Not Your Ordinary Girl
Not Your Ordinary Girl

Professor Shelby Mason was at her “black board” despite having all the electronic teaching technology. She thought somethings were better explained the old way. Alfred and Levy were concentrating on how her bubble but shook as she wrote, they were “ass men”. It was their junior year in her class at Cal Technology. They figured her to be 30 years old. She was strawberry blond, slim, shapely with proportionate tits for her size. The rumors were that she was a “cold fish”, possibly lesbian as she wasn’t tied to anyone and kept to herself. Al and Lee had a somewhat closer relationship with her than other classmates. They were best friends and always a team when volunteering in class projects.

An upcoming project where they would represent the school for hometown bragging rights, had them after class working with Shelby. She was teaching, testing and drilling them hard and they aced everything she threw at them. Twice a week after late classes, they all ate together. She caught them glancing her legs, and peeping down her blouse’s. The cross town tournament started and the boys squeaked by. With day between rounds, she took them back to late classes prepping them for round 2. With regular classes over, she let down her hair, took off her smock and as she was at the board, she constantly pulled her dress down as it crept up several times. It drew up to mid thigh, molded against her wiggling ass and the boys were caught viewing her, when she suddenly turned around. She smiled at them, walked over saying, “off my ass and on the board! This round is your strong area! I want you to win for us”! They were out done, she hadn’t ever been open like that.

The boys won the second round. Shelby was off the hook! She hugged them and they left she skipped and spun coming back to grab an arm on each. They stopped to eat and the place had an old style “jute box”. She inserted money and the boys danced fast records with her. Lee played a slow dance, clutched her tight and danced. Spinning her, she came back into his arms and he clutched her ass in both hands. He cupped then as she turned him away from everyone saying, “behave Lee! I have a reputation to maintain”. He smiled saying, “OH? It’s not the grab ass you’re worried about”? Shelby said, “behave! You’re my student, remember”. Al cut in and finished the dance, but not before he groped her ass also. She told him, “you better have your mind on my class tomorrow and not on my butt, young man”!

On the way to the last tournament, the boys peeped her legs as she drove. Al invited her to go with them to the State Fair. She told them if they were tournament champs, she would go. Lee told her they would pick her up at 8am Saturday! She laughed saying “they hadn’t won”! Al replied, “Oh but we will”! To her great surprise, they won. They even said that it was her hard work that got them there. The crowd acknowledge her as she blushed. When they stopped to eat, they weren’t in a rush. Shelby was “giddy” looking at their trophy on the table. She danced with them giving them freedom to grope her. She found it strange that they mainly felt her ass. Sitting they talked extensively. They questioned her about a “boyfriend”. She told them that between work and the rumor mill, she didn’t have one and that it took a “special” man for her because she wasn’t just an ordinary girl.

She questioned them about their lack of a girlfriend? Al said, that they had a few over the years but, they worked to pay their way through school. That they had actually dated the same girl usually before or after the other. Lee told her that they even dated the same girl at the same time. Shelby shook her head asking “why”? Al told her that the girls they dated were safe girls. She seemed confused, Lee said that they were different and didn’t want any c***dren before their time. Shelby looked still confused as they told her that if Al found one, they dated and when they broke up, Lee dated her. If she allowed it, they both dated her. Lee said, “Ms Mason, they were oral and anal girls. No babies”! Shelby’s face showed shock, she laughed saying “you two are something else” as she played shame face saying “too much information”. They said “you have date for Saturday”! She corrected them saying, “I have an outing! We don’t date our students”! She drove them back thinking either or both of them had possibilities. She had more ass than either could handle. She got home and jerked her small cock until she had cum twice.

At school, the boys were hero’s. In class they remained themselves although they both remained 15 minutes after class daily to walk Shelby out. In helping to gather her take home things, they both managed to play with her ass. Saturday came and the boys had decided that one of them should be able to get into her. Shelby came out in comfortable, casual jumper and sneakers. Her hair hanging freely and bare legs, with a broad smile. She told that she was off work, comfortable and just Shelby today. She sat in the front with Al driving. During the 1 hour drive, she twisted to face Lee, then back to face AL. He dress worked it way to half thigh and they enjoyed the view. Al dropped his hand on her, she let it lay a few seconds, before she removed it. Her dress slid back to with an inch of her panties, as Al reached to touch her, she caught his hand and patted it. Getting out of the car, she flashed her crotch at him whispering to him that he needed a girlfriend. He whispered back, “you’ll do”. She grinned at him “I’m not your ordinary girl”. Moving through the crowd, they bumped into her, touched her, rubbed her everything just short of groping her. As she climbed a 2 person ride with Lee, Al saw her bare ass cheeks with a inch wide anal cleft strip, passing between them. He told Lee when they got off and he almost lost it. The next 2 person ride, Lee saw for himself. They rode a spinning ride with Shelby in the middle. When it spun left, she was slung causing her to roll her into Lee while her ass was exposed to Al. The opposite spin, showed her off to Lee. Al grabbed a small wheel and kept it spinning as Lee slid his hand under her. He groped her ass cheeks, then spun them to throw her his direction. Al groped her bare ass, winked at him and the ride slowed. She got off saying, “my 2 bad boys, you should be ashamed”! They said, “we ain’t”!

They rode the roller coaster, Shelby in her middle seat. As it leaned and twisted, Al slid a hand under her cheek. A minute later, Lee slid a hand under the other cheek. They both massaged her butt as it climbed for their first drop. It crested and as it broke over the top lifting them from their seats Al slid a finger under her cleft strip and traced a finger over her ass hole. She gave Al a look, then looked ahead. He eased his hand from under her, she saw him licking his finger. As she was thrown away from him, he slid his hand back under and tapped the wet finger against her ass hole. They crested another drop, they lifted and as she dropped, she dropped onto Al’s finger, she screamed loudly then smiled at him saying, “careful! I’m alive down there”. They went through a series of humps causing her to be finger fucked by Al. They got off the ride and she acted normal. As they walked along, she reached into her small belly pack, pulled out a small tube on Vaseline and covered her lips. Al grabbed it telling her that he would carry it for her, she grinned. They got on ride that simulated a parachute drop. As it lifted, she saw Al lubricating his finger. As it made the first drop, his hand went under her sliding the finger inside her, she was quiet. As she leaned forward to look down, he slid in another, she back sinking on both without a sound. The ride dropped again and Lee’s hand came under her. She felt him bump into Al’s fingers and giggled. He probed around and wedged his finger into her. She looked at Al then to Lee, saying nothing. Lee lifted her thigh and eased another finger into her. She yelped, he said, “Shelby, don’t worry. We have you”. She laughed saying, “that’s what I’m afraid of”. Th ride started it slow decent to the bottom, Shelby said, “out”. They eased their fingers out just in time.

It was dark. As she walked with each on an arm she said, “I told you I wasn’t your ordinary girl” and giggled. “You’re not going to kill us”, Lee asked? She turned to face them saying, “You’ve spent all day making out with me, don’t you think it’s time to go home and fuck”? Al snatched her up, running to the car! In the backseat, Shelby crawled on her knees, then balled up with her ass high saying, “my ass only Al”. He slithered his cock into her as he crawled over saying, “Shelby….Damnnnn, it’s good”! He stroked into her at a medium pace telling Lee that she was incredible! So warm and soft! His pace picked up he moaned, “damn it!…I can’t hold it!…Oh, fuck….cumming”. He called her name with each squirt of cum he ejected. Al slumped onto her back saying, “I’m sorry Shelby. I came too quick”. She said, “shush Al, I enjoyed it, really. You were really full and gave me so much that I know you enjoyed me”. He pulled from inside her as Lee whipped the car beside the road saying, “let me have her”. Lee climbed over saying, “I’m coming into you slow. I don’t want to hurt you but I’m larger than Al”. Shelby felt a much wider cock press against her. Lee worked his cock into her winding, drilling his cock until the head popped in. It had a thick mushroom head, soft and spongy followed by a shaft that was steel hard. He let the head rest in her, then slowly sank his cock. It slid and slid, inching into her at least a foot. Lee said asked, “OK, Shelby”? She moaned “yes”. He started a slow short, 2inch stroke saying “please don’t let me hurt Shelby”? She moaned, “it’s perfect Lee”. He slow stroked her for 15 minutes then laid on her back as his cock pulsed. Shelby felt him coating her, filling her in wax thick cum. He slid back a few inches as his cum filled the space he made. He grained saying, “Shelby, so good”. She whispered “thank you”. He slid back another few inches continuing to fill her, she said “where did all that come from”? He slid back another inch saying that’s not half of it”. He laid still as his cum bloated her anal tube. Minutes passed as he streamed more cum into her, Shelby said, “wow! How are you making that much cum”? He finally drained out. His cock head was trapped at her ass hole, he popped it free and quickly held her ass cheeks together. After a minute he said, “can you hold it”? She whispered “thanks, I’ve got it now”. She sat beside him, Lee said, “you’re right! You’re not the average girl”! They all laughed, she said, “you don’t know the half of it”.

At Shelby’s, she excused her self to “freshen up”. She could hear them talking about her “Dude! She’s fucking fantastic! With an ass that good she don’t need a pussy!.. I hear you man, we got to figure a way to keep her”! Shelby smiled to herself as she undressed. She showered, redid her hair and covered her naked body in a floor length robe and went to them. She walked up as they said, “Shelby, your marvelous! We had so much fun with you. We didn’t expect it”! She smiled, then opened her robe top, let it d**** off her shoulders exposing her breast to them. Al said “Holy Damn! Sweet”! She giggled asking “did you really enjoy our day”? She turned her back to them and dropped her robe completely. They saw her naked ass and hissed loudly, she said, “I guess you enjoyed this also”. Lee said, “Honestly Shelby, your ass is better than any pussy I ever had”! Al threw in “I’ll second that”! She slowly turned with her hand cupping her cunt position saying, “I’m not your average girl” and dropped her hand away. The mouths fell open as thy saw her marble sired nut sack and pencil thin 2 in cock. “Do you still think I’m someone you want”? Al jumped to his feet, grabbed her up sitting her on his lap side saddle and told her, “you’re still Shelby” as he kissed her. She felt Le’s mouth fall over her cock and balls. He took all of her inside his mouth. She broke the kiss saying “Lee! I cum quick”! Al kissed her and she moaned! Lee felt her small cock spray thin little jets into his mouth. At best all she shot couldn’t fill a tea spoon but he felt her body shaking. Al said, “did you cum already”? She giggled “yeah” as she pushed Lee’s face away saying, “I don’t do much but it’s a big an orgasm for me as those you have” as she gasped for air. Al said “I want some”? She kissed him saying, “wait a little while, I don’t have much to make it with”. She sat up.

They chatted and she had to stop them saying, “I can’t kiss and talk at the same time, guys. There are 2 of you”. Al asked, “so can we date you”? Shelby laughed “no! I’ll get fired but you can claim me” as she opened her legs. Al was on his knees between them face first, in seconds. She laid into Lee saying “I hope you’re ready to fuck me. This won’t take long” as her body shuddered. Al hummed “Mmmm” as she spurted her little orgasm into his mouth. She was still catching breaths as Lee lifted her up.

Between the 2 naked men, Lee rolled her to face him saying, “Al needs to take you first. I’m really going to fuck you and you need preparation. Al slid into her well lubricated ass hole saying, “Shelby, I love it. Thank you so much for having me”. She kissed Lee replying “get all you need. We have all night. Enjoy yourself”. Lee made love to her face, kissing her, smiling at her, caressing her body, he asked, “are you giving it to him good”? “Yes and he’s taking it like he really loves it”, Shelby replied. “You’re beautiful”, he said. She answered, “I’m not” and snuggled his face. Al was ramming into her, she told him that he was near filling her. Lee gave her loving kisses as Al spent inside her. “He’s coating me well. You shouldn’t any problem fucking me. He must know how you like your pussy”, Shelby spoke. Al rammed deep into her depositing his last dregs deep. She smiled to him saying, “fuck me”, then turned to face AL.

Lee slid into her easily as she kissed Al. He started a slow, long stroke into her, she felt his full cock stroke it’s length until his pubic hair touched her. She said, “was it good? I tried to make it good for you? Al kissed her saying, “too good. I wanted more but the feel of you stole my cum”. Lee picked up his pace, Al said “he’s really going to fuck you now. He will stretch you and fill you with so much cum your ass will hurt”. She smiled replying, “it’s OK, I’ll get use to it”. Al kissed her saying, “does that mean you’re ours”? She smiled “of course I am”. Lee started thrusting hard, rocking her into Al, he said “Baby, here he comes”. Al wrapped her in his arms saying “relax Baby. Let him have you”. Shelby was being taken like never before! She relaxed her whole body as he made her asshole pure pussy! He rammed, thrusting deep stretching her beyond any limit she had before. Al lifted her face and kissed her. Lee’s cock started throwing ropes of cum into her. He rutted her like a buck! His cum load filled, stretched and ballooned her anal tube. She felt her sphincter open as it pushed pass the rim of her as hole. His thrust made it squirt out with each stroke. Lee called her name “Shelbbbby”! She replied, “I got you! It’s OK”! He moaned and spent.

Twenty minutes later, she lay between them as they caressed her. Lee asked, “Shelby”? She cut him off saying, “Hush Lee, I’m yours….and Al’s. Now go to sleep before both of you hurt yourselves. I’m not going anywhere”. She laughed to herself as they soon slept, snoring like bears. “Wake Dear”, is what they heard. Al and Lee woke looking around as Shelby said, “breakfast”! As they ate, Shelby glanced up and every time she did, they were looking at her, she said “what”? They told her they couldn’t believe they had her! Sadly she told them that what they had was an abomination. Not boy nor girl, tit’s, a she cock, and ass pussy. They replied that she was so much more than that and she smiled. After breakfast, they were sitting side by side, she across from them. She saw then constantly peeping under her dress, she said, “stop looking under there, you know whats there. They told her that her panties were pretty, she smiled. Giggling, she spread her legs. They jumped her, Lee going high to her face, and Al going low between her legs. Before she could stop them, Lee kissed her and Al trapped her cock inside his mouth. In 2 minutes, she was giggling as she cum shot into Al’s mouth. She laughed saying, “you are so wrong”! They quickly switched places and soon she was cumming into Lee’s mouth. They sat on her sides as she said, “I’m going to have to get use to having 2 of you”, they grinned. Throwing them a loop she said, “well who is my boyfriend”? They pointed to each other, she laughed loudly.

Monday came, in the class room Shelby was Ms Mason again. Conservatively dressed, prim and proper and business like. No one noticed any difference in her. They all had slept at their homes, the boys were horny. When she assigned a 10 minute study break, they followed her into her office. Lee sucked her she cock as Al kissed her. She gave both of them a swallow her cum and bent over her desk. With a lack of fucking time, she raised her dress, flashed her ass hole at them as they jerked their cocks. Al said, “now” then rushed behind her, pressed the head only of his cock into her and fired his cum. He dumped a copious load inside her and stepped back as Lee eased into her. He grunted and released his cum into her. His cock came out of her with a small cum fart. He dived and lapped her ass hole cleaning the over flow before she stood saying, “better”? They hugged her as she told them she would see them later at her house. They arrived before she did. As they helped her get out of her car she said, “Don’t touch me. My panties are soaked! You guys make too much cum”, as she laughed. After both having cum inside Shelby twice, they were passing time when he cell rang. She answered,
Hello Ghost….When?..Tomorrow….7pm, I have a boyfriend now…Meet him?, I’ll have to think about that?” She got off the phone telling them about Tyler, a “FWB” who would be stopping by tomorrow. They asked if she would have to fuck him? She replied that it was the usual for them if “they” didn’t mind? They smiled saying “sure”. She told them Tyler was mid 40’s and wanted to meet her boyfriend. They smiled telling her that they would “shock” him, she giggled.

It was 6:30 pm. Shelby was in a deep blue, Silk, V necked gown, mid thigh length. It covered her pristine white, lace bra and panties set. She sucked Al to completion and gave him her small squirts of cum before Tyler arrived. Tyler came in hugging Shelby and very calmly talking with the both of them. Al was congratulated on having caught Shelby when Lee knocked on the door. He came in and Shelby raced into his arms! Tyler looked confused, Al said, “her other boyfriend” as they passionately kissed. Lee lifted Shelby until she was crotch in his face, legs over his shoulders and body folded over his head. He held her as he sucked her cock, then slid down his body back to standing saying, “I think you missed me” grinning. She introduced him and walked away. The 3 of them talked until Shelby came back. She bent reaching behind herself as she sat sidesaddle in Lee’s lap. She sank down on Lee’s cock slowly smiling, then leaned into his chest and joined the conversation. After 15 minutes, she kissed Lee again then sat up smiling. He had just filled her ass with cum. Approximately 10 minutes later, her boyfriends were leaving. She turned to Tyler asking “two”? She grinned nodding “yes”. She walked to the couch, got her knees, exposed her ass hole saying, “before you ask, “yes”! He red, swollen and budded ass hole dripped cum. She turned and sat smiling, telling him that her boyfriends always cum first.

In bed with Tyler, they talked. He was jealous that they were young, but said he understood. He slid his cock into her telling her that she looser but just as good, if not better! He asked if Lee always poured such large amounts of cum into her. She giggled saying, “3-4 times daily after Al had his share of her”. Tyler stroked into her scum filled ass cunt, thrusting deeply and not reaching bottom saying, “he’s hung like a bull”, she giggled, “yes, he is! And is as gentle as a lamb. They don’t fuck me unless it’s a rush, they make love to me until I’m exhausted”. Tyler nutted, loudly moaning. He pulled his cock free and cum gushed from her ass hole. She turned, kissed him saying “you’re special to me, Tyler”. He smiled saying, “but I think this time you’re in Love with them”. Shelby smiled.

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