Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 3
Sherrie & Baby Face

BBI was doing great. The downside was that Gabe and Nick were in and out leaving Sherrie too much time. While out shopping she saw a rowdy group of k**s beating one. By the time she turned her car around to investigate, one small k** crawled from the ditch. He was bruised, dirty and his little glasses were broke. She scooped him up and he said, “not a k** Lady” and passed out. She rambled through his back pack and discovered he was actually a “little person”, a dwarf. His papers showed until recent, an orphan. She looked at his “Baby Face” still in disbelief. She put him in her car, seat belted him in. He was so little, he couldn’t see past the dash. Arriving her small business office, She tried to help him out and he sternly said, “no! I can do it”. She let him try to unbuckle for several minutes then helped him. Getting out of the car was a drop for him. He stretched trying to slid out and fell out. Her heart was tearing. He told her to “go ahead”. She was up the steps waiting before he reached them. She ran down as he stood looking at the high climb up and he said, “no! I’m grown! I can do this”! She went inside and peeped out to see him crawl and rest. Sherrie cried profusely. He came through the door, crawled in and dropped.

She came over, squatted directly in his face totally accidental. Reaching to help him he again said, “No Ms Lady, I’m grown. I can do this”. She sat by his side, still not thinking, Her knees were up, feet flat on the floor and her head resting on her knees, she cried. She was casually dressed, blouse and skirt with plain, cotton granny panties. Her gusset was just inches away fully in his view as he turned toward her. Baby Face took a minute to view, then his small hand pulled her heel making her legs fall and cover herself. He said, “Ms Lady” and then patted her legs downward. It hit her that he was blocking his view of her out of respect. Sherrie said, “sorry, Thanks”. She picked him up under his protest, sat him on the couch and left. She came back with soapy towels and first aid. She took off his little sneaker shoes and socks. She washed his face, she checked his hair line. Then washed his little legs and bandaged his scuffed knees, crying. His small hand grabbed a finger saying, “I’m alright Ms Lady” and she really cried. Trying to calm her he gave his life story, she calmed still whimpering. He finally told her that he was thankful for her help, but he wasn’t use to having anyone care about him. She calmed, dried her eyes and he said, “can I use your bathroom”? She grabbed him up, holding him like baby tightly against her chest and took him to it as he said “Ms Lady, please”. She told him to toss out his clothes, and take a shower. Protesting, He threw them out. Later, as he sat in a towel, she ordered food. In his cleaned clothes, he ate like he was starving. They sat on her sofa, chatted and she told him to rest. He told her, he would for just a few minutes.

Five hours later he lay snoring, covered in a blanket and being watched by Gabe, Nick and Sherrie. She asked them, “can I have him”? They told her that he was actually grown and she had to work that out with him. She said, “Look at him, he’s beautiful, just a little sandy blond boy”. She explained that he wouldn’t ever have a normal life, but she could give him a great life. They said, “Your MaMa thing is kicking in”.

Warren aka Baby Face woke finding Sherrie sleep on the opposite end of the sofa. She was in a house robe with her head in the opposite direction. On her side, her knees slightly drawn up, her ass exposed showing on full cheek in view. “Damn, Warren thought, It’s hell being small”! Hearing her waking, he faked sleep. She leaned over, snugged his blanket as he peeped in her robe and saw her bare, hanging tits. She got up, walked away dropping her robe as she went into the bathroom. Warren sat up hearing the shower running and jerked his little cock, shooting cum into the her cleaning towel. In 30 minutes, he was being shaken as she said “Good Morning, are you hungry”? He replied “yes”. She picked him, laying into her chest he said, “you gotta stop picking me and carrying me”, she said, “I’m faster”. He said “OK”. He bounced against her tits as he looked over her shoulder saying, “Ms Lady”? She turned him to face her saying, “yes”? He smiled asking, “what your name”? She nuzzled his face saying saying “Sherrie”. As they rode in her car, He got on his knees, gripped the dash trying to see. Her arm came around, pushed him in the seat saying, “Baby Face, sit down”! He said, “Baby Face”? He laughed saying, “OK, for you, I’m Baby Face”. She ordered drive through breakfast. He asked, “where are we going”? She just smiled and winked.

They went to a Park, ate and she walked talking until he was tired. She picked him up again and continued to talk. People passed them by giving them smiles, she said, “they think you’re mine”. She told him that she didn’t have k**s, couldn’t have them because like him, she was different. She saw him thinking, but let it go. He told her that he was sterile and nobody would want him anyway. She said, “I do”. He asked, “for what”? She said, “be my k** or at least give it try”? She explained for 2hrs that he had nothing to lose, trying. He agreed. She picked him, snugged him against her asking, “were we going now”? She tickled him saying “home”. They passed by her office and he said “ah Mum, home is behind us”? Sherrie smiled and winked at him again saying, “did you call me “Mum”? He nodded “yes”. She drove up to the Mansion. He was standing in his seat looking and said, “who lives here”? She got out, d**g him out, snugged him in her chest saying, “you do”.

She walked in holding him as he wiggled around, head twisting trying to see everything and not making a sound. He whispered I her ear, “Mum, are you sure about this”? She lifted him above her head and spun grinning. He screamed, “Mummie, Mummie”! They were still spinning when they heard, “I let you out of my site and you come home with a baby” Warren hid in her neck. He laughed and walked away saying, “alright Babe, take care of him”. Warren whispered, “boy friend”, she replied “yep”. She sat him down and they walked hand in hand. He let her hand go, tried to climb up on her wing back chair, looked back and saw Nick. He flew back to Sherrie, she snatched him up giggling as he hid in her neck again. Nick said, “he don’t look like me, don’t look like Gabe but he has to be yours”. Nick came over, kissed her saying “I missed you last night”. She grinned say, “behave! Not in front of my Baby Face”. Warren whispered, “ah Mum”? She laughed softly saying, “yes him too, I’ll explain later Baby Face”.

They ate supper and as it ended, Sherrie picked up Warren saying she was going to put him to bed. Gabe and Nick agreed that she was happy! She returned, bent over the table saying “Breed my “Mama Hole” full”! Gabe snatched her dress up, ripped her panties to the side and fast stroked her. She said, “give me that baby juice”! Gabe slammed into her so hard that he lifted her on her toes. He growled as his cum shot. He wasn’t backing out of her saying, “Nick, Get in there”! Nick rammed her and on his back stroke, Sherrie farted cum out each time he cleared her ass hole. Less than a minute later, Nick dumped. He laid over and pressed his cum inside her. Gabe grabbed him and pulled him out of her and sank his cock into her. He slow stroked her until his load built, then said, “here my Dear”. He eased his cock back until just the tip remained inside her, then oozed his cum out. She got up, kissed them both and left. Nick said, “she didn’t cum”? Gabe told him that he bet she would feed the Baby tonight.

Sherrie stopped in her bed room, showered, put on a simple cotton , knee length, pink flowered, granny style gown. Full cut, granny style panties without a rear panel, completed her. She went into Warren’s room saying, “how’s my Baby Face”. She crawled on his bed with her breast heavily swaying, crawled up and kiss pecked his face until he was laughing. She sat beside him facing him then crossed her ankles, and pulled her feet toward her. Her gown stretched around her thighs remained raised. She knew he had to be looking in her crotch any time he faced her. He didn’t tell her that she “showing” so she explained that Gabe and Nick were her men because they both loved her. She keep on to tell him that because she was “different” she was glad to have them. Not every man would want her. She tied him up long enough to say, “I’m sorry Baby Face Why didn’t you tell me my panties were showing”? He stumbled for words, she told him it was OK after all she is his Mum and he would see her dressed and undressed often. Opening her thighs wide, she flashed him then crawled up beside him.

She played face rubbing him, nuzzling again. This time she pulled him close and “accidentally” rubbed her breast against him. She knew it was getting to him as he was breathing harder. He nuzzled into her chest looking down and into her gown, at her breast. She “caught” him and said, “Baby Boy are you looking at Mum’s breast”? Before he could answer, her hand pulled one out and held it before his lips. He watched it a minute, looked up to her face and she pushed it into his mouth, “Baby must be hungry”? He hungrily sucked on it, pulling hard on her nipple. Back and forth she switched breast saying, they don’t have milk but you are making Mum milky. She let him suck saying, “Mum is different”. He stopped, laid back, she said, “Mum is full”. He said, “give me milk Mum”. She smiled at him telling him that he wasn’t ready. She pecked him on the forehead saying, “Mum is so different BabyBoy”. He said, “Mum, I am more different than you”. She said “please BabyBoy, I don’t want you to hate me”? He kissed her like man saying, “I could never hate you”. He played right into her hands, She had felt his small cock rubbing against her while he sucked her breast. She said, “let me think about it”, as she turned her back to him saying, “snuggle”? He said, “yes Mum”. As he moved toward her, she pulled her gown up baring her naked cheeks to him. He slid against her never saying a word. He nuzzled his face on her back. She sat up and drew her gown off and backed into him. They laid for minutes until she felt his cock pegging against her. She said, “BabyBoy, please take your under ware off. It’s scratching me”. He took them off and rolled against her. His cock poked her at the very top of her ass cleft. She knew he was too short to fuck her ass hole, but he could fuck between her cheeks. She twisted her back, slowly slid upward and his cock slid down her ass cleft. When his torso touched her, he was as deep as he could get and the heat of her asshole was directly in front of his cock head. “Mummm”, he cried. She could feel his small jets of cum splatter her ass bud. Quick shots but actually powerful for his size. “Good Boy. Give it Mum. Yes, Mum wants it”, she whispered. After his last shot, Sherrie quickly turned over and hugged him. She caressed his body asking, “are you still my BabyBoy”? His mouth caught her nipple and he softly sucked it.

He said, “Milk Mum”? She felt him easing his way down her body. “Milk Mum” he said as his face probed her bush. His mouth found her cock and her suckled it saying”milk, please Mum, give me milk”. He sucked her hard just at the edge of being painful. She shook as her balls burst, throwing cum like they had when she was all male. She couldn’t believe that she was cumming in such large shots. He took all she could purge until her cock died in his mouth. He slid back up her torso, between her arms and nuzzled into her neck saying, “Thanks, Mum”. They both drifted into sleep.

Late in the night, Nick woke Warren and too him away. In another room, he told Warren their rag’s to riches story. He told that they had everything because of Sherrie and the only thing she was missing, he could be. He was told to “be” exactly the little boy that she wanted, period. Nick asked him if he and Sherrie were sexual and Warren replied, “sort of”. Nick told him to explore her and use her, anyway he chose explaining that he and Gabe took her constantly to every limit because she needed it. That the bottom line is to make her happy because they loved her. Warren said that he would.
Sherrie woke to the feel of Baby Face crawling under her cover. She felt his little lips closing on her cock. Her hand slid into his hair softly rubbing his head saying, “did someone wake up hungry? You can have a little but save for later”. He sucked gently and soon he heard her moan, then squirt. Sherrie shot one load saying, “one, and you can have one more”. He worked her cock until he felt her push her hips up. He pushed his hand under her, finger probed her ass hole and she spurted into his mouth. Both of hands grasp him and slid him up her chest until she was staring at him. Warren said, “Mummie”! He watched a broad smile spread across her face. She said, “Mum has to get her baby more clothes today, so we must get up”. A minute later, she had him in her arms walking nude into her shower. She towered above him soaping her body, then his. She squatted down and washed him, standing as she washed herself, he washed her pubic. She rinsed him, then she rinsed her self. As she did, he pressed his face between her ass cheeks and ate her ass hole. She leaned against the wall, let him have his way as she pushed her ass bud out, to meet his probing tongue. Minutes later, she toweled him dry, sat him on the bed asking “what should I wear today”? She selected a casual, loose, flowing, tent style dress in multiple colors. Laying it on the bed, she picked out under clothing. Laying the bra and panties down, Baby Face grabbed them and threw them out of her reach. She smiled saying, “OK, I guess that means, I don’t need them”? He clapped his hands as she pulled her dress over her head.

Inside a k**’s Store, she pushed him in a cart as she filled it. As they checked out, the cashier said, “He’s so cute and well mannered”, Sherrie replied “Thank you”. They were eating at the Park again, being admired by passers by, getting compliments from other Moms, Warren knew that she was happy. He noticed a man watching them with a leering eye. He “accidentally” turned causing her dress to show off the side of her thigh. Sherrie said, “be careful Baby Face You don’t want that man to see my “stuff”? He crawled on her lap facing her and dragging her dress up. She said, “careful Baby. My legs are showing almost up to my “stuff”, I’m trying to keep my legs together, so don’t move” Warren wiggled and tickled her “innocently”. She laughed and gaped her thighs 3 times saying, “oops! I think he saw my hair”. He slid backward off her lap, dragging her dress down covering her. She got up, picked him up and walked by the man who sat smiling. Warren waved at him as the man stared at Sherrie’s swaying ass.

At home again, Nick met them at the door. She flashed her bare ass to him as she got Baby Face out telling him to grab the bags. He came in to find her sitting on the couch. Her dress was thrown over Warren’s upper body covering him as he laid in her lap. “I’m feeding the Baby, Dear. I’ll be with you in a moment.”. Sherrie smiled, then her face tightened. Nick knew she was cumming. Several times more, the same thing he said, “He’s really hungry”. She rubbed Warren’s body saying “yes, I need to feed him more often, I guess. I’m still learning how to be a Mom”. He saw her grin, then grimaced hard. Nick was thinking, “he’s got it all for a while”. Warren slid from under her dress and ran out of the room. Nick sat beside her, hugged her saying, “ I think he needs all your milk for a while Babe”. She kissed him back saying, “I’m making so much, so quickly, I’ll keep him fed”. Sherrie kissed him dragging him over her.

Fully clothed and thrusting into her. Baby Face walked and watched them. She said, “we’re being watched”. Nick smiled at her saying, “k**s do that”. She snickered at him. Baby Face walked around them looking. He saw Nick’s stiff cock plunging in and stretching her ass hole back, as he stroked. They fucked 30 minutes, Nick came and raised of her. Baby Face peered to see her swollen ass hole, open and dripping Nick’s cum. He got off leaving the room as she sat up. Baby Face ran, jumped on the couch and nuzzled into her neck. She held him tightly against her chest asking, “Baby Happy”? He nodded, “yes”. She told him that she needed to put his clothes away and stood. As her back was to him, He saw cum trailing down her thigh. He grabbed her hips, she said, “what Baby”? She felt him sliding under her dress and leaned forward. His tongue lapped her ass cheeks, then dove between them. He licked, lapped and probed her loose, leaking hole until she was clean. He then lapped down her legs, cleaning all the trailing cum. She turned, gave him kiss on the head and a face smile before she walked away.

Later, they were laying on her bed, she on her side, Baby face snuggled facing her, when Gabe came in. “Mind if I join you”, he asked. She patted the bed behind her. He slid behind her as she slid her breast into Baby Face’s mouth saying, “I’m trying to get him to rest. I’ve ran his little legs off today”. She felt her dress being raised, then Gabes stiff cock pressed into her. He stroked her lovingly saying, “you were meant for this”. Sherrie replied, “I really feel complete. I have a c***d”. Baby Face nursed her breast hungrily. Nick stroked faster and she moaned. Nick asked if she alright and she told him that she was heavy with milk and needed to feed the Baby. Baby Face slid down captured her cock with his mouth. Each shove from Nick pushed it though his lips. Sherrie moaned again. Nick said, “feed him, He’s a growing boy. He needs your milk”. Her ass hole clenched on him as she shot inside Warren’s mouth. “Ahhhhhh, tore from Sherrie’s mouth. Loud gulping sounds could be heard then Gabe hissed. Together, they were cumming. A few minutes later, she lay arms wrapped around Baby Face Gabe left saying, “keep him fed, Sweet Heart”. She replied, “yes,Dear”. Baby Face said, “Mum, they love you”. She kissed him saying, “Yes, and I love you”.

Baby Face crawled over and slid his face to her ass. He patted her cheeks, spread them wide and made long laps up her crease cleaning cum. “Out”, he whispered. Sherrie squeezed her cheeks tight together, then relaxed them. After 3 flexing he saw Gabes cum dribbling. His tongue went deep sucking on her ass bud as it probed. He made a fist and softly punched her cheeks. She said, “if you want to play with my pussy, you can”. He pressed his fist against her ass bud and it easily slipped in. He popped it in and out of her several times, then pushed into her as deep as his elbow. He said, “Mum”? She replied, “play Baby. Enjoy yourself” as she pushed back against him until her ass checks were solidly against his chest. He saw “wow Mum” knowing she had taken his whole arm. He felt her body shake as she giggled. She felt his hand open and close, his fingers spread and close. She said, “having fun” and laughed. She felt his arm muscle flex and his elbow bend like he was lifting weight. He played another minute, then removed his arm. He quickly slid his small cock between her meaty cheeks. Sherrie squeezed his cock until she felt his little jets of cum spray. He lay resting when she said “very good Baby. Very, very Good”.

Five months had passed. Sherrie’s life had moved into a new normal. Being more at home raising Baby Face, she developed a dressing style of large, flowing, accessible robes. Baby Face lived under her robes. He latched on her cock like a pacifier. Under constant stimulation, her cum makers keep her consistently filled waiting for Baby Face to drain her. Gabe, Nick and now Baby Face fisting her, had prolapsed her anal muscles. She could now reach outward and actually capture Baby Face’s cock. Being able to fuck her, he was insatiable. She was a full time sex object and loved it. She wasn’t in love with viewing her prolapse, but everyone loved to see it. Snow was predicted and Sherrie wanted to buy Baby Face a full body thermal suit. She was dressed in an Purple, hip length, over sized, cowl neck, thick sweater. A matching, Purple and Red, pleated, short skirt over sweater thick leggings barely up to her shirt hem. Bra and pantie less as always. Sitting to put on her boots, she saw Baby Face looking up her skirt. She smiled at him saying “no, I fed you less than an hour ago”. Nick came pass them as Baby Face zipped toward her. She said, “no greedy”! Nick ran over, kissed her and picked her leg up saying, “feed him. It’s cold out side”. She smiled in Nick face saying, “there you go again spoiling him”. She grunted 6 times and Nick said, “did you get enough? If you didn’t we have time”. Sherrie pushed Nick away and hurriedly got her boot on. She grabbed Baby Face up and quickly walked to the door. He opened it saying “Mooo”! She and Baby Face laughed.

Driving back from shopping, Baby Face had her pick up a friend he knew. They agreed to give a ride to the barn, an old cabin like barn that was used for drying in its time. Now a safe place known to homeless for emergency shelter. Interior stone heat chambers kept it warm. His friend asked, “Warren, who is she”? He replied, “ Sherrie, she adopted me”. Three miles out, she was told to pull over. The Barn was out a dirt road almost hidden from view. Sherrie put her Jeep in 4 wheel drive and drove there. At the barn the door opened, steam rolled out and 6 young men walked out. Warren knew all of them as they piled around the car talking in the window. After 15 minutes and seeing how Baby Face enjoyed seeing them again, she said, “lets go in”? Inside they scuffled around making space and fashioning a seat for Sherrie out of back packs and sleeping bags. There wasn’t anyway very lady like that she could sit down, so all of them got a partial leg flash as she sat. As they all talked, they all had little peeps of her hairy crotch. She gave them an “accidental” show that she knew Baby Face wanted. Her cock started to dribble wetting her hair. She knew they were getting a “wet cunt” view. Thinking that she had shown enough to satisfy Baby Face she said that they needed to go.