I built the perfect wife
The entire time my wife and I dated I was extremely jealous of her. She is five foot four and one hundred pounds, her hair is mousey brown but she bleachs it blonde. It’s shoulder length and cut in bangs. She tans a beautiful brown and enjoys showing off her sexy body. She very rarely wires bra and her nipples seemed to always be hard. She always wore either short skirts or very short shorts. She never actually gave me a reason to be jealous and acted as she was unaware of how other guys looked at her.

After we got married she decided that she needed to work to help out. One of the places she applied at was a very popular BBQ Rib place. She and I had eaten there once and I made a comment on how sexy the waitress outfits where. A light tan t shirt with a dark brown apron / skirt combo , pantyhose and white Sox and white tennis shoes. I told my wife that she definitely had the legs to work there and she took me seriously and actually did get a job there.

She was a bit nervous when she tried on the uniform for me the first time. I was amazed at how good she looked. I said I have to ask because I’ve always wanted to know , what’s under that little apron? She laughed and raised it to show me it was a dark brown Danskin like gymnastic females wear. She said I had to buy Leggs brand pantyhose. They are shear to the waist coffee colored. I said you look good enough to eat. She said I hope my customers think so. Well they did because right from the start she made very good money. On a typical Saturday night she would walk with over three hundred bucks for the night.

Over time she became very comfortable showing off her legs for financial gain. She even had to turn down a lot of offers to have sex with some of her customers. The owner of the restaurant even hit on her. He was an arrogant type and tried to bribe all the girls with cocaine. My wife told me a couple of the married girls actually did have sex with him in exchange for d**gs. I told her I wasn’t comfortable with her working there and she said she didn’t like it either. So she quit but the thrill of showing her body off was still there and she started looking for another place to work. I suggested the popular place where the girls wear orange shorts and show off their cleavage. She did interview with them but after talking to one of the girls that worked there she changed her mind. Nothing bad but the pay just wasnt what she was looking for.

One night she and I had gone out to eat and we thought it would be fun to go my the shoe show. The nicest nude show in town was only fifteen miles from our house so we went there. Watching my wife look at those naked dancers was exciting. I asked her if she could ever get up in front of all these strange men naked? She surprised me by saying sure. She said it makes me wet to think of all those guys looking at my body.

One of the dancers came by our table to ask if I’d like a table dance. I said sure and while she dance right between my legs my wife’s eyes where on her every move. I invited our dancer to set down and have a drink with us. I asked her if she enjoyed the work. She said yes that she was working her way through college. My wife asked if she got offers for sex very often. She said oh lord yes. I wife said how do you handle that. She said just thank them for the offer and leave it at that. Then she looked at my wife and said you are a hot little number the guys would go crazy over your body. My wife said I don’t know about that. Our new friend said Friday night is amateur night and that she should at least give it a try.

On the ride home my wife asked me if I would care if she did the amateur night? I asked if she could actually do it? She giggled a nervous laugh and said I think so and in fact just talking about is making my pussy wet. That night we fucked like teenagers. The following week I kept bring up that it was almost Friday. Every time I did she would get all giddy.

Friday when I got home from work I found my wife setting in the bedroom at her makeup desk. She had made her eyes up a little heavier than normal. She asked me if I liked how she looked? I said you look fabulous. Do you think I’ll be a hit on the stage? I said I know you will. She told me to go shower so we could go eat and then to the strip club.

When I got out of the shower my wife was already dressed. She had on a very short cotton pleated skirt. Her legs where bare and she was wearing a button up blouse with the top three buttons undone. As she leaned over to fasten her shoes her shirt hung open and I could see her hard nipples.

While we dined I could tell she was nervous. I asked her what kind of panties she had on? She said she had bought a pair of see through thong panties just for tonight. I said do you think you will actually take them off? She said yes, I shaved my pussy and asshole totally smooth and I’m dying to show it off.

When we got to the club the girl that had talked to us last week came over and gave my wife a hug. Are you going to dance she asked my wife? I think so she nervously said. She took my hand and said you will be just fine come with me and I’ll get to all set up. I took a seat at the stage and waited. The emcee announced that tonight was amateur night and the place went wild with cheers.

My wife ended up being the third one to dance. When she came out I didn’t recognize her at first. Her makeup was extremely slutty and she was wearing all see through clothing. Our friend had done her face and let her borrow some of her clothes. She looked a little self conscious at first but once she had her top off and her tits where bear the hours and hollering from the guys gave her conference to keep going. She popped the side of the little panties and then she was completely naked. All of the ladies before her had pubic hair and when the crowd saw my wife’s completely shaved pussy they went nuts. The dancers are told not to bend over and spread their ass cheeks but my wife did bend over allowing the crowd to see her pussy lips. When the last dancer had danced the emcee had all six of the amateurs on stage at once. Each one still completely naked. As he held his hand over each girls head the reaction of the crowd decide the winner. My wife’s shaved pussy was a hit, she won.

It was half an hour before she joined me at my table. She sat down and I ordered her a drink. She said I’m so embarrassed and excited all at the same time. Is your pussy wet I asked her? She said it’s soaked. Do you have any panties on I asked her? She said yes the see through thong. After a little bit we where approached by the manager and asked if she wanted a job? She said she would have to think it over…