An Old Friend**My High School Days**From the time I was a young boy, I was drawn to friendships with boyswho exhibited some kind of dominance. It wasn’t something that Iconsciously did, but I often remember being asked by family and friends whyI would hang out with friends who bullied me. To me it didn -(TM)t feellike bullying in comparison to the alternative, which was to have friendswho were more like me – meek and passive, and end up bullied in a far worseway by the stronger boys in school. Maybe I sought the protection ofstronger boys or maybe I looked up to their strength and felt lucky to bearound them. At any rate, for as long as I can remember I had best friendswho were clearly in charge and liked me being a follower.When I was 14 my family moved (as we often did with a father in themilitary), and I found myself entering a new high school in Denver,Colorado. It was the summer before my freshman year that I met Drew, andhe became my best friend throughout high school. Drew was athletic andconfident, and I was drawn to his popularity. Although I was a skinny,brainy type, I was always considered nice-looking (cute was the term mostgirls would use), and I think the feedback he heard from girls who saw mehanging out at the local convenience store that summer gave Drew enoughreason to reach out to me.We hung out a good bit, and I think my deference to his decisions and mywillingness to praise his qualities resulted in a mutual friendship. Iguess most would say that he bullied me, with his occasional joke at myexpense, his demands for my compliance, his using me to do his homework,and his pressure to control me, mainly for his benefit or entertainment. But we had an understanding, and I looked up to him like a big brother.When it came to girls, Drew was gifted with the confidence andassertiveness that only comes from being a popular athlete in the societyof teen life. I was shy but extremely attracted to girls, and would listento his every word as he recounted his ever-growing list of sexualencounters. During our sophomore year, I remember laying in his double bedafter a party we went to, listening to him tell me about fucking this girlwho would never give me the time of day. As had happened many timesbefore, we were both masturbating during his story, but this time hesuddenly stopped and looked at me.”Do you want to smell her pussy?” he asked me with a grin.”Sure,” I replied, nervous but trying to act cool, not quite sure wherethis was going.”Have at it then,” he chimed, looking down at his erect cock.Not wanting to show weakness, I slowly moved my face down near hiscrotch. I had seen his cock plenty of times, and there was no question itwas considerably larger than mine, but this was the closest I had ever beento it. The length and thickness intimidated me, and my nose was filledwith the smell of his musk and cum mixed with this amazing teen girl’sdried juices.”Have a taste, it’s good,” he added, as he pushed on the back of myhead, forcing my face against it. Now I was no stranger to a cock in myface, as being the friend of other aggressive boys throughout puberty hadresulted in being coaxed into giving oral during the explorations throughsexual development that are so common among young boys.But this was different, because we were now older teens, and for somereason it made me feel ashamed. I worried that he was testing me, wantingto see if I was gay or something, and I instinctively pulled my head back.”I’m not a fag,” I replied weakly.”I didn’t say you were. I wont tell anybody if you just suck on itsome. I could really use a blow job.”I looked at him carefully, trying to judge if he really meant it. I waspondering what to do, when he pushed my head down again.”Don’t be a pussy,” he added. “Just suck on it. You know you wannataste her pussy.”At this point in our friendship, Drew and I were both used to me neverstanding up to him, so it came quite natural at that moment to just open mymouth and accept his hard, dirty member. I’m not sure if it was from thephysical pleasure of my warm, wet mouth, or if it was from the feeling ofpower over making someone reluctantly submit, but he let out a groan as Ibegan sucking him. It lasted maybe five minutes or so before I felt hisbody tensing. He was focused on his own pleasure, holding my head down andejaculating profusely in my mouth without so much as a verbal warning orthought to pull out. I swallowed obediently, and Drew promptly rolled overand went to sleep, leaving me to quietly masturbate as a way to cope withmy feelings of excitement and shame.And so began a pattern between us. Drew would talk about his girls andinevitably guide my head to his powerful member, as I learned to swallowload after load of his copious cum. There was never any reciprocation, andI never expected it. I knew my place in our relationship. In time, Ibegan to have the confidence to date girls, awkwardly fumbling throughkissing and fondling, always being chided by Drew because of my failure toclose the deal.I finally managed to land a steady girlfriend in my senior year. Shewas not the flashy cheerleader or part of the homecoming queen A-crowd,but, nevertheless, was quite a looker and fairly popular. Her name wasBecky, and I fell in love with her sweet personality, her blonde hair andblue eyes, and her amazing tanned body. She came from a fairly strictfamily, so our relationship was largely filled with long makeout sessionsand some over-the-clothes fondling, but I felt happy in love and foundmyself thinking of how we would continue to see each other after I went offto college. As we neared graduation, I found myself gently pushing to gofurther with our sexual encounters, but her resistance was strong and thefurthest I got was an intense session in which she allowed me to suck onher amazing 34C breasts, and she ground her thigh against my crotch until Icame in my pants.This dreamlike, puppy-love relationship came crashing down on the nightof our high school graduation. I was ecstatic with Becky on my arm,following Drew to all the best parties the night had to offer. Becky had abit of a disdain for Drew, saying he had a bad attitude towards women, andDrew would talk to me privately, telling me how I needed to take charge ofher to get in her pants. I ignored him mostly, because I felt he didn’tunderstand how important she was to me. At some point during the night,after a lot of drinking at one of the house parties, I was looking forBecky because she had been talking to other girls for a while. Finally,one of Drew’s drunk obnoxious jock friends told me she went upstairs withDrew, and my head began to spin. I went up in a panic, slowly opening eachclosed bedroom door, peering in from the dark hallway on teen couples ingraduation night lust. Upon opening the third door I came to, my worstfears were realized. Through the crack in the door, I saw my preciousBecky on all fours, completely naked and grunting like an a****l. I heardher telling Drew to pull out, as he groaned and gripped her small hips likea vice, obviously pumping his virile load of sperm inside the tight littlehole I’d never even seen before. I stood in disbelief, as Drew withdrewhis swollen shiny cock and she stayed motionless on her knees with her facedown in the pillow. A large gush of their semen and vaginal fluid mixturedropped out of her onto the bed, while drew unceremoniously began to lookfor his pants.I was filled with pain, like a spike through my heart, but I felt soashamed, so weak and inferior that I just quietly walked back downstairsbefore they might see me. After a short time Drew came and found me,telling me some story about shotgunning beers in the backyard and asking mewhere Becky was. I lied and said I think talking to girlfriends. Beckyarrived shortly after that, looking guilty and disheveled, and proceeded totell us that she didn’t feel good from drinking and had been in thebathroom but wanted to go home. We drove home with little conversation, asI held her hand to keep up the charade.As with most party nights, I was spending the night at Drew’s, since hisparents were more lax about staying out than mine. I was silent in thebed, contemplating confronting him, but my cowardice knew now bounds. Iwillingly moved to suck his cock, covered with the sweet nectar of theobject of my love, as he pulled it out of his shorts and motioned to mewithout a word. It was like a d**g to ease my pain, and it was the onlytime I would ever taste her intimacy. Later that night I awoke to a suddenand intense pain in my bowels. I was face down and Drew was on top of me,penetrating my ass, which was a first for us. I tried weakly to pull awayfrom the discomfort, but he pulled my arms back. I remember justcompletely giving up and laying there, waiting for him to dump his loadinside my ass. It was the ultimate submission to end the night, and wenever said a word to each other about it in the days to follow. Beckybroke up with me several days later on the phone without any explanation.Drew had turned me into a cuckold before I even knew what the term meant.After that experience, I went away to college in Washington State, happyto be leaving Drew and Becky, and all of my shame. I heard from a friendthat Becky got pregnant and married some older guy. I don’t know if it wasDrew’s k**, or if she turned into a slut after him and got knocked up bysomeone else, but I didn’t care. I was free and ready to tackle the worldas my own man. I was excited to find that college women were much moreopen to going all the way. However, I also discovered that I had troublesperforming like I wanted to. All those years masturbating with a seeminglyconstant, painfully hard erection made me think that sex with a woman wouldbe an amazing experience. The reality was that as soon as I got to thepoint of entry, my head would fill with visions of Drew’s giant cocksplitting Becky open, and my erection would fade to a semi-erect state. Although I had many failures, I could still complete the task occasionally,but it was a chore and I felt more and more inadequate with the feelingthat the few girls I bedded were not impressed. Even the one girl thatever offered to give me oral asked me why it wasn’t that hard when she did,and I simply said I think I was nervous. She never returned my calls afterthat.One thing that I discovered was that I could get a girl off with oralsex. I enjoyed this immensely, and became quite good at it. Still, myexperiences were limited as I was not the most confident guy, and I wasecstatic when I finally landed another steady girlfriend and could stop thecollege hook-up games. Her name was Lisa and she would eventually becomemy wife.**Married Life**Lisa was a girl I met during my senior year of college. She was ajunior, slender and petite, with long, dark brown hair that she kept silkysmooth and straight. Her dark hair contrasted with her smooth, fair skinand light green eyes, and I was enamored the first time I met her at a dormparty. Fortunately, she felt a similar attraction to me, and we quicklybecame boyfriend and girlfriend. We decided to share an apartmenttogether, and those who knew us saw us as the perfect couple, oftencommenting that we could be brother and sister, with our dark hair, fairskin and light colored-eyes (mine are pale blue).Our sex life was a challenge at first, because I honestly knew Lisacould be my soul mate and felt this incredible pressure and anxiety toperform. avcilar escort She was very understanding of my problems and reassured me thatshe enjoyed just kissing and laying together naked as much as sex. Although not a virgin, she was not highly experienced, having had sexualrelations with only two long term boyfriends. I introduced her toreceiving oral, which she liked, but her innocence made me reluctant to askher to reciprocate, along with my fear that I wouldn’t get hard or achieveorgasm from it. In time, she helped me relax to a point where I could lether incredible little body, with the most perky 32B breasts and juicybubble butt arouse me to semi-hardness. Our sex evolved into cunnilingusand mutual fondling, mixed with the occasional missionary penetration whenI could sustain an erection. She became quite adept at jerking me off, sowe seemed to settle into a rhythm that worked, although I always hatedmyself for not being able to achieve the rock hard erections I could whenalone. Although my penis was rather slender and not massive, I knew thatwhen I masturbated alone it would stretch to it’s full five inch length,which wasn’t grossly below average. However, Lisa never would see it inmore than about a three to four inch semi-erect state, which added to myfeelings of inadequacy.I took a job locally after I graduated so that we could continue to livetogether while she finished her senior year. We really worked greattogether, “playing house” as we used to call it, and after she graduated wedecided to get married. I can say that at that time I felt the mostfulfilled in my life, and within a year after marrying, I had theconfidence to land a great engineering position with a company in LosAngeles. Lisa had completed her teaching certificate requirements while welived in Washington, so it was easy for her to land a job in LA as well. We found a nice house and decided to start working on a family, but didn’ttake it too seriously, as we were excited to be making real money, buyingfurniture and feeling like adults.It was probably about two years after Lisa stopped taking the pill thatI knew there was a problem. Maybe it took me so long to recognize becauseI was just in denial, but then it became the elephant in the room thatneither of us discussed. A couple more years passed, and I could see Lisalooking jealously at our friends having babies. The nagging from hermother about a grandc***d slowly increased, but I could see she was doingher best to not let it cause problems between us. Despite her efforts, Icould feel her pain, so finally I brought it up while we were at her 10thhigh school reunion in Portland. She was 28, surrounded by friends whotalked incessantly about their k**s, and I just realized that I owed it toher to admit we had an issue.After we got back to LA, we visited a fertility doctor, who informed usthat the problem was with me. A combination of a very low sperm count andslow swimmers made it unlikely that I would get her pregnant. Lisa lookedemotionless as the doctor talked about options, including adoption and invitro fertilization. It wasn’t until we got home that she broke down andcried in my arms, saying that she has always dreamed of the wholeexperience of creating life through love and feeling that life grow insideher womb. She didn’t want someone else’s baby, and she didn’t want tocreate life in a laboratory. I told her I understood, but I had no ideahow to console her. She seemed to become more and more disconnected,focusing on the lives of her high school girlfriends through Facebook,hearing about their experiences as mothers and living vicariously throughthe pictures of their own c***dren. Our sex life became a routine, with meinitiating through giving her oral to completion, followed by her rollingover and going to sleep.One night, after bringing her to an orgasm with my mouth, I asked her,”Do you think we could try all the way? I feel pretty excited.”Lisa reached over in the dark, roughly fondling my semi-hard dick. “What’s the point? It’s not going to go anywhere because you can’t get mepregnant.””I know, baby, but I still love you and you drive me crazy. You’re mywife and I want to make love to you. I feel frustrated after I make youcum and I ache down there, but you’re always too tired to make me finishwith your hands.”She rolled over to look at me, stroking my cheek. “I’m sorry, I feellike it’s so selfish. I’ve just had trouble having those feelings sincethe doctor. I mean it feels great when you get me off, but I’m just inthis weird place and not feeling very sexual. I don’t want to hurt you,but can you…maybe…just relieve yourself, like after I finish?”I looked at her in a bit of shock. She had always been pretty reservedwhen talking about sex, and I certainly had never revealed any of my sordidsexual past in high school, so her openly asking me to masturbate was notexpected. “You mean like play with myself right here,” I asked.”Yeah…I don’t mind baby. It would make me feel better than to be soselfish, knowing you’re laying over there in pain every night.”I thought about it and for some reason became very aroused. I hadalways been an avid masturbator, so the option of being encouraged to do itopenly with the woman I loved actually appealed to me. For some reason, itfelt different than having to perform in normal intercourse, and I found mycock reaching a full erect state with just the thought of it.”If it makes you uncomfortable, let me know,” I whispered, as I gentlybegan rubbing my aching cock.”Don’t worry, Sweetheart…I don’t mind at all,” she replied, as sherolled over facing away from me to give me privacy, but touching my legwith her foot to let me know she was there with me.As I looked at her narrow waist in the thin white tank top she wassleeping in, contrasting with the flare of her hips and curves of her roundlittle butt hugged by tiny blue bikini panties, I quickly found myselfstiffening, grunting uncontrollably in the dark as I felt my warm semendribble down my hand. Lisa didn’t say a word, and I quietly cleaned myselfwith a tissue and went to sleep.After that, this became a routine for us, and I stopped asking her foranything more. We both seemed to accept this level of intimacy, growingback somewhat closer to each other, and it was a few months after that whenshe began to bug me about my past. I always avoided it, refusing tomaintain contact with anyone from my high school, but she insisted ongetting me set up on Facebook so people could find me.Within a few weeks, I had a handful of friends writing to me, askingabout my life and sharing theirs, as well as the lives of others I knew. Ifound it somewhat relieving to know I wasn’t a total failure in highschool, but this feeling rapidly faded the day I got a friend request fromDrew.**An Unwelcome Friend**After ignoring the request, which sat burning in my mind for a week, Ireceived a message from Drew.”Hey buddy…long time no see. Would love to catch up with you. Weused to be best friends, remember?”I finally needed to get it off my chest, so I told Lisa about it,telling her meekly that he was my best friend, but I was afraid to respondto him because he was kind of an ass and a bully.”Maybe he’s grown up…people change,” she mused, while glancing at hispicture. “But he does look like the narcissistic type…was he always sogood-looking?””Yes,” I snorted. “And he knew it, so he kind of chewed women up andspit them out.””Well, maybe there’s a real friendship underneath it all, so I think youshould talk to him. You don’t have any guy friends and it’s not healthy,Honey.”Reluctantly, I stared at the screen and finally pressed the button toaccept his friendship. And thus began the process of Drew coming back intomy life…something I had avoided for so long. Once he had access to myfull profile, he immediately commented on how surprised he was that Ilanded such an amazing looking girl. I took it as an insult, as if Iwasn’t capable, but for the most part he was civil to me.We caught up, and it turns out that while I was slaving away as anengineer and building a life with my wife, Drew was living the good life asa marketing rep with a company making snowboards and ski clothing. Hevisited the world’s best resorts, frolicking on the mountains all day,getting tan and ripped, while partying all night with beautiful women. Allof this came to an end recently, as he decided he was tired of themountains and quit his job to move to Arizona and live off of some richgirl he shacked up with. Then he hit me with this bombshell:”…can’t stand this chick. I think I wanna take up surfing and thenmaybe work for a company out there. How bout I come stay with you guys fora while and get back on my own feet?”Lisa had been following along with my rekindling friendship with Drew,encouraging me and even accepting him as a friend on her Facebook account.When I saw Drew’s request, I yelled to her while laughing to come take alook.”A friend in need is a friend indeed,” she replied, smirking as she readhis message. “Still…I guess he’s not really in need, living with a womanof means. He just wants a change. Maybe it would be nice for you.””Are you k**ding? Drew, living in our home? You don’t understand whata jerk he can be. And I wouldn’t want him around you,” I whined.”What? You don’t trust me?””Of course I do, Baby! I just don’t trust him to not creep you out oract like an ass.””Well…he appears to be more mature than what you tell me from thepast, and he friended me and hasn’t made any attempt to hit on me. I thinkwe should give him a chance,” she pushed.I groaned and whined, ignoring his message for days, but Lisa insistedit would be good for me. Then one night I walked in and noticed herflicking through his pics on his profile, many of which were shirtless. When I asked her about it, she explained that she was just trying to seethrough his pics what his true character might be, so she could understandmy fears, but she just didn’t see it. The next time I was alone afterthat, I logged onto her account to see if he had ever messaged her, butthere was nothing, so I believed Lisa’s explanation.Finally, I broke down and gave Drew a simple “no problem” response tohis email, hoping he would just forget about it and move on to some otheridea. However, I had no such luck and within a month Drew was pulling upto our house with all his worldly possessions.”Finally, I get to see my old buddy,” he cheered, as we hugged eachother sincerely. I realized in that moment that I honestly had missed hisfriendship, kind of like losing an older brother that you always admired.”It does feel good, man,” I replied. “And this is Lisa,” I beamed, asDrew gave her a hug and told her she was more beautiful in person, which hedidn’t think possible. There was a moment of silence, when Drew broke itby saying, “…and your house looks wonderful! I can’t wait to seeinside.”As we walked into the house, led by Lisa with Drew and I trailingbehind, I noticed his eyes surveying her bottom through her small, whitedenim shorts. I felt a sick pain deep in my stomach, as the memories ofhigh school filled my brain. I thought to myself, “What the fuck have Idone?”**Losing Control**Within days of Drew moving in, I felt like the victim who hadunwittingly invited the vampire into his home, making him powerless againsthim. He apparently had no interest in cleaning up after himself, nor ofworking towards finding şirinevler escort a job to allow him to move out. He spent the dayssurfing at the beach while Lisa and I worked, and just kind of expected herto wait on him in the evenings. I told her that it bothered me, but shesaid it’s really not a problem…some guys are just like that. When Iwould try to make a comment about him helping out, he would laugh and say Iseemed domesticated enough to cover the load. This humiliated me in frontof Lisa, but I found my old patterns coming back, as I would back down andsubmit to his will. In time, I stopped complaining as I prepared hisdinners with Lisa, served and cleaned up, helped Lisa clean the house,including his bedroom and bathroom, and even did his laundry. He just kindof had that power over people, and we both seemed to accept him takingadvantage.Another issue that arose within weeks was his lack of boundaries. Herarely wore a shirt, showing off his tanned, muscled body constantly, alongwith various forms of shorts and boxers that often displayed the magnitudeof his junk inside. He frequently walked in to our bedroom or bathroom toask for things, catching Lisa in various states of undress, always laughingit off like it’s no big deal since we’re all roommates. I felt like he wasconstantly testing my strength as a husband, and I was constantly failingto stand up to him…and Lisa was seeing it all happen.Then one night, while Lisa was away with a fellow teacher girlfriend toa conference in San Francisco, Drew decided to sink the knife in.”Hey grab me a beer, will ya buddy?” he shouted, as I was cleaning thedishes from our dinner in the kitchen. I finished up and brought out abeer for each of us, sitting on the couch next to him. “I really misshaving Lisa around,” he added as I sat staring at some TV commercial.”Yeah,” I muttered, not wanting to encourage him.”She really is super hot. Is she good in bed?””I’m not gonna tell you,” I retorted, laughing at his boldness.”Well it’s getting hard to not jump her bones, you know?””She’s my wife, you jerk!!” I said looking at him in shock. “You’lljust have to restrain yourself.””Hey I know…why don’t you help me out, like old times?” he said, whilepulling his massive cock out of his shorts. I stared in disbelief, asmemories of serving that cock over and over filled my head. He reachedover and pulled my head down to his lap. “Come on, suck it.”I tried to pull my head up, knowing this was a bad situation, but hisstrong arm held my face in his crotch. I don’t know if his cock had grown,but it seemed huge, thick and veiny, with large balls and a strong scent ofsemen. It was easily twice as long and thick as mine. Suddenly, this urgecame over me to just submit to him, to relieve his aching balls. Irationalized that it might get him to stop talking about my wife. I openedmy mouth and let him guide his rigid cock inside.”Mmmmmm…yes,” he groaned. “I needed that. You’ve always been a goodfriend.”I continued sucking, going back to my old patterns, and the feelings ofexcitement mixed with shame and humiliation filled my head.”Tell me about Lisa’s pussy. And her nipples. I love her little tits.Does she take it up the butt? How is she at giving head?” The string ofassaults came out like a barrage.”Stop, Drew,” I demanded, pulling my head up.”I’m just trying to get off, buddy, don’t worry,” he assured me, pushingmy head back down. “Do you remember the night of our grad parties?” heasked.I groaned, “Uh-huh.”I felt his had tighten on my head, forcing his cock deeper, as he toldme, “I know you watched me fucking Becky. It turned me on.”I coughed and choked a little as he pushed his cock deeper in my throat.My head was spinning and I wanted to stop, to get away from this monster,but I felt powerless. I let him use my mouth like I was a c***d.”I know you liked it, buddy,” he added, moving my head faster, as I felthis balls tensing. “How about we try it with Lisa? I’ll let you watch.”And with that, he held my head in place, groaning loudly as I felt hishot, salty seed filling my mouth. It seemed like a cup of fluid was in mymouth, as I swallowed instinctively to keep it from leaking out. Hereleased my head and let his massive, dripping member slide from my mouth.I got up and went to the bathroom, trying to escape his abuse.After rinsing my mouth and peeing, I went back in to the living room. Drew was still sitting on the couch, his legs splayed apart with his cockstill swollen and shiny from my saliva.”Please don’t tell Lisa,” I requested meekly.”Don’t worry, buddy. It’ll be our secret,” he assured me.”And please don’t talk about fucking her again,” I added, only to get asilent smirk from him.That request would be denied, as that night opened the door for Drew tobully me into sucking him off whenever we were alone. It continued forweeks, with his barrage of insults about fucking my wife, while I suckedthat cock over and over. In time I broke down and would answer hisdegrading questions just to give him what he wanted. He learned intimatedetails, like the fact that I have trouble getting it up, and Lisa hadnever given me oral or taken anal. He would ask about her cunt (as he putit), making me tell him that it was neatly trimmed but not shaved (which hesaid it should be). He told me about how he goes through her panties andbras when we are at work sometimes, sometimes using them to masturbate. Iwould plead with him to stop, but it just got worse as time went on.**The Proposal**After Drew had been living with us for a few months, being completedsupported by us, I decided to confront him one night while the three of uswere sitting on the patio drinking wine.”So, how’s the job search going?” I asked, trying to sound as sincere aspossible.”Not bad,” he replied, brushing me off quickly.”Well it’s been a while. I don’t know if it’s fair that we’resupporting you this long, Drew,” I challenged, looking uneasily at Lisa forsupport.”Yeah, I guess you’re right, buddy. I should pull my weight here,” hereplied. I nearly fell out of my chair in shock. “I have a proposal,” headded, with a gleam in his eye.”And what would that be?” interjected Lisa, taking an active role in theconversation.”Well, I’ve been around here long enough to have overheard you guys andseen things laying around that make it clear you want a baby, but Mike hassome issues,” he said, staring at both of us without any fear. “I wasn’ttrying to be nosy, but I saw the packet from the fertility clinicexplaining the issue.””Not being nosy?” I yelled as I stood up. “You’re a jerk, Drew. Thatwas private information.””I know, I know,” he consoled me, standing up and guiding me back to mychair. “I felt bad about reading it, but I’ve honestly felt really bad foryou guys. Can you guys just tell me why you haven’t adopted or done theturkey baster thing?”I sat in disbelief, staring at the ground, wondering exactly how to tellDrew to get the hell out of my house.”Because I want to feel a baby growing inside me that got therenaturally, as a result of love and passion,” Lisa answered, shocking me tothe core. I thought she would slap him instead of entertaining thisconversation, but she didn’t seem fazed.”Well I care about you guys, and so that is what I want to propose as away to contribute for living here,” Drew offered, as he moved in front ofLisa, squatting down and looking in her eyes, as his large hands held herknees. “I can father a baby for you guys.”I sat in a trance, as if I was outside of my body watching this unfold,seeing Drew and Lisa look at each other as if I didn’t exist. Every fiberof my body wanted to get up and knock Drew over, but he clearly knew whathe was doing, as his repeated sessions of forcing me to give blow jobs hadbroken me down to a shell of a man. I feared that he would tell Lisa, so Isat there dumbly watching them.”I have to admit that I’ve thought about that scenario…notspecifically with you, Drew, but the idea of a natural insemination with asurrogate father,” Lisa stated coolly, shocking me once again, as she’dnever mentioned this to me. “But it is complicated. There are a lot ofemotions involved, and I don’t want it to be clinical. Mike and I willneed to be on the same page,” she said, looking over at me.”Absolutely,” Drew cheered, looking victorious with Lisa’s admission. He put his hand on my knee. “I know that you love Lisa more than anythingand want to give her what she wants to be happy, so I want you to thinkabout it hard,” he told me, as he squeezed my knee painfully. I satdumbfounded, unable to do anything more than nod.The conversation ended at that point, and we went inside and off to bedwithout a word. Once we were in bed, Lisa turned to me.”I know that wasn’t the best way for that idea to come up, so Iunderstand if you’re feeling bad. Will you tell me how you feel?” shequestioned quietly.I sat silent for a long while, and then quietly replied, “I just feelbetrayed. I feel like he just wants to fuck you and is using this as anexcuse. You’ve seen how he bullies me. How do you think I’ll feel if heis sleeping with you, not to mention your belly growing with his baby?”Lisa sat for a while, thinking intently. “I think you are making thisall about you. Have you ever considered my needs and how I’ve wanted areal baby for so long? Drew is not the issue. He is actually the perfectguy. He lives with us, I’m comfortable with him, he is healthy and hasdecent genes. The issue is that, although it’s not your fault and may seemunfair, you can’t give me what I need and I’m not getting any younger, andyou are going to let this rivalry with Drew stand in the way of myhappiness,” she lectured me.I sat there stunned, realizing that I was on thin ice. Her commentabout not getting any younger implied that she may need to make a decisionto leave me at some point. I felt my palms sweating, as I imagined lifewithout her and all I could feel was pain and darkness. I also imaginedDrew telling her about my sucking his cock if I refuse, as a way to get herto dump me. Who knows? Maybe he wants to take her from me.I turned to Lisa, looking in her eyes. “I love you more than lifeitself, and I want you to be happy. I will go along with it if it’s whatyou really want,” I conceded.She smiled warmly, cradling my head against her breast. As I had doneso many times before, I slowly moved my head down to her beautiful, sweetsex, licking her to orgasm as my way of showing my love for her. As Imasturbated quietly in the dark, a feeling of dread began to fill my heart.**Drew Takes Over**The next day, Lisa informed Drew matter-of-factly during our breakfastthat we want to accept his offer. To say I was in a daze is anunderstatement, as I felt myself going through the motions of the day asDrew took over. Lisa seemed to agree with his every word, looking at mefor agreement, and I would just nod my head like an idiot.”It really struck me when you said you want a baby conceived with loveand passion, Lisa. That makes a lot of sense. I think we should start bybuilding that relationship, maybe with some dating and sleeping together,”Drew calmly stated, as Lisa simply nodded her head like a starry-eyedschool girl.”You cool with that, buddy?” Drew poked me, as I just shrugged myshoulders.”Does it really have to involve dating? Can’t you just do it and thenget on with your business?” I asked.”Well I think it makes sense for us to feel something for each other,Mike. You taksim escort don’t want our baby born from some meaningless hook up,” Lisadefended Drew.”You mean ‘his’ baby,” I corrected.”Hey buddy, this will be your baby to raise and love, not mine. I knowyou want a baby as much as Lisa, so you can trust me that I won’t interfereby claiming the k** as my own,” Drew countered.I felt ganged up on. I was the outsider in my own home and marriage. Iwas too weak to fight. “Fine, do what you guys need to do,” I surrendered.Without so much as a pang of guilt, Lisa jumped up and kissed my cheek,hugging me tightly. “Thank you sweetie, I knew you would understand.”I don’t know if Lisa wondered why I crumbled so quickly, but after thatI just kind of gave up. I watched that evening as my wife showered and puton a sexy, white summer dress with heeled sandals for her date. She toldme not to wait up as she kissed me on the cheek, scurrying off with Drew,more giddy than I had seen her in years.I found myself filled with self-loathing as I sat on the couch watchingold movies. The only solace I could find to cover up my feelings was tomasturbate, which I did several times throughout the night before going tobed. I tossed and turned, finally falling asleep with semen drying on mybelly after an emotionally painful masturbation.”Honey, wake up,” I heard Lisa’s angelic voice in the dark, as Istruggled to get my bearings. “Baby, can you sleep in Drew’s roomtonight?””Huh?” I replied groggily.”Drew thought we would be more comfortable in the big bed,” sheinsisted.Without a fight, I dragged myself out of bed, walking sheepishly pastthe two of them. The clock said 2:27am. I caught a whiff of alcohol andsaw they both had that glassy-eyed look indicating they’d had a good time.”Thanks, Buddy,” Drew said, patting me on the back. As I left the room,I glanced back and caught a glimpse of my beautiful wife sitting on theedge of our marriage bed, her dress riding up seductively. This image wasinterrupted by Drew, as he closed the door, smiling at me all the while.I vowed to just get back to sleep so I wouldn’t have to think about whatwas happening in my bedroom. But as I lay on Drew’s bed, I could clearlyhear giggles and soft talking. Our house was an older style 1930’sbungalow which had these vents, or more like a hole with a grate over it,between the rooms to allow ventilation. Our bedroom shared a wall withDrew’s, but because Drew never made a peep in there, I had no idea that youcould hear everything. Against my better judgment, I walked closer to thevent to try to hear what they were saying. That’s when I noticed the chairbelow the vent, with faint marks on the surface that clearly came from thedirt on someone’s shoes. Had Drew been spying on us?I climbed slowly on the chair and found myself face-to-face with thevent. Not only could I hear everything, but I could actually see clearlyinto the room from this vantage point. I could see our bed, into ourbathroom, the changing area by the closet…everything. A subtle nauseaovercame me, as I imagined Drew watching our most intimate times,masturbating over my wife’s naked body as she would shower and dress,laughing inside at me rubbing my pathetic cock after giving Lisa oral. These images vaporized as Lisa’s voice broke the stillness.”Do you think he’ll be ok?” she asked Drew, giggling. They werestanding by the bed, embracing each other and kissing deeply as Drew’shands roamed all over her body.”Oh yeah. He may feel bad for a while, but he’ll get used to it,” heassured her. His hand slipped into the top of her dress and bra, roughlygroping her breast, as she moaned and let her head fall back.As Drew kissed her vulnerable neck, she asked, “What if I start havingfeelings for you, Drew?”He held her head in his hands, looking deeply into her eyes. “We’regoing to make a baby together. Don’t you think it would be best for thebaby if you had feelings for the father?” he asked back.”Well…yes,” she replied. “But what if it affects my feelings towardsMike?””Mike is a big boy and he wants what’s best for you. He knows he can’tgive you what I can, so if you develop feelings for me and end up treatinghim a little different, I’m sure he’ll understand that it’s just a naturaldevelopment. Just keep telling him you still love him and everything willbe fine, Baby,” he cooed into her ear, as he slid the dress off of hershoulders and let it drop to the floor. “So when was the last time you hada real cock?” he added, as he unzipped his pants.”It’s been forever,” she giggled. “Before I met Mike. I’ve felt soselfish over these years, but I just feel nothing when he’s been inside meand I feel bad that he has such trouble staying hard, so I’ve alwaysavoided it.” Despite the humiliating scene unfolding in front of me, I feltsome consolation to hear her admit she’d never cheated on me.Drew pushed gently on Lisa’s shoulders, guiding her to her knees, as hedropped his pants and underwear in one smooth motion. I watched my wife,kneeling in matching bra and thong for my high school bully, staring in aweat the massive tool in front of her. Without hesitation, she devoured itwith her mouth, moaning loudly as she sucked the head and moistened theveiny shaft with her warm tongue.”Mike says you don’t give oral,” he chuckled, guiding her head with bothhands as he pumped his cock deeper into her mouth.”I have a feeling there are a lot of things I don’t do for him thatyou’re going to demand,” she said submissively, looking up at him as sherubbed his hard, slick cock.”All in good time,” he smiled, guiding her mouth back to his rigid pole.She continued sucking him for a long time, occasionally commenting onhow big and hard it was, until finally Drew told her to strip and get inthe bed. She quickly complied, laying on her back with her legs lewdlyspread for him, her wetness clearly visible. Drew got on top of her, hismuscled body engulfing her, as he kissed her deeply and mauled her littlebreasts. She moaned in writhing ecstasy, as I could see her hips risingfuriously to draw in his cock. She squealed loudly as he penetrated her,and it was at that moment that I realized how messed up I was. I felt mylittle cock rigid in my pants, my hands furiously rubbing, as the feelingsof jealousy, humiliation, and even anger washed over my body. It made merealize that this was my curse. The only things that would make me rockhard were the things that hurt me down to my core. I could either run fromthis pain and try to fix myself, or succumb to it and resign myself to usethis momentary sexual excitement and masturbation as a d**g, to medicate mypain.As I stood on that chair watching his huge cock stretching my wife’slittle hole, her legs wrapping around him pulling him in, I gave into myweakness and freed my cock from my pants. I licked my hand and rubbedfuriously, getting it slick with my saliva, as I watched them kiss deeplywith each thrust. They were not fucking…they were making love. This manwho had dominated me, using me for his pleasure so many times and hurtingme without caring, was now taking from me the one thing I loved more thananything in this world. I was watching it happen in front of my eyes, andall I could do was rub my little dick and accept it. Amid their screamsand grunts, I felt the tension growing, and finally I heard Drew moaning ashe pumped his virile load inside my wife’s fertile pussy. My own cock wasdripping and aching as I continued to rub, watching his still swollenmember slide out of her gaping hole, followed by a large stream of creamywhite semen running down the crack of her ass. This was too much, and Iexploded with an intensity I hadn’t felt in years, spraying the wall nextto the chair.As so often happened after climaxing, the feelings of shame andhumiliation returned, as I quietly cleaned the mess and went back to bed. Igently sobbed as I fell asleep, trying to understand why life was sounfair. I awoke three more times that night to the sound of theirlovemaking, laying by myself in the dark, pathetically masturbatingrepeatedly to cope with what was happening. By the morning, my cock wasraw.**For Better or For Worse**The change that occurred that night in our home and marriage was nothingshort of monumental. Drew was no idiot, and he knew how vulnerable I wasto him. He also was well aware of how vulnerable my wife was, with ahusband as weak as me. As I cooked breakfast, the two of them sat closely,kissing and joking like lovers do. Lisa was completely in love with Drew,along with his massive cock, and hung onto his arm loyally as he told mebluntly that he thinks we should swap rooms. I knew I couldn’t challengehim…he could get Lisa to dump me in a heartbeat now, so I just acceptedwith a nod. I hated myself for not just leaving them both because of thisscrewed up addiction to feeling abused, humiliated, and inferior to Drew.Lisa kept insisting she loved me and kept up the charade for a whilethat this was just about working on a baby. However, in time, it becameobvious that Drew pulled the strings and she followed because she was inlove. Before long, she had quit her job so they could stay home fuckingall day, and he encouraged her to prance around in tiny outfits, showingoff the tiny pussy that she now kept so cleanly shaved bald for him. Drewbegan to encourage her to tease me, taking pleasure in having her let meput my face within inches of her steaming hole while they would make out onthe couch. Eventually I was eating his cum out of her pussy and ass, whichI found to be insanely intoxicating. I lost any sense of myself, as Isuccumbed to my self-abusive sexual d**g.Drew ultimately shattered any remnants of my manhood one night when hedecided on a whim to tell Lisa about my cock sucking. She stood watching,half-naked with her pregnant belly sticking out, encouraging me as I suckedhis fat, salty cock and licked his huge balls. He would use this from thenon as a way to keep me down, even occasionally r****g my ass, as Lisa wouldrub my tears telling me how she knows his big cock hurts in that hole.So now, after two c***dren, I sit on the couch watching TV with them, asDrew and Lisa are packing.”Hey buddy, did you remember to order champagne for the room when we getthere?” whispers the man who I now support, along with my wife and theirk**s.”Uh-huh,” I reply, as I point to the hotel section of the Caribbeanitinerary on the table.”Good man,” he says, patting me on the shoulder, as he goes back totheir room.As I sit, looking at our two beautiful girls with Drew’s blonde hair andbrown eyes, I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder.”You know how much I love you, Sweetheart,” Lisa tells me softly. Although I heard her tell Drew that over and over so many times, I honestlybelieve she does love me in a special way. I look up at her, and she looksradiant. The dress she chose for this trip, like many of the others, is athin and sexy island style, her tiny thong panties and puffy mound visibleas the light shines through. She bends over to kiss me and the c***drengoodbye, her large, braless breasts, which I paid to have augmented as Drewdesired, and erect nipples clearly visible through the garment, just asDrew likes them.I stand at the door with the girls, watching Drew and Lisa walk down thefront sidewalk to the BMW that Drew drives, seeing Lisa’s perfectly thongedass and narrow waist clearly through the thin linen dress in the sunlight.I wonder how this will affect the girls when they are older…Drew’s demandfor their mother’s open sexuality and a cuckold father. As the loversdrive off, I feel a measure of pleasure as I see the smile on Lisa’s face,followed by a pang of jealousy as I realize what a wonderful life Drew getsto live at my expense.