Lacey’s Adventures -1
Lacey had always been cautious when playing online as her sissy self, and had only ever met a handful of men. Sucking a few cocks over the years, and her cherry was popped, but none of it was very remarkable. She wanted more, as strong fantasies grew over the last few years, years without any cock to service. She was about ready to burst. After spending time away from it all, she signed back up to a few websites where she knew she could have some fun, and began again. After a couple weeks of chatting with some dominant men in her area, she decided there was one who might be trustworthy enough, and she took the plunge.

She arrived at his house on time, and ascended the steps with her meager ‘sissy bag’ slung over her shoulder- still dressed in her boy clothes. She didn’t have much for an outfit yet, but it was enough to entice the man who was to be called ‘Daddy’ tongiht. The front door was open, and Lacey entered. It was an enclosed porch, with another door just ahead, with a note taped on it.

“Lacey, get dressed here in what you have, and put your other clothes in your empty bag. Then put on what’s in the pouch, and I’ll let you in.”

Lacey glanced around, and saw a small pouch hanging off the doorknob. First, it was time to change. She undressed, and replaced her normal clothes with her pair of fishnet arm gloves, fishnet stockings, and black wig. After placing her boy clothes in her bag, she reached for the pouch, and looked inside to find 2 leather restraints, a collar, and a ball gag. Carefully placing the collar on, she noticed it read “Daddy’s Whore”, and a small tingle went up her spine. Once it was in place, she strapped the ball gag in, and it filled her mouth without stretching it much. Then she began fastening the restraints on her wrists, and her heart beat faster and faster. She also noticed a small chain in the ouch accompanied with a padlock. Attached, there was a small tag that simply said “attach behind”. Lacey understood, taking the chain, looping it through the rings in the restraints behind her back, and once she was sure it was set, she took a moment to think to herself.

“Last chance to back out, once it’s locked….”

Before she could think too much about it, she clicked the lock in place, securing her arms behind her. She stood there for moments, wondering if she’d done the right thing, knowing that it was too late to do anything about it now. Then the door opened, and Daddy was there. He was tall, a little over 6 ft, in OK shape, and late 50’s with greying hair, stern features making up his face.

“Hello slut, I’m pleased you’ve followed instructions so far, I think we’ll have some fun together” He smirked.
He took another length of chain from his pocket, and clipped it to the collar, looping and fastening the other end to a hook high on the wall by the door. Leaning down, he grabbed her bag from the floor.

“I’ll be right back, Lacey, Don’t go anywhere” he remarked as he took her bag inside, closing the door behind him.

She stood there for a minue or two, bound and gagged, attached to the wall, both scared and excited. This was more dominant than the men she’d known before, and knew that this is the kind of treatment she’d been asking for. The door reopened, and Daddy took the leash from the hook, pulling Lacey inside and leading her through the house.

“Your things are locked up nice and safe, slut, you’ll get them back when I’m done with you. You’re mine till I let you go, and you’ll do what you’re told.”

She just silently nodded as they passed through a nice living room, around a corner, and down a set of stairs into a fully furnished basement. Across and through a door on the far end, there was the playroom Daddy had told her about, and shown pictures of. On the walls were toys and restraints, in the middle of the floor there were a couple of kinds of benches or tables with rings and straps attached, and in the corner, there was what looked like a small cell.

“If you’re a good little slut for me, I might help you out with getting some clothes. I’m sure we can work something out, heh heh. Time for you to get to work now, though.”

He pushed on her shoulders and forced her down to her knees, reached around and unstrapped the ballgag. She took a moment to stetch her jaw while Daddy unzipped his pants, pulling out his already hard 8 inch cock, aiming it at Lacey’s lips. Grabbing the top of her head with one hand, and her leash with the other, Daddy looked into Lacey’s eyes as he pushed his engorged cock in between her lips.

“Suck it, whore”

She took Daddy’s cock into her mouth, no longer having a choice at the moment, and began to suck her first cock in several years. with each bob and suck, she remembered why she liked it in the first place, and worked harder to satiate the craving. Occasionally, Daddy would tug on the leash, making her gag on him, and it turned her on more to be used this way. On it went for minutes, alternating between a blowjob and a face fucking, before Daddy pupped his member out from her lips with a small ‘pop’, and stroked it hard, aiming at her flushed and panting face.

“Here it comes, Lacey, it’s time to mark you as mine”

A moment later, his seed erupted forth, and struck Lacey’s face again and again, striping her with cum. Catching some in her mouth, but most of it on her face, she stayed still as Daddy let the last of it over her cheeks, and rubbed his cock on her forehead to smear cum around.

“That wasn’t bad, slut. You said you hadn’t done that in a while, but you were hungry. Don’t worry, you’ll get more practice in. Get up.”
He tugged the leash and Lacey got to her feet. Daddy led her over to the small cell in the corner, which was an alcove in the wall with bars across the front that went from floor to ceiling. Inside there was a small mattress, and Lacey was placed inside onto it as Daddy closed the cell door, locking it in place.

“I’ll be back shortly, Lacey, I’m going to clean up and take a small break. Rest up, I’ll be having more fun with you soon.”
Daddy chuckled to himself as he left the playroom, shutting off the light and closing the door behind him, leaving Lacey tied up and locked in the dark as her clitty throbbed.