Daredevils in a Parking Lot
Hey guys, sorry it took too long to share another story. Editting our sex videos takes a lot of time so i wasn’t able to have the free time to type up our adventures. Anyway, here we are now.. hopefully I’d be able to share once a month.
This particular story may have been a once in a lifetime event.
It was almost this time of the year (Christmas Season, if you’re reading this sometime later), it was Wednesday and Wednesday nights are date nights for us. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for us in the office as our boss suddenly declared a disaster recovery exercise (if you’re not familiar with the term, just google it), our agents have to transfer operations to our backup site in ortigas and we managers have to stay until everyone finishes on that particular shift even though we ourselves aren’t in shift schedules. But anyway, At least they provide reserved parking spaces for us. I had to cancel date night, Anne was of course disappointed. So i had to make it up by texting with her the whole time. Long story short, texting turned to sexting, and then into dares. I dared her first to partially open the doors of her condo just so that there’s about a centimeter opening (which i never found out if she really did. Hahaha..) and start masturbating. She dared me to answer a video call while she masturbates. It was around 8pm and a lot of employees are still around the DR office space, I could get caught by people passing behind me. But a dare is a dare. When i answered the call, she was wearing a bra-less pink workout sando, those perforated dry-fit neon cropped tops they wear on top of workout bras, and a pink lace g-string thong. You can barely see her nipples but just enough to see that its erect and almost red as if it was pinched hard a couple of times. She was playing with her nipples through her sando which she absolutely refused to remove. While her other hand is playing with her clit. We didn’t talk anymore coz we didn’t want anyone to be curious and look who i was talking to. she focused on masturbating while giving me inviting glances from time to time. If not pinching her nipples, she’d put some fingers in and out of her pussy while the other hand is continuously rubbing her clit. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…” she whispers trembling as she came. She rested for until her breath returned to a normal pace. She then looked back into the camera and signaled me to wait with a devilish smile on her face. When she came back on screen, her thong was already off and she was holding a rabbit vibrator. She lifted her shirt (let’s just call it a shirt, ok?) and slid the vibrating toy around one nipple, then to the other nipple, then slowly down to her legs, pass slowly on her pussy, then back to her nipples. She then jokingly licked the toy all around as i wished it was my dick she was licking. She tried shoving it down her throat then turn it on but she shakes her head as if saying it’s impossible. She tries again, this time almost up to the base of the “rabbit tail” (whatever that’s called) her eyes turned a bit red and a tear almost dropped then shaking her head again as she lowers the toy to her pussy. She slowly puts it in, you can tell she’s enjoying as she lifts her head, closes her eyes, and slightly opens her mouth. I had to put on my earphones since this time she didn’t care if she was moaning loud. I could have just turned off the volume, but c’mon… really??? Who doesn’t want to hear her moan? She licks her fingers and played with her nipples, making circular motions with it. She twists back the toy so that instead of her clit, her asshole gets hit by the rabbit tail. You can literally hear how wet she was, as each time the toy goes in, it makes squishy sounds. She turns around on a doggy position to show me a clear picture of what it looks like to play with a rabbit while playing with the clit at the same time. You can see how the rabbit tail sometimes go inside her asshole, which is fun to look at. But what’s incredible to see is how her pubic area gets pushed with each thrust. She lets off a loud and long screaming moan as she cums the second time. You’ll see how the pussy contacts as she tremble with ecstasy. Then she said “tang ina naman e, ako na nga lang pupunta jan” (fuck it, i’ll go to where you are instead)
So this, ladies and gents, is the once in a lifetime event. While i was parking my car when i got to the back up site, i was telling my colleague of how unsecure the basement parking was since there wasn’t a roving guard visible and no cctv installed. I asked her to meet me at the entrance of the building, dared her to be pantyless and braless but wearing a long dress. She had to ride a taxi like that.
When she arrives, we immediately went to my car. She sucks my very hard dick while i touched her breast through the silky dress. She removed her dress and dared me..
“Fuck me outside”… knowing there aren’t any cctvs, i agreed. (Ha!!)
I fucked her on a standing doggy position while her hands are pushed into the wall of the parking lot. She kept quiet but you can still hear reluctant moans. She was surprised when i slapped her ass, enough to let out a short moan. Then i rammed her hard, pulling her waists to me with each thrust. She made muffled moans with her mouth closed and this made me feel challenged. I asked that she lie down on the hood of the car beside us. She willingly obeyed as if nothing in the world matters anymore than being fucked. I spread her legs apart, holding them up in the position of scissors and fucked her as hard as i can. Her back sliding down the hood of the car and onto me gave my already strong thrust gave it an extra “ummmph”… i got what i wanted, her face in ecstasy… closed eyes, blushed cheeks, and half bitten lips… moans unmuffled and breasts bouncing with each pound. She didn’t know guards rarely do rounds (or doesn’t at all), she didn’t know there was no cctv. All she knows was that moment, she’s being fucked.. And fucked hard. We went on for maybe 7 or 10 minutes of pounding until i felt i was close to finish. As i was about to cum i told her to kneel down and open her mouth wide. With closed eyes, she slid down the hood of the car and kneld down cupping her breasts.. middle finger and pointer finger slightly pinching her nipples. Although i intended to cum in her mouth, the amount of cum and the force it went, instead ended up on her face with only a little bit actually ending up inside her mouth. Knowing she likes the taste of cum, i expected she’d slide the cum off her face and into her mouth, but instead she just sucked my slightly limp dick hard and quick. And in no time i came again but this time inside her mouth. I never knew you could cum with a limp dick. After that, she wiped off whatever remained on her face using some tissue and threw it beside the car we fucked on. I wonder, would the owner of that car realize that the dried up water marks in the shape of a body on his hood, and the sticky tissue are evidence that someone used his car for sex?