to either side of my hips, her hands on my knees, mine moving down to her ass where I began pushing my thumbs against her asshole.

She came at least three times over the next ten minutes as I slowly worked a single fat thumb knuckle into her ass. She swore, shuddered, squirted, bounced and scratched me. She grabbed my nut sack and at one point I thought she might just rip it off of me!!!

Then I erupted into her and almost immediately I felt the flood of thick cum from each of us pumping from the seal of our bodies joining. My head was spinning and I was panting like a locomotive! When I finally began to soften, she got up off of my dick and slid backwards onto my belly. “I think this belongs to you.” She giggled and then using her pussy muscles pushed out just a torrent of sex juice in a flood down her thighs and all over my belly, privates, thighs and even the bed and floor! She laughed and then scampered to the bathroom. I reached up and grabbed pillow and pulling off the pillowcase mopped up the mess on me and the bedspread as best I could.

When she returned, I went to the bathroom and tried to pee, but the piping just would not change over. It had been so long since I had been that locked up for sex my plumbing never wanted to go back to “waste disposal” mode!!!

I watched as she pulled on a knee length shirt and then flipped on the lights. She had a towel in her hand and she went to work sopping up the mess I had missed. When I walked out she smiled at me and flung my pants at me. We both laughed. “You bastard!” she said trying not to laugh.

“What? What did I do?” I asked in mocking innocence!

“You ruined me forever enjoying a small cocked Indian man! I will always want a man like you and your big white cock!” She laughed as I walked over to her. I turned her around and kissed her. I started to lay her down on the bed and she slapped my hands away! “Stop it!! Leave!” She was still giggling but there was a tone change indicating she was somewhat serious. “You have to leave. If I get used to having sex your way, I am going to be like those other two whores, Vani and Nicki and never want to go home again!”

I wrapped her in my arms and we kissed. After I held her a minute more she pushed me gently away and said, “Now go.” I put my pants on and retrieved my shirt from where she had thrown it. As I was sliding on my shoes, she checked her phone.

“Nicki wants to know if 6:00 tomorrow works.”

“Works for what?” I asked without a clue.

Looking up at me with a sly smile Sarah said, “To give her the fucking of her life!” Vani can’t meet you tomorrow so she gets you on Sunday!”


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