Indian fertility clinic
A few years ago I accepted a foreign assignment with my company. I was to spend the better part of a year overseeing a construction project in Chennai India. The company put me up in a staff house in a nice part of town. At first the novelty of being in a strange land kept me occupied but over time i found myself with more time on my hands than I knew what to do with as a single guy. I decided to take up golf with a passion as there was a course I had often driven past on my way to the job site. I only casually golfed back home but I basically had nothing better to do at that point. I occasionally got added to a group for a round, and eventually made some local friends that way, and that was nice. One particular afternoon I joined up with a doctor my age (mid 30s) who I had met a few times prior. We set out from the 9th hole in a twosome. I felt at ease with doc B enough to engage in discussion of things guys discuss. I mentioned that I found Indian women to be very attractive but frustrated with the culture gap that made it almost impossible to date them. I thought it was odd since the culture seems to value “fairness” or light skin so much that I would have thought they would be interested in my blond hair and blue eyes. Doc B agreed but just said the culture barrier is strong and we continued our round. Two weeks later I ran into Doc B again at the driving range. He told me he wanted to talk with me over coffee. We left the range and went to the course restaurant. I thought it was a little odd when Doc asked the waiter for a table away from the main area people were seated in. He had told me previously which clinic he worked at but we didn’t get into his exact line of work until now. He told me he was running a fertility clinic and specifically helped couples conceive who were having difficulty. Often times they employed surrogates when a female could not carry. My comment about the value of fair skin had caused Doc B to think about things. He told me that usually the surrogates were artificially inseminated with the husband’s sperm. Sometimes they use donor sperm to impregnate the wife. And Every once in a while he has clients who are looking to just adopt due to problems on both sides. He realized that if he could guarantee a fair skin baby that he would be able to charge significantly more for his services. This is when the Doc asked me if I would be essentially an anonymous donor for his clinic. I reeled back in shock. At first I said I couldn’t do that. But the doc was persistent. He assured me anonymity and told me he could offer me the equivalent of about two thousand dollars per pregnancy. I still hesitated. That’s when he took out his phone and flipped through pictures of young beautiful Indian women. I asked what he was showing them for and he told me those are his surrogates. He went on to say that they each get tens of thousands for their services and because of that he felt certain that some of them would agree to have me directly inseminate them. Further more, he said the best quality sperm is only released by intercourse and that in cases where a wife visiting his clinic needed sperm, he would provide a collection condom and a willing surrogate to harvest my sperm. I was speachless. Doc then said “think on it. You don’t have to decide now”. I went home with my head spinning in disbelief at what I had been asked. It was hard to fall asleep that night but eventually I did. The next morning I awoke to a text message with a photo of one of doc B’s surrogates. He said he had talked to her and that she was ready to get pregnant for an adoptive couple. He just needed to run some tests on my goods and then I could meet her at her next ovulation date. My penis went instantly to full attention and thoughts of sliding unprotected into her beautiful brown pussy with the full intention of flooding it with my seed would not leave me alone for the rest of the day. Biology had won, I decided consequences be damned, I was going to provide stud service at the good doc’s clinic. The days seemed like weeks waiting to do the deed with the surrogate. To make matters worse, doc B told me I had to not masturbate for the five days before the first day of inseminations. I was ready to explode when the time finally came. I learned her name was Nita, and that I was to come to the clinic directly after work one Wednesday, and plan to do the same four days in a row, no masturbating – save it all for Nita. When I arrived I was ushered into an exam room by a nurse. There was Nita and doc B. She looked so sexy in her traditional saree super shy looking and shorter than I imagined. I didn’t know her age but figured she looked about 20. Doc B introduced us, first names only was the rule. I’m pretty sure she saw the bulge in my pants already. Then he began matter-of-factly Telling us that he would leave us to do the insemination. He told Nita that I hadn’t released in several days so she should be patient and allow me to keep inseminating until I felt empty. He also advised us to feel free to use missionary as well as rear entry positions as some women take better in one position or the other but we should try to avoid woman on top positions at least for the ejaculation. Then he promptly left the room. After he left Nita sat down and looked down. I didn’t know what to say, it was so weird. Then Nita said she thought it would be with a syringe or something. The bastard never told her! I just said I didn’t know either. After another long awkward pause, Nita said “I guess it doesn’t matter”. I said “are you sure you want to do this?” To which she just said yes. I moved over to where she sat and put my hand on her shoulder. To my surprise she put her hand on the bulge in my pants. Biology was winning, as it always does. The room was ill suited for comfortable sex, but there was a blanket and a carpeted floor. I laid the blanket down near where Nita was sitting and began taking off my clothes. She stoop up and had her saree completely off in an instant, yet she could only look at the ground. I knew she was having conflicting thoughts about everything, her biology saying yes and her culture saying no. I was having similar thoughts but I knew which side would win. I did something a little sneaky and pulled up behind her and let my penis rest between her ass cheeks and asked her if she was really sure about things. I knew her feeling my hard cock touching her skin would sway her answer. She said “yes, let’s just do this, go ahead and take me”. I simply said “okay” and then guided my penis down to nuzzle around her entrance. It occurred to me that she might be virgin “have you ever before?” “no” she said. “I’ll go easy then” I said as I turned her around. I could not believe that after wanting to fuck an Indian woman so bad forever, here was a naked ovulating 20 year old virgin beauty about to take my raw white cock deep into her body. I set her down on the blanket, spread her legs and mounted her with my cock hard at her entrance. I told her to take the head and rub it on her clit until she felt wet. I just held still for a minute and let her get wet for me. I could feel her juices on the head of my penis, so I said “ready?” She nodded silently. I lined up and went in slowly until I felt a little resistance, maybe just an inch into her. I told her it might hurt a little and pushed until it gave way. I asked if she was ok and she said she was fine. I then slowly slid into her until my testicles rested on her labia. I checked on her once more and began stroking in and out of her. I had to stop and rest several times just due to the intensity of this interracial intercourse so new to me. I wanted to savor it a bit and not just blow my load right away. Plus i’ve Found that the load is bigger and shoots harder if I take more time, and since the goal was to get her pregnant, I wanted to cum as hard as possible in her. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to flood that sweet brown pussy. I knew I could get in deeper with her legs over my shoulders so I told her I was ready to cum but wanted to adjust our position. I warned her it might hurt a little but she needed to just relax and let me get in deep to ejaculate as close as possible to her cervix. I got those brown legs hooked over me, short pumped up to where I was ready to bust, then drove in deep about three times until I could feel the semen streaming into her, then I just held in deep. She winced a bit as shot after shot of thick semen flooded her body. I had finally done it! Fucked and filled this brown girl, it felt soooo good. And the best part was I got to keep doing it the next several days. Unfortunately it worked a little too well though. Nita got pregnant the first cycle. Doc b assured me there would be much more where that came from if things worked out. Over the next eight months he had me work with 10 surrogates. I continued to meet Nita and use a collection condom with her to provide good sperm for wives in need. After feeling like an extreme case of blue balls, the good Doc had me constantly drained into top notch Indian pussy. It felt like the dream job of a lifetime, but all good things must end, my assignment ended and it was time to go home. I still talk with the doc though and hope to go on holiday again. 😉