Benji and Ramzy
9 november 2018
Oh they came back. I told Ramzy when they left on Thursday that Jonte was going away in the midday on Friday so to my surprise at 12 oclock the doorbell rang and when I opened there stood Ramzy and Benji. Ramzy said I phoned Benji and asked he if I would pick me up then we go to Gunnie because Jonte is away and Benji said ohh I cum and pick you up now.
I let them in of course they both started kiss me and there hands all over me felt so good feel them all over me. Wait say Ramzy have to write on Gunnie so he write Pig on my face Ramzys and Benjis on my breast and Slut on my blouse took some pics the they both got my clothes of and I went in to the bedroom and hear they getting there clothes off on the way.

They kissd my breast nipples that make me so wet but I don’t think I can get more wet and horny when they here they make me feel soooo hot.Benji got down on the bed I get down and take his cock in my mouth sucking it deep down on my four Ramzy put three four fingers inside fucked me hard god so wet I was just cumming all wet squirting Ramzy forced his big cock in my pussy oohh yes sooo good feel it all the way deep down.
Sucked Benjis cock so hard and forced him to cum he filled my mouth my throath mmm soo much great tasting sperm…mmm swallow all I could.Ramzy pounding my back in my pussy hard fast and then I could hear him and feel him when got me so loaded filling my pussy his sperm my squirting sooo wet all over my legs and bed.
-What a luvely surprise Ramzy and Benji hope you do it more times.
I got in the shower and but on my black bra and some string and sat down in room outside and then Ramzy come again with his chalkpen and wrote pig on my head and Ramzys Benjis Fuck Hole on my chest then he rubbed it out and paint a pignose in myface and wrote Ramzy Benji on my breast and Fuck Hole on my belly.
Then they pulled me off the chair I was sitting in and down on the floor and Benji put his cook in my pussy hard and fast fast felt so horny he was he pound me harder and harder felt his sperm filling my pussy again. Ramzy stood beside wanking his cock hard and took Benjis place and pumped me hard he fill me my pussy with his hard big cock and then I could feel his loading me full. God so much sperm he has I was so soaking wet and felt soo good.
-Thank you my wonderful luvers you make me feel soo good.
I got upp with the sperm running on my tighs and legs but it doesn’t matter felt so good.They got dressed and I followed them to my door and gave them a big kiss and big hug.
-Wonderful surprise please do it more times Ramzy and Benji me beautiful boys.
-Promise Gunnie you’re the best woman there is.
Then they whent away in Benjis car I waved them goodbye. A little bit later Jonte got home and he swa the writing Ramzy did because I saved it so he could see I got a little bit surprise befor he got me in our bed. Great ending to my surprise date.