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My student’s hospitality Part 2

This is the continuation you will probably be able to follow with out reading the earlier story.
Following my experience of my student’s hospitality, I never refused and invitation to eat at his home on a Friday. Gradually it got to be that I was eating there evry Friday and experiencing hospitality that included massage and the best sex ever.

As my visits became more frequent Ali became even closer to me. One evening, after we had eaten many courses and drunk a lot of wine and spirits, while still at the dinner table, Ali spoke to his wife in Arabic. When he had finished speaking she removed her nikab. As she did so she looked directly at me and smiling asked “Why do you look so surprised.”

I was surprised that she removed her nikab and I guessed it was on Ali’s order. When she removed the nikab she also removed a large scarf or shawl that was wrapped around her shoulders and covered her upper front completely masking her breasts.

Eileen is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen – top model or film star standard. She has beautifully shiny long straight black hair that goes all the way down her back to her waist. Eileen’s skin was blemish free and makeup free too. Her eyes are the colour of the African Blackwood tree. When Eileen smiled she lit up the room. My guess is she would a 34D bra. Up to this point I haven’t seen her waist, buns or legs.

On this occasion Eileen talked which was unusual. Clearly she had been given a very good western education – she knew about art, literature, music and IT. Eileen told me that she had been living in the west since c***dhood although she was very religious, believing that the husband is the master. Eileen explained that it is her pleasure to do as her husband wants. In turn she always wants to please her husband in the highest degree.

At this point Ali started to talk. “As you know I have to go abroad for 2 months and I want to know that Eileen will be properly taken care of. You have become a friend, in fact like a brother to me. So I trust you to take care of Eileen while I am away. Would you be willing to do that for me?”

“What would that entail?” “Well I would be unhappy to think that Eileen and Nadia are living alone in this house. So I would need you to live here. Of course you would become the master of the house in my absence. All bills for running the house will be paid, so you will not have to worry about that.” “Oh I could do that for you.”

“Since I have to leave on Monday at 6 am, can you start now?” “Yes no problem. I will have to attend to my normal work during the week.” “That is a given.”

“Eileen will take care of your needs as Nadia has been doing and you will sleep in Eileen’s bed every night while I am away. Eileen is used to satisfying me every night and I believe it is best that she continues while I am away so she doesn’t get out of the habit. We will start the change tonight. I will share the bed but it will be you who satisfies Eileen and vice versa. Now let us retire.”

Ali’s bed room is as big as my apartment. It has a large hot tub, a shower, and a bath. All the taps are solid gold. When we went into the bed room Eileen immediately started to undress me while Ali lay on the bed watching.

Eileen’s technique was even better than Nadia’s. She stood very close to me. I could smell her perfume and feel her breasts against my chest. Each button opened in my shirt resulted in me getting a kiss on the lips. When all the shirt buttons were opened we had progressed to french kissing. By that point I was stroking her back and squeezing her firm buns. Mentally I was preparing for the fucking. My shirt was folded and placed in the laundry basket.

Eileen came back to me, still standing in the middle of the room, knelt in front of me. Loosened my belt and undid my zip before lowering my trousers to the floor. I stepped out of them and Eileen folded them and placed them in the trouser press. Once again she returned and hooking her thumbs inot the waistband of my boxers she started to lower them until they snagged on my erect cock. Eileen took my cock in one hand and released it from the boxers. That was a beautiful feeling – her hand gripping my cock. I gave a couple of quick movements as though I was fucking her hand. “I have a better plan master and you will enjoy it much more. Please be patient.”

When my boxers were off Eileen took my cock in her mouth. That felt good – warm and wet around my cock. Eileen was a great cock sucker. Her head bobbed up and down and soon I was ready to cum. I shot a load into Eileen’s mouth. At that point I thought I should take charge so I said “Eileen I would like you to strip for me.”

Eileen put some music on and she swayed in time with it. Starting with her blouse she slowly and in time she unbuttoned it. When it had fallen to the floor she started on her skirt. At that time I was busy looking at her nipples and her areola showing through her scarlet lace bra. I will enjoy those I thought.

The skirt by this time was unfastened and had dropped to the floor revelaing scarlet lace french knickers. Eileen knew how to put on a show. As she lowered her knickers to the floor she turned so that I got a great view of her bum and her pussy sandwiched between those lovely legs.

Continuing to sway to the music Eileen turned around and I got a perfet view of her pussy. It was totally without hair, so I could see the lips of her labia and her clit. The later looked like a small cherry sandwiched between the labia lips above her love hole. It looked like it was a well used hole. I will be using that later was the thought going through my head.

“Eileen I want to taste you now.” She walked over to me and I sucked her nipples. Lovely, hard and 3/4” long 1/2”diameter. I sucked and gently nibbled on them squeezing the other one. Eileen was playing with her clit as the sucking was going on. She was also stroking my cock – felt good.

“Let us get into the hot tub.” I got in first sat on th efloor and had Eileen straddle me. “I want you to do me cowgirl style.” Eileen positioned her cunt opening over the head of my cock. I could feel it hot. Gently she lowered herself down so my cock eased in about 1” then her plunged down so my cock went in full length really fast. That was followed by a time of violent thrusting and lifting – that felt great and I came again. “Eileen use your muscles to squeeze my cock as you are pulling it out.” She did and it was brill. Mean time I was playing with her nipples. About this time I started to push my index finger into her ass. “Eileen lets get out now.”

Eileen dried me and herself before we went to the bed. I had Eileen lie on her back legs wide open and I positioned myself between her legs. My cock was placed at the opening of her cunt. Since it was soaked with love juices I knew I could thrust deep right away and that would give Eileen both a surprise and a thrill. I did just that at full penetration my balls slapped against inside of her buns. It also resulted in Eileen going “Ohhhhh ohhhh OMG.” When I had enough of that I got Eileen to ride me reverse cowgirl after which we did it doggie style. At that point I helf her hips and pulled strongly back as I thrust into her. “Oh that is good so good.” Eileen exclaimed.

“Do you like anal Eileen?” “If you like it I like it master.” “Ok then lets do it. Up on my knees but first get the KY jelly.” I lubricated Eileen’s ass hole and my cock. Looking at her ass I could see her ass hole was tight so she must be a virgin in that area. “Eileen at first this will be sore just like when you lost your virginity but after you will enjoy it.” I was very gentle when I put my cock into her anus, easing it in slowly until it was entered full length. We stayed that was for a while but finally I told Eileen to lower herself so she was lying on her front with me still fully entered in her anus.

“Eileen do you have a dildo?” “Yes master.” “Go get it.” It was about 9” long with 3” girth, battery operated and it was black. “Lie on your tummy and I will insert your dildo into your cunt. Then I will enter my cock into your anus. That will give me a great orgasm and possibly you too.” It was hard for me to get my cock in but once I did the vibrations from the didlo make me cum quickly. Eileen came too shaking and screaming “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

All this time Ali lay on the bed watching what was going on. It was not long afterwards that we fell asleep.

The rest of the weekend went in a similar way. I enjoyed living in Ali’s home fro two months until he came back and we went back to him fucking Eileen and me fucking Nadia.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.