Dad, Me and My Husbands

I am 25yrs young, look so sexy (people say it) with all dimensions in perfect size including my Buttocks, Milk Tanks and Pussy Depth. This is a real love story . I was born and brought up in Vizag. My father, Appala Naidu is a school teacher in a private English medium school near Gajuwaka. My mother, Padmaja attends the public telephone booth which we own, from morning 8am to night 8 pm very near to my house on the high way. I have an younger sister who is 5 yrs behind me. I am coming to the real story now.That was the year 1992, I am 10yrs old and studying 5th Class. I am very innocent and hardly know anything about sex. I believe Pooku (Pussy) is meant for only pissing. During pissing I got some itching sensation near my little pussy. I started rubbing with my hand. I got a very nice feeling. Since then daily in fact whenever I get the time I started rubbing my pussy with my hands and fingering it.

One day when I was doing the same, my dad has seen it and asked wat r u doing. I innocently told, dad, some itching is there at the place. Then dad came near and started rubbing my pussy. I didn’t wear any underwear then. My satisfaction doubled with the touch of my father. When my father stopped it, I insisted him to do for some more time. He did it. But that was the first touch of a male directly on my pussy. Since then dad has done it many times like that and he also started liking it. During that trubbing section, I used to close my eyes and moan, aaaah!! Aaahhhh! Dadddddd! Inka gattiga ruddu. (Rub it hard).

Slowly I got addicted to it. My dad who is hardly 28 yrs then, also enjoyed touching the cherry of his own daughter. He used to smile at me and ask, darling do u want rubbing section now? Slowly my little pussy and tender pussy leaves becoming mature. Once during rubbing section, I got bleeding and da told that I am matured (Mensus). My mother got surprise. She was asking my dad, she is hardly 10yrs old and became ready for sex. My mother also told she got her first bleed at the age of 13yrs. But dad and me only know the reason for my early puberty. After two months, luckily I had seen dad fucking padmaja. That night I too was sleeping along with them. They thought that I am in deep sleep and started fucking section.

Mom lifted her saree and inner langa upto breast and folded legs. Dad inserted his finger into my moms pussy. Pooku lo velu petti kelukuthunnadu. Mom wasn’t satisfied with that. She told dad to start fucking, dengudu. Dad then removed his lungi and put his 7inch sulla, cock into mom’s bolli, pussy. After dropping semen into her, dad told her how is it? Mom replied, I am not satisfied. If u do not fuck in a way I get satisfaction, I will see another man for that and even elope with him. Dad told her u r kaama pisachi.

Next morning when dad was reading news paper, I kissed him and told gd morning and sit on his lap. But my aim is to touch his long rod. Luckily dad was not wearing an underwear and I could my buttocks could get the touch of his penis. I started moving slowly to have rubbing to my butts. Dad’s rod became stiff. I could feel it. He hugged me from behind. Slowly I have kept muy hand directluy on dad’d rod. I asked dad , wat is it very hard in your lungi. He told it is for pissing. I asked him to show it to me. Then he lifted his lungi and shown to me. I grabbed it started sucking it. Dad asked wat r u doing? I told dad I am eating ice fruit. I am aroused and taken my daughter into bed room. My wife already left for duty (telephone booth duty but latter I came to know she has connection with nearby shop owner and that the reason why she lost interest in me)

Dad asked me to remove my dress which I did with obedience. He kissed me every where and little pussy started reacting to dad’s touch of my body. He sqeezed my buttes. He sucked my little tits. He told me baby, since u r matured, ur body is ready for sex. But u r only 10yrs old, so mentally u may not be ready for it. But I have strong desire to fuck you that is I want to insert my rod into your pooku. I asked dad innocently, wat happens if u put ur penis into my pussy? He replied u will get pleasure like u got during rubbing there. Even more pleasure u will get. Then dad my hole is very small. Ur ro cannt go inside. Dad replied no daughter, ur hole wil expand, once I insert rod into it. Then I told ok dad come on.

Dad initially kissed my pussy for many times. I am in heaven. I get lot of sukham. He lifted me and caresses all my body. He kissed my lips and inserted tongue. He started licking my ass and pussy. My pussy has seen its zenith then. I moaned dad, I love u. U r giving me lot of pleasure. Come on dad press my butts, lick my pussy. Haaaa dad hard, sqeeze me. Then dad asked me to suck his rod. I could not take even half of his rod into me. Dad is in heaven. He murmered, naaa muddula koothuraaa. Naakave. Neee abba sullla nchindaaa. Aaahaaaa!!1 huuuuuu. Pillla pooku anukunte, bhale naaku thunnave. I was aroused by all filthy language used by dad.

Then he made me lie on bed. Kept two pillows below my pirralu (butts). He spreaded my legs. Brought the rod near to my pussy lips. Slowly inserted it into me. I didn’t get any extraordinary pain. But bearable only. He slowly inserted all of his 7inch cock into me. I told dad, I am not getting any extra pleasure when u kept rod inside me. He told wait for some time. He slowly puling and pushing of his rod into and out of my pussy. My little pussy experienced first sweet pain.

I enjoyed the fucking. Dad being an expert, fucked me hard. During fucking I am in heaven. He said Latha I love u. I too replied Appala Naidu I love u. Latha Nee pooku naaku kaavali. I said Naidu, nee sulla kaaya naaku kaavali.

That was how I was first fucked when I was 10yrs old and in 5th Class. Since then dad fucked me many times and became dead fan of dad’d rod. Meanwhile once we both caught mom having sex with a teenage boy in our house. Mom expressed sorry but few days latter eloped with that boy. It is for our good only. Dad and me have several sections daily. When I finished 10th class and reached 16 yrs, dad who was 34 yrs married me in a simple ceremony at simhachalam temple. We became wife and husband. I have now one handsome son of 8yrs old now. Dad after crossing 40yrs could not fuck me properly. But I am bearing it. Because I have started preparing mu 8yrs old son. When he reaches 12 or thirteen I will make him ready for sex. If dad dies in meantime, its ok else, me and my would be i.e. My son will kill him start our new life. I am grateful to my dad, as he fucked for 10yrs. Latha wants every gal to have fucking sections with their fathers. Father’s experienced rods are far better than inexperienced classmated boys friends. Thank u all. Next time I will tell u how I am seducing my little son