Deflowering Of A Daughter By Her Dirty Daddy

Hi guys and girls my name is AMULYA..As for my introduction. I am living in Bangalore.This is how I turned from a daddy’s princess to daddy’s pet.

It was a summer day in Kanpur..The roads were drying and the hot air was blowing..I came up from school to find the home empty..Well I was in class 12 then..And I had an average figure..Except for being excessive fair and long hair I had just an average breast and ass..So I came and saw home empty..Before I could reach my room I started undressing and I reached my room naked. And switching on the ac I laid there till evening..Unless all arrive home and I was a decent girl again..

My family was of me(18) dad 48 step brother, stepmom(35)..

This story is about how I was first fucked up by my daddy. And how I learnt the real way the world goes round..

V lived as a happy family except my dad who was not only alcoholic but also a gutka eater..Every night there was either quarrels in house or sound of mom getting beaten or her cries when dad used to fuck her forcefully..

Days went by and v were all habituated..And I loved my new undressing pattern..Unless one day dad was at home and I started undressing in hallway..As I crossed his room I didn’t see him but he got the view of lifetime..

He kept on watching me naked..By coming home early and his advances changed from a father to a sex hungry dog..But he wasn’t brave enough to say that to me..When he got an idea..He hid cameras in hallway to my bedroom..

I walked in next day like a bimbo.And fell prey to his dirty trap..From being naked in bed to rubbing my pussy. He had videos of all..And he launched his lusty idea by sending me this videos through whatsapp from an unknown number..Scared and startled and ashamed..I kept him asking his name and address and if he needs money in return..But all the answer was meet me in hotel parmatma..A few days passed in tension and I decided to meet him for sure..

Now this hotel was not actually a hotel but a cheap inn..Barely costing 300 Rsa day. I managed to reach their bunking my school..And before I could ask the receptionist a dirty fat man passed me a key to a room..I moved and found it to be the only room occupied in motel..Feared and sweating..I pushed the door open just when I noticed a man drinking in dark..All lights were off.

I came in saying “Dekho tum videos delete kar do. Main jaanti hu tumne mujhe kyu bulaya..Par plz delete kar do” I knew this guy wanted sex. ..He just threw a dirty hanky and told me to put it on eyes..Just as I did it..I could see the lights were on..But a smelly dirty vest covered my eyes and now I could see nothing.I was pulled by hair to land on floor. Everything about the room stinked. And so did the man..He said nothing..But his hands took off every clothes from my body..

I sat naked weeping..Every time I stood up a slap landed on my face or on my ass..Unless I became numb..Catching by my hair..I was thrown on a bed..Which hasn’t been cleaned in last 10 yrs..And I could feel a naked hairy man getting on top..He tried to kiss me..But every time he opened his lips he spilled gutka on my face..He pushed my face open.And spilled all the gutka in…I coughed like a bitch..

I stood up and begging water..He gave me a bottle..I knew it was alcohol..Still I drank to comfort my throat..I said..”Jo karna hain karo..But ye sab mat karo”..

He laughed and made me kneel..I started searching for his zip..But he wouldn’t let me touch..He pushed me to wall and forced his dick in my mouth..It wasn’t that big but it was hairy a lot..And it went in to my mouth and nose..I was being gagged..And he kept on fucking my mouth..With every push my head hit the wall..He den took his dick out..And picked me up..Luckily he didn’t cum in my mouth..

Now he threw me on bed..And parted my legs..I was neither wet nor he licked my pussy to make it wet. A precum wet dick forced into my dry pussy and I screamed as hell … Aaaaaaaa … But the unholy man..Didn’t stop..Another deep thrust and he was in and he was fucking me like a pig.

I just was fainting and shouting aaaa aaaasa choro mujhe .. Nahiiuj … Aaaaa nahiii .. Bachao maaaa..And the man kept on fucking with his dick hitting my pussy walls..The pain grew and there was no pleasure..

After doing for 20 mins he took his dick out..I lay there like a dead meat used as a slut..But this man had no mercy at all..

He now knew all the fight was destroyed..He picked me up and by my hair pulled me..To a table..He made my hands rest on table and bent me..I followed his movements..I now felt him behind..And soon his dick pierced my pussy as I let out a exhausted scream..Later I knew it’s called doggy style..He started fucking me that way.

Now I just murmured nahi mat karo lagta hain..But I just maintained the position and my young body sweated..He kept fucking me like that for 10 mins..And then permitted me to rest on floor..As I rested..He sat near a chair near me..And drank again..I felt his stinky hairy leg on my face as he rubbed my face and my nipples with that..

Then he got up again and kicked me to move as if ordering his pet dog..I walked on four like a bitch..And landed on bed..With all innocence destroyed..Just when that man came up and pushed his dick in my mouth and fucking it..I lay there dead as he kept doing it.

To my surprise..I thought he would leave and assure me of deleting the videos..I felt my eyes were being opened..Now at least I would know the bastard..Before eye could see splashes of cumshot drenched my face..And I was taken aback by disgust just when I could see the man put dick in my mouth and said to lick it clean..I did it quick as I could see my violator..That’s when I was shocked.

It was my dad sitting with legs across my chest and dick in my mouth..My senses died at once..And daughter in me died. I laid like a meat looking at him blankly as he smiled with gutka in mouth and pleasure of his dick being sucked.
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