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How I Convinced My Hubby’s Boss Part – 2


As all of you know what had happened to my hubby, I somehow managed to be close with my husband’s boss Mr. Gupta but the very first instant I could not ask him the favour, I thought I should give it a go after few encounters. But my husband was in a hurry as his new boss was about to join in few weeks’ time and if I don’t do it on time he might lose his job. So he kept insisting me to do something and get things done.

I was very clear that I should not be in hurry, things should look very natural or else it would look as if I was doing this for money. One day I told my hubby that I am going to visit your office and make sure you are not there when I come. He understood and he did the same thing as planned. My hubby’s cabin is just opposite to Mr. Gupta’s cabin (which I came to know later), I was cladded in a black chiffon saree with sleeveless blouse. As I entered the office my hubby’s assistant Ashok saw me coming in and he said madam welcome, how come you have come here? Because in this 12 yrs of my hubby working in this office I have visited him only twice. I said I had come for shopping thought of getting dropped home, he said but Sir is not here he has gone out for official work, will come back in an hour.

I purposely kept talking to him and was just searching for Guptaji’s cabin. Suddenly a glass door opened and Guptaji came out of the cabin, seeing me his eyes sparkled and with astonishment, he asked, oh Mrs. Padma, what a pleasant surprise, I smiled at him and shook hands with him and said, I had come to meet my husband but unfortunately he has gone out, anyways I will take a taxi to go home. He looked at me and said oh please why you don’t come to my cabin wait for him there, I will ask him to return as soon as possible. I looked at him and said giving a naughty smile” hope I am not disturbing you in your busy schedule” he smiled back and said come on it’s my duty to take care of my employee’s family. Then I walked towards his cabin. Ashok was also following us, I looked at Mr. Gupta and whispered: “why is his coming with us?”

Guptaji looked back and said Ashok call Deepak and tell him that his wife is here in the office and ask him to come as early as possible. Then we walked inside the cabin and the door got automatically closed, as soon as the door closed he caught my hand and pulled me towards him, I almost let my body fall on him and I put my arms around his neck and he encircled my waist with his strong hands pulling my body towards him. For an instance we were just looking into each other’s eyes, “ I slowly whispered haven’t you seen me enough that you are staring at me like this” he said “ wish I could just see you all through my life like this. I smiled and said, lair after that day I was expecting your call but you never bothered to call me. He said I am sorry honey I was little occupied with work, I knew typical men behavior. But even I was not very keen on calling him as I wanted to leave some gap and create some anxiety.

We were in each other’s arms for a while, I just looked around to see if there is privacy for me to play with him for a while. I looked at him and said” Koi ayega tho nahi na” (will anybody come), he said “ nahi nahi”( No No), Then I said “ tho wait kyun kar rahe ho jaanu”(then why are you waiting dear), Immediately he started to kiss me, I responded , in no minute our tongue started to search for each other’s mouth, this time I wanted to show him that how desperate I was, I started to move my abdomen towards his and was rubbing my waist on his erect hard penis. Suddenly the door opened, immediately we went away from each other’s arms, Ashok had come with some coffee and water, I was shell-shocked and even Guptaji’s face turned red, I didn’t know whether he had seen us doing this, Guptaji looked at him and said ok keep it and go. I just pretended as if nothing had gone wrong.

As soon as he left Guptaji abused Ashok and said what a jack ass he is. Hope he didn’t see us kissing, I suddenly started to laugh , he looked at me in surprise and asked me is everything ok, I looked at him and said I was about to unzip you and give you a blow, just imagine if he would have seen us doing that he would have had an attack . Listening to this even Guptaji busted into laughter. Now I was aware that we don’t have much time so immediately I went towards the door and latched it and took off my saree and unhooked my blouse I was not wearing any petticoat. Came close to Guptaji, kissed him and seeing me nude he picked the phone receiver and spoke to his secretary, I am in a meeting please don’t allow anyone till I say and he replaced the receiver.

And immediately took control of me. I was smooching him and was moving my body towards his erect penis. He grabbed my ass and started to crush it with his hands. I was moaning in ecstasy, I kissed him very hard, seeing me behave as a slut he slowly pulled my G- string panty aside and started to search my ass hole with his middle finger, slowly he was rubbing his finger on my ass hole. I caught his hand and brought it in front and started to suck it and make it wet, after applying enough saliva on it I again replaced his hand on my ass, seeing this he very well understood what my intention were, immediately he inserted his finger in my asshole. As he inserted I could feel the pain and I wanted to scream but I knew it was office and we were not free to express our feelings so I silently suppressed all my pain. But whispered in his ears” aur andar dalo Guptaji”(go more deeper) He again took the finger out and this time he took some saliva and applied it on my ass hole, then he again put his finger this time it was more easier.

Now he started to move his finger in and out and I was feeling the pain, I was slowly moaning with pain and pleasure. Now it was time for some action, I asked him to strip, I unzipped his pants and took off his boxers, I didn’t know whether he wanted to take off his shirt also so I left it to him, but he immediately was unhooking his buttons, I looked at him and said “ jaanu kya aap jaldi wapas pehan sakhte hain kya”(can you wear it quickly) he looked at me and said “bina kapade ka maza hi kuch aur hai”(without clothes is much better), I gave him a naughty smile and I got on my knees to do the honors of kissing his tool.

He was already hard, I took his monster in my hand and started to give him a hand job and then I took my tongue out and slowly started to run my tongue on his cock head, he was shivering with pleasure, which made me to do more and more of that, slowly I kept my tongue under the cock head were the skin unites the head, the most sensitive part of a cock. Then I took a deep breath and opened my mouth and tried to swallow the whole meat, I kept sucking his cock by moving my head back and forth. After a while he got little horny and he looked at me and said “ thoda hardcore karun kya”(shall I do little hardcore) I smiled at him and said “Jaise aapki icha”(as you wish), as I said this he caught my hair and pulled it little hard and he inserted his dick inside my mouth and started to thrust his tool inside my mouth.

As he was going deeper and deeper, the cock was poking my throat and I was literarily coughing and I was dispersing lot of saliva on his cock. After a while he stopped and started to lick all my saliva which was all over my mouth and chin and neck, then I got up and took hold of a table where I wiped all my face with a tissue paper and was getting ready for the next session, meanwhile Guptaji went to the wash room probably for a leak, at that time my phone rang, I saw it was Deepak, I quickly attended the phone, he was asking me where I was, I said I am in the office with Guptaji , he immediately said was he near me, I said no he has gone to the wash room. Then he said what’s going on, I slowly whispered just in the midway, we will be finishing it in another 20 to 25 mins, immediately he said sweet heart today don’t miss the opportunity, try to convince him. I said yeah sure but you don’t come immediately, I am planning to spend some time with him, come after one hour, he said fine dear and he said “baby I love you , thanks for everything”, I just said to myself, I know how much you love me, but I should support him when he needs me.

I kept the receiver down and in no minute I see Guptaji coming out of the washroom. His tool hanging down and while walking it was moving left right seeing this I just started to laugh. He asked me the reason, I shared it with him. He also started to laugh sheepishly. I came near him and said “aab kya kareen”(what to do now)
He took me in his arms and he moved his abdomen against mine and said shall we fuck now, I smiled and said “aapka tho so gaya hai”( your’s has gone to sleep). He said “yeh tho tumhare hath mein ahi kaise jagana hai”( its in your hands to wake him up), I slowly rubbed his dick with my hand and smooched him and said “ aaj kya vichar hai”( today whats your idea), he replied” tum batoa”(you tell), I looked in his eyes and said” Jaanu gand marogey meri”(wanna fuck my ass), as he listened to what I said he got very delighted, he said” tumhe acha lagta hai”( do u like it), I said “nahi par janti mardon ko acha lagta hai”(no but I know men love it) saying this I went on my knees and started to suck his dick to make it hard and erect enough for him to penetrate. Within few blows, he was ready for the mission,

I got up and turned towards the table, I moved the paper and dairies aside and lifted my one leg and placed it on the table, he came behind me slowly and he kept one of his hand on my ass crack and with his other hand was rubbing his cock, slowly he inserted his thumb into my ass hole, I caught his hand and said, “Jannu zara dheere se”( little slowly), then he said don’t worry, he took some saliva from his mouth and slowly applied to my ass hole and slowly he kept his dick on the entrance of my ass hole, I slowly started to move my ass behind for him to enter, as it started to enter I was in very bad pain, he was very carefully handling me, every now and then he used to ask is everything ok, it was painful but I wanted to give him a good memorable fuck after all it was a matter of 10 lakh, I said oh baby do it to me , I need it , I need it deep inside me, listening to these words he was getting more hornier and was trying to insert deeper which was causing lot of pain, now it was almost 15 minutes since we were into action and he was not showing any symptoms of Cumming,

I wanted to finish the deal today, I didn’t want to drag it to the next meeting, so I said, baby, shall we go to the sofa, he said ok, i went to my handbag, opened it and got a bottle of non petroleum gel and gave to him and said now you do it, I went to the sofa and laid down upside down, kept a cushion under my abdomen so that my ass is lifted enough for him to enter. He came behind me separated my legs and took some big lumps of gel applied it on my ass and on his tool and laid on my back inserting his dick inside and it went inside without making much fuss, and was smooth and silky ride, as he guided his dick I was moaning and making little noise so as to create an atmosphere, hearing me moan he also started to fuck hard and he started to move faster.

Now I could make out that he was about to cum, I started to moan little harder and louder, my hands went back and started to grab his ass and tried to pull it towards me. At last he could no more hold on and came inside me and I was gracefully accepting his warm cum in my ass, he kept thrusting me and till his last drop he did not stop. Then we were unmoved for some time, I asked him to come in front of me and he did it. I slept on his chest and he was curdling my back with his arms, slowly I started to ask if there is any problem in the office , he asked me the reason , I said now a days Deepak comes home very tensed and behaves very awkwardly ,He is very rude to me. Then I said I had come to the office to just find out what exactly has happened, after a long pause he said, Deepak has mishandled some office money and that’s the reason he has been asked to settle the money before I leave. I looked at him in surprise and asked how much was the amount.

He said around 10 lakhs, I pretended to be amazed. I didn’t say anything, and neither did Mr. Gupta say anything. I was waiting for him to say something but his silence was worrying me. After some gap I said “ Guptaji can I ask you something” he asked what” I said I have little jewels, can we sell it and cover up the loss, he immediately said why should you do it baby, I said since I am his wife its my duty to help him out. He looked at me and said give me some time I will think over and let you know. I smiled and kissed him, as I was slowly moving my hand on his dick, I could make out that his dick was again getting hard, I thought this to be nice opportunity. I kissed him and started to smooch him, I slowly went near his ears and said “ Guptaji eek baar aur ho jaye”(can we have one more time) , he looked at me and said”tumhe bahut hi hot aurat ho eek baar se dil nahi bhartha”(you are a horny lady , can’t get satisfied with one session ) I laughed at him and said” gand ko tho aaj tasalli mil gaye, mere chut ki bhi pyaas bujha do, (you have fulfilled my ass, now its my pussy’s turn) as soon as I said this he climbed on me and said “ chaal aaj mein teri chut ki pyaas bhi bhujha deta hoon( let me take care of your pussy too)

I immediately spread my legs and he started to insert his dick, as I was not at all wet it was very hard for him to penetrate. I lifted my legs and spread it wide open and said” thoda thook laga dijiye”(apply some saliva), he immediately dispersed some saliva in his hand and applied it on my cunt, and now he pushed it in, with great friction he went in, I screamed in pain, seeing me scream he kept his hand in my mouth and started to push it more hard, the pain was unbearable but I kept moving my abdomen towards his so as to make it go deep inside, within few thrusts I started to get my precum and that made guptaji’s cock go inside me in a smoother way, as he was digging in with the help of my hands I lifted both my legs in the air, seeing this he kept his both the hands under my thighs and lifted my abdomen to the fullest and started to bang me hard, I started to moan loud and I said “Guptaji kuch gandi bateen kijiye”(talk something dirty), he looked at me and said” aaj mein teri chut phad doonga Sali”(today I will tear your pussy), I said “ oh jaanu aur jor se karo”( fuck me harder) and the conversation started to go on, as he was fucking me I held him very tight and his verbal abuse made me cum.

I screamed in pleasure and I got totally relaxed after a long climax. And now I wanted to make him cum, I said” mere muh mein dijiye jaan appka paani”(I need your cum in my mouth) mujhe aapka sperm taste karna hai. Immediately he took off his dick and inserted it in my mouth before I could do anything, he ejaculated in my mouth I started to suck it and took all his liquid inside me, he held my head and was thrusting his dick inside. Till he came completely. He got off me and laid down in the carpet with his hands & legs stretched, and I was on the sofa unmoved for almost 15 mins. Slowly I got up went to the wash room and had a bath and when I came out saw Guptaji all dressed up and was ready to bid me farewell. I hugged him and kissed him and without saying anything about the money, I said when will you meet me next. He said he will call me. Then I went out of the cabin, Ashok was looking at me very closely. I looked at him and smiled. I went to the car park where my hubby was waiting for me. Seeing me he opened the door and asked me what happened, I said I have spoken to him about the money but he did not respond properly.

Listening to this my hubby again got angry and said this bastard is a very strong man. I held my hubby’s hand and said be patient honey let’s wait for a day or two. After almost three days I received a call from Guptaji, he was generally asking me about me and then he said, I have some money with me, I would want to give you if you are free this weekend, I am planning to give my staffs a party in a beach house we will meet there. I was very happy and immediately I thanked him and promised him that I will repay all the money.