Journey of my Marriage life..-6
his hands in my shoulder, moved towards my neck and his fingers roamed in my earlobes. i started feeling something down
my stomach and i bite my lips to control myself.

Already i was bit hot after short session with my dad in sofa, now arun is increasing the same and making use of it.

he came closer to me, bought his face near to my cheek and said, reva, i want to kiss you..
poda porukki, i said and pushed his face,
his hand in my shoulder started to behave boldly, he then slowly inserted one finger inside my blouse and carassed my skin
near the bra strap.

i was getting tingling feeling in my stomach and felt to pee.
Arun pls, take your hand from my shoulder, i said in a begging tone.
he looked into my eyes, smiled and asked, y di ? are you getting aroused ?
i slapped his face and said, yes da, shameless fellow.

Arun has touched me earlier many times but those are just friendly one and i never felt any sexual arouse before, he always
put his hands in my shoulder when we walk, sit together even infront of magesh vijay and other friends.

All the time those were only friendly and never felt any harm, even magesh and vijay too hugged me and grabbed my
waist sometimes, also we used to ride triples in bike with me sitting in the center with either magesh vijay or arun
in either side, so all three men’s back know the size of my boobs but never felt sexy.

May be guys would have felt sexy already while feeling my boobs, hips but first time for me. This might be due to i already
being hot today.

Arun then took his hands from my shoulder, after giving a strong press in my shoulder.
i thanked arun for understanding my feelings and thought he is behaving gentle, but he had other plans.

he then inserted his right hand in between my left hand and boobs and holded my left palm with both his hand and made sure
his elbows were touching my left boobs.

is that ok baby, he asked with a mischevous smile.
you guys are always dirty, i too said with a smile, allowing him to enjoy my boobs.

he then carassed my palm with his fingers making circle everu now and then hitting my boobs with elbow.
we too chatted about the happenigns around and i enjoying his smooch.
he then took my palm and placed it in his thighs close to his penis and kept his hand above my hand so that i didnt take it.
i chatting with him, looked in to his buldge with corner of my eyes.

i too got bold and thought to make my move, i just moved my one finger towards his buldge and felt it.
His face suddenly brightened up, smile at me, took my hand and placed right on top of his buldge.

i was bit shocked by his move, but then grabbed his buldge and gave a tight press, then immediatly pulled my hand and
pinched his cheek.

you are dirty dog, i said showing false anger in my face and then went to get down as our bus reached the stop.

After this incident, arun never missed any oppurtunity to grabe me smooch me. I too never missed.
his hands always freely roam around my boobs, hips, ass and my thighs. our daily bus journey become hotter always.

Even when we are with friends, arun never leave me, always make sure he was close with me, his hands touching me always
without creating any doubts among magesh vijay and priya.

Priya being more conservative, never allowed guys too close to her in terms of touching, so both magesh and vijay will
also fight to sit near with me when we went to hotels, cafetria and during bike rides.

i think they 3 had a gentlemen agreement with themselves, and they use to take me in bike in turns. If one time I sat
in Magesh bike, next time vijay will give lift while arun always use his oppurtunity when me and arun was alone.

But magesh and vijay never crossed their limit, they will just try to be close with me and never tried to grab or smooch me.
They only hold my hands, occasionaly feel my boobs, they are still in fear, that i would get angry if they take more steps.

Arun also never tried to take me to any lonely place to take our relationship to next level.I too comfortable with him
at this level and not ready to move beyond.It was one sunday morning, dad wake me up with coffee. it was hot day and i am not using blanket to cover. Dad sat next to
me in the bed near my hips. My nighty was rolled all the way up one inch above my knees, and i removed 2 hooks before
going to sleep.

Dad bend towards me, kissed my cheek, good morning darling, its almost 8 now. saying this, he tried to get up, i immediatly
took both my hands and placed it around dads neck and pulled him closer.

I too kissed his cheek, good morning appa, i need to sleep few more, i am too tired.
Now he was lying over me, with his chest crushing my boobs and his lips closer to my lips, he kept both his hands in both
my cheek and slowly started smooching my cheek,

why revathi, why r u too tired ?
nothing dad, just feel sleepy..
comeon, wake up, i have special gift for you today.
i opened my eyes, what special appa ?
i will show, only if you woke up. he then kissed my forehead.
i released him and he went back to sitting postion, i too slightly get up and lyed there resting my back in the pillow.
My nighty still above my knees and my boobs popping out.
i took the coffee and started sipping smiling at dad.

I could see confusion in dads face, whether to look at my thighs or my boobs at the same time worrying whether i would
watch him.

So i closed my eyes and sipped my coffee, so that my dad could enjoy my show. I slowly opened half of my eyes to see where
my dad is looking.

his eyes still in my boobs, and he trying hard to control himself, i felt urge of hugging him and place his face in my
boobs so that he can taste my nipple. i too controlled myself.

i sipped the coffee slowly waiting for him to enjoy my clevage show.

After 5 mins i felt my dads hand in my cheek, get up sweety..
i opened my eyes and his face is close to my lips.

i kissed his cheek and said thanks for the gift appa..
he smiled and said, without seeing the gift you are saying thanks ?

i gave a winky smile.

Then he kissed my cheek and said, ok get ready and come to see the gift and left.

I get up went to wash room to refresh myself.

Then i cam out seeing dad reading paper in sofa.

Appa, where is my gift ?
go out and see, he replied.
why should he keep the gift out of house, thinking with a confusion, i went out.

There i saw a brand new honda activa standing in the parking area.

oh my god, i never expected this…

i was very much happy and couldnt express how i feel. i always thought of having a own two wheeler but never asked my dad.
but without asking he gifted me..

i ran inside to see my dad waiting for me to see my happy face..

i went towards him, sit in his lap, hugged him and kissed all over his face..

i kissed his forehead, i kissed his cheeks, chin and said thanks appa, thank you so much.
then again i hugged him more tightly, making sure my boobs pressed against his chest and kissed his cheek close to his lips

i love you so much appa…

dad, placed his hands over my shoulder, pulled me closer and kissed my cheek

his one hand in my shoulder and kept the other in my hips over the nighty. Both our face were too close and i could feel
his breath in my lips.

with still my tops hooks are loose, ample amount of clevage is popping out, showing its beauty to my dads eyes.
his hand in my shoulder, smooching my neck and moved towards my arms, slowly moved my nighty to my arm, showing the bra

his hand in my hips, slowly moved towards my thighs,

i started feeling butterflies in my stomach.

do you know driving ? asking this, my dad moved his hand in shoulder bit down my neck,
i understand, my dad cant control himself, and i could feel his hard on in my thighs. i thought his hand would go down
to my clevage but he suddenly moved towards my neck slowly smooching there.

Dad, i already drove my friends 2 wheeler many times. i said in a husky voice and kissed his cheek.

i will go to college in bike from tomorow.
but you dont have liscence.

Dad, i will go with Arun, my college friend in new bike.
is he your boy friend, dad asked with a mischevous smile.

i too, replied, yes he is my close boy friend, saying this i moved closer to my dad, and placed my cheek on his cheek.

oh this much close ? dad asked. his lips were too close to my ear lobes and touched my earlobes while he speaking.
i adjusted my face, so that my neck touches his lips and kept it in same position.

his hand in my thighs gave a gentle press. and started moving a bit up.

yes appa, this much close, saying this tighten my hug and slowly bite his cheek.

Now, dad got bit bold and his tool was rock solid hitting my thighs. he gave a couple of kisses in my neck and
shoulder and said, Arun should be lucky person, being this close to a my beautiful sweet daughter.

Am i beautiful ? asking this i placed my lips in his soulder.

Yes reva, you are so beautiful and now he kissed bit down of my neck just above the clevage. i am getting horny and i felt
like pissing.

So close means, how close ? do you love him ?

No appa, not love, just close friends.

He then took my face, looked into my eyes and asked, did he kissed you ?

I nodded my head saying No appa..

Y ? you dont like kissing, he roled his fingers over my lips and kissed my chin close to my lips.
no dad, i like but it doesnt happen. saying this i placed a gentle kiss in his lips.

wow, you lips is so sweet, can you give one more.
i felt shy and put my heads down.

he again roled his fingers in my lips and said, if arun tasted this, he will never leave it.
i liked the way my dad flirting with me, this small sexy chat getting me and dad closer and hornier.

i want to continue this chat, i went closer to my dads lips and said, i felt shy to kiss him appa ?

Shy will ge there till first kiss only then you will start enjoying it, dad said with a kinky smile.
saying this, he twisted my lips with 2 fingers and then asked, shall i kiss this lips revathi.

i gave a shy smile, nodded my head as saying yes.

he came close to my lips, looked into my eyes and placed a gentle kiss in my lips.

Arun should be eagerly waiting to taste this cute lips, dont disappoint him reva.
i shyly put my heads down.

so you were close freinds, but you not even kissed, then how you are close.
he touched me here and there dad, i said with shy and heads down.

he then pulled my head and looked into my eyes and asked where ?

i dont know how to say to my dad, that he played with my boobs, navel and ass.
i felt shy to say appa.
he suddenly pulled me closer and placed his lips on mine and started tasting it. His hand roamed around my back and hugged
me tightly.

It lasts for around 30 seconds and then he broke the kiss.
ok darling, i will ask in a different way, saying this he placed his hands in my clevage and asked did he touched here ?

i nodded my head as yes.

Lucky guy, he said with a kinky smile and i too gave a shy smile.
Did he inserted his hands inside your tops, he slowly brought his hands down to my boobs above the nighty and gave a gentle
press there.

i again noded yes.

he gently massaged my boobs, wow my daughter got a nice pair of boobs, Arun is very lucky.
I was bit shocked to hear the words boobs from him, at the same time excited to enjoy his boldness.

he then looked into my eyes and asked Reva, your lips are so cute, shall i kiss one more.

You need not ask me appa, my lips is yours, you can taste it whenever you want, I love you so much appa. saying this, i moved
my lips closer to his lips.he then looked into my eyes and asked Reva, your lips are so cute, shall i kiss one more.

You need not ask me appa, my lips is yours, you can taste it whenever you want, I love you so much appa. saying this, i moved
my lips closer to his lips.

These words gave my dad, the courage to get closer with me, he was too horny and my above words bring out his long controlled

he pulled my heads and placed my lips over his and started sucking it. he almost pulled my lips inside his mouth.
his hand above my breast started massaging it. He slowly inserted his toungue into my lips and started licking my toungue.

his hand unhooked two more nighty buttons and went inside my bra. he started pressing my boobs and pinching my npples.
And his toungue still inside my mouth tasting my saliva.

i was in heaven and my pussy juices leaked and made my panties wet.

after tasting my lips and saliva for 3 minutes, dad broken the kiss. We both breathed heavily for some while.

His hand still inside my bra cupping my breasts.
I felt shy to look my dad and put my heads down.

did you like the kiss ? dad asked.
i without saying anything, placed couple of kisses in his cheek.
so, will you allow arun to taste your lips.
yes appa.

will you allow arun to tast this ? asking this he gave a gentle press to my nipple.

i was bit shocked and donno what to say.
dad, isnt that sin to allow anyone to taste me before marraige, i said with shy.

My dad, gently kissed my shoulder and neck.

no sweety, if you like your boyfriend tasting your nipple, then it is no harm in enjoying. just you need to safe enough
and choose a right person.

Arun is very good understanding friend dad.

Then you should try enjoying with arun, dad said with a kinky smile.

I blushed with a shy.

This is the age to enjoy reva…
i hugged him, kissed on his lips and i love you so much appa.

i too love you darling.

So, where are you going to take your dad, in your new bike.
Any where dad.

Then we decided to go to movie in the noon.
Dad booked movie in sangam theater, which is famous for couple seat in chennai.

As far as i know, this is the first theater in chennai which introduced couple seat, in which there will be no hand rest
in between 2 seats. Most couples choose this theater to enjoy the movie as well as to do some kinky things.

Then after trying some small initial rides in the bike, we finished iour lunch and started to get ready.

I decided to wear green saree with sleeveless blouse, which reveals good portion of my back and some part of my clevage.
The blouse is so sexy and revealing, it has one thin strap in the back with just 2 hooks. This should be weared without
a bra, hence this blouse wont cover the bra.

i tied my hair, so that loose hair doesnt cover my back.

i weared red panties, petticoat and blouse and trying to put the hook, just then heared my dad’s voice.

Reva, still not ready ? come on soon.
5 mins dad, i said, just then the kinky idea, came to my mind.

i went and opened th door. Appa, come in appa, i need your help.

dad came inside and shocked to see me with peticoat and sleaveless blouse.
he stared at my boobs and hips for a while and said, wow reva, you look so beautiful..

i smiled and turned my back.

Dad, pls help me with the hooks.
i think, he never seen my back before. i could see dad staring at my back unable to control himself from the mirror
which is infront of me.

i smiled to myself and waited for my dad to regain himself.

after few seconds dad gathered himself and came closer to me to put the hooks.

he then put the hooks and then placed his hands on my bare back.he smooched it for a while and placed one hand in my hips.
he then pulled me closer, i rested my back on his chest and looked into his eyes through the mirror.

he gave a squeeze to my hips and kissed my shoulder near my neck.
I could feel his tool inbetween my ass crack.

You are so sexy in this saree sweety..he whispered near my ears. his lips touched my earlobes while he spoke.
now his both hands were at my hips, carassing and squeezing.

I closed my eyes and let out a moan,.

Dad placing few kisses in my earlobes and neck, i asked dad, can you help me wear my saree.
He then turned me around and took the saree, and i was ready to wear.

Hey revathi, if you wear this petticoaat below the navel, then you will be more sexy.

i kissed his cheek and said, sure, dad you adjust it to the right place so that your daughter is more sexy, i said
with a smile.

he then went down to my hips and untied the knot in the peticoat.
he slowly bring it below the navel and asked, shall i keep it here.

i carassed his hairs and said your wish dad.

Then happened the unbeleivable. Suddenly my dad slipped my peticoat and it dropped all down to my legs.

There i was standing infront of my dad, with just in blouse and panties.

ouch, sorry, said.
i Blushed and said, its ok appa.

then he pulled it again up and placed it just one inch above the panty.
he then tied the knot and said, this is super hot.

he then placed a gentle kiss in my navel.he then helped me waring the saree, adjusted the front portion and inserted it
inside the peticoat.

as soon as i finished wearing saree, he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.
his hands rolled over my bare back up to ass cheek.

You look so cute.

why dont you wear these type of sexy dresses to college asking this he kissed my lips.
no dad, i feel too shy…

if you go wearing these type of sarees all the men in the college will become your boyfriend.
i blushed with a smile.

do they allow modern dress to wear to college.

Yes dad.

did other girls wear sexy modern dress ? showing hips, thighs ? he placed his hands in my hips and gave a squeese.
his lips were in my shoulder, roaming towards my neck. i could feel his buldge in my belly and i felt butterflies running
in my stomach.

yes appa, they wear shots, mini skirt, short tops.

did you like to wear those ?
Yes appa, but i thought you might not like that.

hmmm. ok, we will buy some modern dress, you can try whatever you like. you should be a hot queen of the college.

sure appa, saying this, i brought my lips close to his, Then he took my lips eagerly and gave apassionate kiss, licking
my lips and tongue.

it lasts for almost 60 seconds. Then he broke the kiss and we breathed heavily for a while.

shall we move ?
yes dad.

my dad was wearing a shorts just till his knees and a tight t-shirt and looked like a youngster.
he has well tonned body due to his regular work outs, he was very fit.

No one would guess his age as 47 he just looks just less than 40.

Dad you look too young in this dress, any one seeing us will not think us as father and daughter, they will just think as a
late married couple, i said with a smile.

dad got very hot and happy hearing my words, he give a tight press to my shoulder, kissed my cheek, and said
thanks sweety.

then, we came out, i started my new bike, dad sat behind me, too close to me, he placed his one hand in my hips and the other
in my shoulder.

he sit too close to me in such a way that his chest was all over my back and i could feel his tool just above my ass.

while driving, he roamed his hand all over my hips and played with my navel.
i was getting tingling feeling inside and enjoyed th hot ride.

while standing in a single, couple of riders ogled at us, staring at my dads hands in my hips. i looked at the mirror to
see my dad, he too find them watching us and gave a heavy squeeze to my hips and kissed my shoulder.

i blushed at them and smiled seeing dad,

after 30 minutes bike ride, we reached the theater, we went inside and searched our seats.
Theater was almost full, we sit in our couple seat and next to us was one young couple.

before sitting i looked into him and he too stared at my hips.

i took my seat next to him and my dad sit next to me.

dad, there were lot of cute couples, like us, i whispered in his ears with a smile.
hearing me saying us as couple make my dad hornny

he put his hand around my shoulder and pulled me closer.

he took my arms and kissed my palm, with that lights went off and movie started.

i too took his arms and started my kiss.

we both kissed each others hand licked the took one by one finger into his mouth and started licking it.

i looked into the guy who was sitting next to me and he too watching us. it made me hot seeing a man watch us kissing.
my dad kept his hand in my hips and started to kiss my cheek, neck and shoulder. he literally turned towards me
instead watching the screen.

he started kissing my face, cheek forehead, ears, then came to my lips.
he inserted his tongue into my mouth, i too started our tongue fight.

his hands roamed in my back and removed the hooksof the blouse. Since there is no bra my boobs got releaved.
Dads hand in my stomach, moved a bit above and went in from the bottom of blouse and cuped my boobs.

dad broke the kiss and went to my ears and said, i love you reva.
i too kissed his ears, i love you appa.

i could feel pussy juice leaking in my thighs, i decided to break all the barriers with dad, i took my hand and kept
in dads tool above the shorts. As soon as i touched the tool, my dad got horny and his squeeze in my boob got stronger.

i started slowly masssaging the tool above the shorts and dad really getting hard each and evey minute of massage.

his kiss in neck and shoulder got heavy and he started licking my shoulders.
my dad, removed the pin that tied the pallu and blouse and pulled my pallu from my fall down in my thighs.
now i am sitting palluless with blouse buttons all open in a public place. i though what if suddenly lights came on and
people saw my position. that though gave me elctric shock in the spine that ran through my pussy and ooze out juices.

i suddenly felt one more hand in my bare back, i turned around and saw, the boy sitting next to me smooching my back,
his one hand in his girl friends boobs and one in my back.

He too turned and looked at me, i gave a smile approving the touch and turned again concentrating on dad kiss.
my dad took pulled my blouse above the boobs and moved his face towards my boob.

oh my god, my dad become uncontrollable and started sucking my nipple in the theater.this is the first time my boob was getting tasted,
arun only used his hands, my dad taking me to next level.

i think i need to play with his tool and relaease his cum otherwise my dad might fuck me hear itself.
i imagined what will happen if he started fucking me here and smiled to myself for that dirty thought.

he rolled his tongue over my nipple, with giving light bites. This was too good for me and i bit my lips to controll
my moan.

my breathe got heavy and caught the attention of couple sitting next me. They stopped watching me and started to watch us.
it gaves me immense pleasure getting sucked by dad with stranger waching.

my body suddenly gave a jerk and my puzzy ooze out my juices and i started to cum. And at the same time, lights went on
and i could see intermission in the screen.

my dad suddenly take his head from my boob and pulled my blouse down covering my boobs.
i sit there breathing heavily for a while, not even trying to put my pallu back.

After few seconds, i looked at the couple starring at me and few more people going out for break gave a glance at me
and then i realised my pallu was down.

then i coolly took my pallu and placed it in shoulder looking at the couple sitting next to me.

i smiled at them and the boy signled to me like good show, his girl friend slapped him and took him otuside for a break.

sorry dear, i couldnt control myself, dad said looking at me.

i smiled and said, its ok, i loved it and kissed his cheek.
then i turned my back to him and asked him to put blouse hooks.

he just put one hook and said, its enough, come lets have some thing.

we both went out, i went to wash room and cleaned my thighs and came out.

since my juice came out, i was feeling thirsty and my dad readily bought some cool drinks and water.
i drink the water and we both started to drink the cool drinks.

Dad was standing near the wall, resting his back in the wall, he pulled me closer, i fall over him with my boobs cruching
his chest, my dad made me stand in the same postiion and put his hand over my shoulder and carassed my back.

i could see more staring eyes now looking at my back. Dad also noticed that.
he whispered into my ears, every one enjoying your back, i think we should come out without putting the hook.

i blushed with smile and slapped his cheek. Appa you are getting more naughty nowadays.

he smiled and said, did you like it.

yes dad, i loved it, i said with a smile.

then i will do more naughty..he gave a kinky smile and moved his hands in my back near the blouse hook.

shall i remove the one hook, he asked in a husky voice near my ears.

i was getting turned on thinking the scene of showing my back to number of strangers.

i looked into my dads eyes, and said, i think you are getting hard when others see my dad, with a kinky smile.

yes dear, i started kissing your breast harder only after i saw the couple sitting next us started watching us.

i blushed, you are dirty dad.

his hands in my blouse strap touching the hook, looking at my eyes, he asked, shall i ?

i nodded my head, he then removed the hook and let the blouse strap get separated and my while back is in view for

i pulled my hair from back and put it in front, so that it doesnt distract anyone.
seeing this, my dad gave a kinky smile, you too liked showing your beauty.

i blused and put my heads down.

my dad placed his hands in the hips and slowly moved it to the navel, that gave the audience some view of my belly also.

he whispered into my ears, then i will remove the blosuse fully from you, once we get in. is that ok ?
i am ok, even if you remove here itself, said with a blushing smile.