One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 11
Kim and Kris were snuggled up in bed after a longer than usual fuck session. Both were still easily turned on by their experience with Cass and Jasmine at the toy store. It had been more than two weeks since the encounter, but every time one of them mentioned it to the other, they ended up fucking like rabbits for most of the evening. Kim broke the silence.

“I never thought I would enjoy sex with a woman, but Jasmine is hot and knows how to please. I don’t know if I am bi or what, but I would like to have more experiences like that. Maybe with her, maybe with some other woman. I haven’t decided yet.”

“It was hot watching you, I will say that!” responded Kris, feeling the stirrings of another hard on coming on.

“Have you ever considered a sexual encounter with another man?” Kim asked out of curiosity. She was still trying to decide some things for herself and using Kris as a frame of reference made sense.

“Sure, I have thought about it. But since I have you right now, I never have given it serious thought lately. Do you think it would be hot to see me in action with another guy?” Kris wasn’t sure where this was all going. He had no interest in Cass if that was the implication. And he didn’t want to ruin what he had with his sister if he gave the wrong answer.

“Fuck yeah!” was Kim’s response. “I think watching sex live is the next best thing to doing it yourself. It doesn’t matter what the combination is. Two men, two women, a whole fucking group. It’s all hot.” She gave his swelling cock a firm squeeze as she spoke. “You know, Thanksgiving break is less than two weeks away. We are going to have to have a plan to make sure mom doesn’t find out we are fucking. She would freak. Can you go four days without sticking your cock somewhere inside me?”

“Aw, shit! I haven’t even thought about the holiday break at home yet. Way to ruin a mood, Sis. Let’s see, Keith and I still have to share a room and he isn’t a snot-nosed k** anymore so I can’t sneak out of the room to come fuck you. Mom hears everything anyway, so she would catch us if Keith didn’t. I may have to resort to fucking him if I can’t find the opportunity to get in your pants. I might just have that male on male experience sooner than I thought.”

“Keith is pretty ripped these days. He might just kick your ass if he doesn’t like what you are doing.” Kim said with a laugh.

“True enough,” Kris agreed. “Maybe we should just tell mom that we have too many papers to write to come home for the holiday.”

“I think we can manage a blow job or something to get you through. You have to admit, it would be good to see both of them again. We haven’t been home all semester.” Kim’s words poked Kris’ conscience, but her thoughts of trying to find a way to at least suck him off made the thought of going home more bearable.


“Keith?” Karen called for her son.

“Yeah mom?” he called back.

“Could you come to my bedroom for a minute?”

“Sure mom, be right there.” Keith was hoping she was ready for a bedtime fuck and so was his hardening dick. He noticed that over the past few months, every time he heard his mother’s voice, his cock stiffened. “Conditioned response.” he said to himself.

He walked into his mother’s bedroom. She was lying on the bed wearing only a pair of panties, but had a notepad and her cell phone in her hands. He determined quickly she was not thinking of a bedtime fuck at the moment and his cock retreated at the false alarm.

“Keith, I just wanted to let you know that our Friday night party is all set and I wanted to make sure you were okay with the guest list. I have invited Amanda, Shelley and Jim, and Penny and her son, Tom. That’s four women and three men. Is that good enough? You know of any other guys you would want to include in our little pre-holiday orgy?”

“No. Wait. Who is Penny and Tom.” Keith wasn’t sure he wanted strangers mixed in with this arrangement. “Oh, and what about Ms. Davis? Did you invite her?”

“Ms. Davis is not willing to make it known that she engages in such things, so she will only play with us or a legitimate boyfriend when she has one. Penny is a woman I met at grief counseling and she confided in me that she was screwing her son. That is when I made my decision to start fucking you. She was all for it and thought her son might benefit from seeing that he is not the only one humping his mother.” Karen chuckled. “Might not hurt him to experience a little variety as well for that matter.”

“Well, that sounds like a complete list then,” Keith said. He had a thoughtful frown on his face and his mother picked up on it.

“Something on your mind, son?” she asked.

“Yeah, there is.” he started. “Jim and I were double teaming his mother while you were having your fun with Ms. Davis and she said she thought it would be hot to watch Jim and I play with each other. We did, for her benefit. Turned her on something huge. Then I thought about your reaction to Ms. Davis using her toy in my ass when the three of us were playing. You seemed to get pretty hot watching me take it up the ass. Would it be a turn on to you to see Jim and I playing with each other or would it turn you off and ruin the evening for you?”

“I think it is very hot to see people enjoying their sexuality, no matter what form that takes, Keith. It would certainly turn me on, but only if you really wanted to do it and not just to please me or someone else. You are right, I got pretty steamed up watching Ms. Davis ass fuck you. I am sure a real cock doing the same thing would be even hotter. Even watching you boys suck each other would be hot. you like watching women playing with each other don’t you? Is it really any different?”

“No, I just hadn’t thought of it until Ms. Davis did my ass and I liked it and then Jim’s mom mentioned it and when Jim fucked my ass, I liked that too. I am just not sure what to make of it all. That’s all.”

“Well the party will last all night, so I am sure there will be plenty of time to put on a show for us women if you are in the mood for it at the time. Now, enough talk. How about a little action? Want me to use Ms. Davis toy on you for a change of pace? She gave it to us as a gift if you want to try having me on the other end of it. Afterward, I will give you a nice, slow blow job before we call it a night.”

“Sounds fucking fantastic to me!” Keith said as he peeled off his underwear to reveal a diamond cutting erecti
Karen removed her panties, brought out the dildo and the lube, strapped it on and inserted the curved part into her pussy as Keith got on all fours and spread his legs for his mother to fuck him. She took the time to play with his muscular ass first, then lubed up the toy and his asshole. His mother then eased the toy cock into his ass slowly and listened to his early moans as she penetrated him. Each forward thrust put pressure on her clit as it rubbed her as well as him.

“That’s it mom, fuck my ass! Fuck it. Keep going. Drive it in me. Oh, yeah, that feels good, so good.”

Keith’s words lit a hotter fire in his mother than she could recall happening before. They had fucked and sucked each other for months now, but she was the one doing the fucking, the penetrating, controlling the pace and the depth and she was getting her son turned on at a level she had not seen before in him. Maybe it was the novelty of introducing something different. She wasn’t sure, but she knew she liked it. It was better than fucking Ms. Davis with a toy and better than eating pussy with the other women.

“I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before, son! I am going to fuck you till I cum and then I am going to fuck you some more. I can imagine how tight your ass must be – just like my pussy is so tight on your cock when you fuck me. My pussy can feel the tightness of your ass by the pounding it is taking from my end of the toy. I am about to cum. I am going to cum and you can imagine me filling your ass with my cum. Don’t touch your cock. I am going to suck you dry in a bit. Until then, just keep taking me up your ass.”

“Yes mom. Cum in my ass. Fuck me until you cum. I want to hear you scream as you cum on my ass.”

Karen let loose a howl as she fell off the edge in orgasm, flailing on her end of the toy as her clit throbbed and twitched in the electrical impulses raging through her pussy. Her nipples were hard as rocks and her eyes rolled back in her head as she came once and then again. The orgasms finally subsided and she pulled the cock toy out of her son’s ass and collapsed on the bed next to her son.

Keith’s cock was as hard as it could possibly be and she reached over, still out of breath, and took hold of it, giving it a light stroke. “Give me a chance to catch my breath and then I will deliver the blow job as promised.”

“That was fucking awesome, mom! I almost came and you weren’t even playing with my cock!”

“It was more than pretty awesome for me! I don’t remember cumming that hard before.”

“So I noticed. I thought you might break that thing off in my ass.” he laughed.

They both laughed until tears ran down their cheeks. Karen pushed her son over on his back and got serious about sucking his cock. She flicked the head of his cock with her tongue as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. Keith was getting triple action from his mother. She was stroking with one hand, toying with his balls in the other hand and sucking the last four inches of his cock into her mouth. His mother was still the best at sucking cock of all the women he had fucked around with so far and couldn’t imagine anyone improving on her skills.

“I am thinking you are going to shoot a load larger than I can swallow. How about shooting it on my face this time?”

“Sure, you always are the image of beauty with cum all over your face, mom.”

Her tongue swirled around his cock head and her hand ran up and down his shaft and her other hand continued to juggle his balls with the other. Keith reached up and pushed his mother’s face off of his cock head just before he launched a fountain of thick, white cum that splashed off of her forehead and down her nose. The next shot landed in her hair and the next hit her cheek just under the eye. Another stream landed in her hair and another hit her between the lips and into her mouth. Dribbles ran down his shaft and over her hand as he finished emptying his balls.

“I am so fucking glad I did not try to swallow all that. Shit! I might have drowned and that would be hard to explain to the authorities. I would not want everyone to see the headlines in the paper ‘Mom drowns on son’s heavy load of cum.’ That would be embarrassing – even being dead, that would embarrass me. Shit, now I have to take another shower and wash my hair again. I didn’t know you could shoot cum that far!”

“Sorry mom. I didn’t know you could improve on your head work, but that was the most amazing blow job you have ever given me.”

“Well, thank you son. Hearing you say that makes another trip through the shower before bed all worth it!”

Karen crawled into bed with her son 20 minutes later and suggested they start the party Friday night with a replay of their just completed scene. Keith was all for it.

“On a different note, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and your brother and sister will be home. It goes without saying that we are going to have to take a break from our new routine while they are home. They would both shit their pants if they knew we were fucking each other.” Karen held her son’s hand as she made it clear sex was going on hiatus for a few days.

“Yeah, the thought occurred to me the other day. I understand. Too bad we can’t get them involved in the fun. Last I saw, Kris had a huge cock and I am sure you would really enjoy it. And Kim would be like fucking you since you two look so much alike. She just has a little bigger ass.” Keith mused, more talking to himself than his mother. Karen thought a little too long about the images in her mind of having sex as a foursome and decided that she and Keith needed one more round before they called it a night. She rolled over on top of him and coaxed his eager cock back to life and fucked him hard one more time before turning out the lights. She was already considering how to make this a true family affair.