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My older boyfriend

I am a respectably married woman working as an accountant with a private firm.But like Shilpa on this website I too have been forced in to the role of a part time call girl in my college days.Only difference is that most of the time I had a small roaster of about 2/3 clients and I was more like their keep than a call girl.My first john was an elderly merchant called Sumant Deshkar. This is the story now.I had applied for an educational loan in a natinalised bank and I had gone to meet their credit manager.He told me that an unsecured loan was out of question.When I explained my situation to him he smiled and said there was nothing he could do to change it, it was the bank’s policy.I was very disappointed and walked out of the branch.As I was walking out I was on the verge of tears and I ran into an elderly man coming inside.He was carrying a heavy briefcase and he had an impressive personality.He must have been around 50 years of age.”Be careful dear,” he said but watched me carefully. I was crying byu now and mumbled sorry and walked out.I was surprised to find out that he followed me.”Anything I can do to help miss?” he said.I said quite sarcastically : you can become a gurantor for a loan of 2 lac rupees” and started to walk away.He stopped me and asked me for a cup of coffee. I don’t know why I consented.We were comfortably seated in an airconditioned cafe across the bank when he explained that he was a wealthy diamond merchant in Pune and he could easily sanction my loan.He very calmly told me his condition.”Look I am 55 and I don;t need much sex but i like the feel of a young firm body against me from time to time and my wife has no interest in sex now, so I have a few needy girls like you who become my umm friends”I thought carefully. I am a practical person and he was practical giving me guarantee that my educational loan would be paid to me.In return he was asking for a little companionship and some sex may be.Why not?”Sir on 2 conditions 1 you need to practice safety and discretion, second first my loan should be sanctioned”He took my loan file and my address. Then he told me to call him the next afternoon.We left.I spent that day and the next in in decision.I felt like calling the hole thing off but finally realized I had no option.

Next day morning I recd a courier by hand delivery at my ladies hostel. It was a big parcel with instruction to open it confedential. I went to my room and opened it. Inside first was a letter from the bank sanctioning my loan, and then wrapped in another package inside was something that brought color to my cheeks.Sumant had sent a paid of see through red bra and panties some who guessing my sizes accurately and there was also a strapless expensive negligee in the midnight black color. The last item was a key and an address of a flat near to my hostel.”This is a friends flat, please wear the gift and wait for me at 3 pm”I reached the apartment scheme at 2.45 still having second thoughts.What if I got ****d or worst still blackmailed>Waht if I walked in to a roomful of horny men each one waiting for me.Then the sound of a car made me jump.It was Sumant in a honda city car.I sat beside him. He noticed my tension and rubbed my thigh.”I told you ruchi don;t worry i won’t take you”he said gently and then pulled me closer to him for a quick kiss.Once we were inside the apartment he gently made me sit on the sofa and pulled my t shirt up.I lifted my hands to allow him to take it off and he was pleased to see that I was wearing the bra he had gifted me in the morning.He sat next to me and put his lips against mine.He was a skilled lover and slowly his kiss made me respond to him with my tongue.I felt his hands cupping my firm young breasts and he keaded them slowly till he could make out the outline of my brown nipple firm and perky against his hands.”You have beautiful skin and breasts,that’s what I noticed

When I saw you yesterday”he said and pulled his kurta over his head.He was wearing 3/4 gold chains around his hairy chest. He got up and we came to the bedroom.There he slipped out of his pajama and stood in his shirts. Then pulling me in embrace he deftly reached behind to unhook my brassiere and pulled the straps from my shoulder revealing my gorgeous firm brown breasts.He bent to take my right nipple in his mouth while with his index finger and thumb he slowly kneaded my left nipple. Being young and virgin I felt instant arousal at being kissed like this and sighing loudly I pressed his head in my breasts.We collapsed on the luxirious bed in that position as Sumant continued to play with my breasts and rubbing my back.Sumant realizing that he had a young virgin woman in his arms took his time.He undid the button and zipper of my tight jeans and eased it to my knees.The panties he had gifted were so transparent that my pussy lips and the shaven area around them was vsible.He inserted his hand inside and inserted a finger in my pussy.”Sir ohhhh oh stop” I cried in pain as his big finger touched my sensitive but he ignored and continued to masturbate me till felt moisture in my pussy and relaxation of the tight muscles in that area.Only then did he pulled my jeans and my panties to my ankle.Then he sat on his knees and pulled his shorts down.I saw with half closed eyes that for his age he was well endowed.He stroked his cock a couple of times till it became completely erect and then slipped a condom from a pack near buy on it.”Now this is gonna hurt a bit dear with you being a virgin and all” he said and spread my thighs till my pussylips felt stretced.Then I was crushed beneath his weight as he started to manouever his erection inside my chut.I closed my eyes and cried loudly next moment as his dick penetrated my tight virgin chut and entered deep in it in one smooth motion.”It hurts sir please”I pleaded, he kissed my face and held it in hands and gave another stronger thrust.I felt something giving inside my private parts as my hymen finally got broken and his dick penetrated my pussy completely.My afternoon with him will continue in these pages stay tuned