Female Ejaculation

AMULYA Fantasy in Swapping Club–3

All of them woke up. Shilpa and Salim got up from their seats and said good bye to everybody. Shilpa went up to her husband and kissed on his cheek before coming back to Salim.

When they got to the bedroom, they were in for a huge surprise. Their bed was covered with rose petals and it was decorated like a honeymoon bed. The smell of rose petals filled Shilpa with a sense of lust and sex. They both looked at each other before Salim pulled her in his arms. She melted in his arms and wrapped her hands around his neck. Salim grabbed a handful of her open hair and kissed her lips hard. She opened her mouth and invited Salim’s tongue to invade her mouth. She felt Salim’s tongue brushing against her own as Salim massaged her ass with his left hand. In a moment when she broke the kiss, she panted and breathed heavily. Salim continued to kiss her neck as she recovered her breath in his arms. Salim continued to explore her ass as she felt him mauling it with his hands. Shilpa closed her eyes and enjoyed Salim’s kiss on her neck. He slowly licked it making it wet with his saliva.

“Oh Shilpa, You are so hot honey. From the moment I saw you, I have been dreaming about doing this to you.”

Shilpa smiled as Salim continued to kiss her neck and moved towards her boobs.

“Salim, I am all yours darling. Make love to me. Fuck me. I have been dreaming about this as well”

Salim separated from her for a moment to remove the pallu of her sari from her chest. Her love cleavage floated before his eyes and awakened a lust in his eyes. Shilpa just loved the feeling that she could create this kind of lust in him. She allowed Salim to completely remove her sari and throw it on the chair. She was wearing blouse and petticoat. Salim slowly traced his finger from her face till her cleavage. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt Salim’s finger moving and entering her cleavage. Salim slowly unhooked her blouse one by one and made her cleavage more accessible to him. Shilpa had rested her hands on Salim’s shoulders as she allowed him to open her blouse. Now he had completely opened her blouse and parted the cups of her blouse apart. Her white and transparent bra was visible to him. He cupped her breasts in his hands and slowly massaged them. Shilpa moaned at his touch and closed her eyes. Salim kept pressure on her boobs and gently squeezed them Shilpa was moaning lightly as she put her hands behind his neck. She pulled his neck towards her cleavage as she wanted him to suck her boobs.
“Sailm, please suck my boobs jaan. Take them in your mouth and lick them.”

Salim slowly pushed her towards the table. She reclined against the table as Salim bent on her chest. Salim uncovered her bra cups as her full boobs popped out of her bra cups. Salim immediately took her right breast in his mouth and started sucking it. He moved his left hand on her left boob and started squeezing and mauling it. Shilpa cried out as Salim’s teeth lightly bit into the soft flesh of her tits Salim kept licking and sucking her breasts as Shilpa closed her eyes. She was very wet by now. As Salim kept sucking her boobs, she put her hands behind his back and started to pull his shirt upwards, she pulled it right up to his shoulders. Salim separated from her tits for a moment as she removed his t-shirt completely. Shilpa ran her hands lightly on Salim’s chest before hugging him tightly. Her full boobs pressed against Salim’s chest as they both kissed and embraced each other. Shilpa wrapped both her hands around Salim’s neck as she pulled his mouth in hers. She had opened her mouth as she allowed Salim’s tongue to invade it. Salim’s hands moved on her naked back and slowly moved downwards. Salim found the knot of her petticoat and untied it. The moment her untied it, petticoat fell down from her legs as it was loose. Without breaking their kiss Shilpa stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She fumbled with the button of Salim’s belt and removed it. Then she unbuttoned his jeans and slowly started pulling it down. She also got down on her knees as she did so. Salim’s huge cock was making a tent in his undergarments. She slowly pulled is jeans completely and then asked him to remove it. He quickly obliged her. She rubbed the palm of her hand against his huge cock. Then she started removing his underwear and pulled it down the same way and his cock sprang out. She stood up again and faced Salim.

They both looked in each others eyes and kissed each other. Shilpa kept rubbing Salim’s cock with her hand. They broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes for a moment. Sailm grabbed her ass in his hands and pulled her into him.

“Shilpa, Go down on me baby. Suck my cock.” She laughed and grabbed his cock in her hand. She ran her hand along its length as she kissed him and replied.

“Why darling? Isn’t my cunt enough for you? It’s so wet for you. Look for yourself. ”

She took his hand and guided it towards her wet and hot cunt. Salim didn’t need any invitation as he inserted his hand in her panties and slowly grabbed her cunt. He rubbed it lightly as Shilpa moaned and rubbed her cunt against his hand.

“So darling, what do you want? Is it my cunt or my mouth?”

She nuzzled against Salim’s chest as she played with his massive organ. Salim was moving his hand around her cunt and was removing her panties as Shilpa rubbed her boobs against his chest. Her nipples were hardening against the rough hair of his chest.

“I want them both honey. Remove your panties.”

She obeyed him silently as Salim moved towards a rocking chair in the room and sat there. Shilpa removed the panties and followed him to chair. Salim watched her walking as her lovely boobs bobbed up and down with every step. Her hair was open. She reached the chair and then gathered her hair on left side of shoulders. Then she slowly reclined in the chair on top of Salim. She positioned herself so that her boobs were hanging in the air above Salim’s mouth. She rubbed her boobs in Salim’s face and then fed her right tit in Salim’s mouth. Salim had rested both his hands on her lovely ass and was squeezing her buttocks hard. Shilpa could feel his rising manhood thrusting against her stomach. She moaned lightly as Salim moved from her right tit to left ad suckled it. Every now and then he would bite hard in the flesh. But the pain aroused her even more. She felt her juices flowing in her thighs. She freed her tit from Salim’s mouth and then slowly moved downward. As she moved, she licked Salim’s body with the tip of her tongue. She kept lowering herself till she climbed down from the chair. Then she got on all fours and her hands rested on Salim’s thighs.

Then she looked up at Salim through his thighs and said.

“Salim, I have never done it before. Don’t expect too much from me darling.”

Salim moved ahead in the chair and slowly caressed her face by his palm. She again closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch on her face.

“Whatever you do baby, I know you will be good at it.”

She smiled at him before turning her face down. She touched his massive cock with her hand and slowly caressed it across its length. Salim closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch. His cock had shrunk during the wait to its normal length of 6 inch. As Shilpa caressed it lightly, it again started growing in length. His cock was almost 2.5 inch thick. After caressing it in few strokes, she grabbed it firmly in her hand. Then she firmly moved her hand across its length and kept moving her hand on it. His penis was circumcised and didn’t have any skin on its bulbous head. She remembered her college day’s stories of girls who had Muslim boyfriends. All her friends used to chat a lot about the hardness of the head because of lack of skin on it and how wonderful it felt in the cunt. She never believed it and even her friends knew that it was just girl’s gossip. But still it had left its impression on her mind and she often wondered idly how wonderful would it be to have sex with a Muslim man. Even though she didn’t think about it when she asked Pooja to pair her with Salim, now she had a chance to find out the truth for herself.

She moved forward so that her face came was above Salim’s cock. Then she closed her eyes and tentatively started rubbing her cheek against his cock. Salim groaned as he felt her skin running against his massive cock. It was already fairly slick with pre-cum. Shilpa smelled his masculine aroma herself and it aroused her even further. Her own cunt was leaking copiously now and was as wet as a duck pond. She flicked her tongue across his cock and tasted his fluid on her tongue. Even though she was trying to prepare herself mentally, she couldn’t bring herself to actually take it in her mouth. She kept flicking her tongue across his cock, but still hesitated to take him in mouth. She was just rubbing his cock with her cheeks and flicking it with her tongue.But Salim was feeling a bit impatient and wanted more. He leaned forward and touched Shilpa’s back with his hand. He slowly rubbed it with full palm of his hand for few seconds. Then he moved his hand and gently placed it on her neck. He caressed her neck lightly and moved her hair around her shoulders. Then he gently but firmly forced her neck on head of his cock. Shilpa moaned as she felt his hard head on her lips. Salim slowly moved his hips so that his cock moved across Shilpa’s lips. Shilpa also surrendered herself as she opened her mouth finally.

Salim felt it and immediately forced her mouth onto his cock. As Shilpa closed her mouth upon his cock, he felt warmness of her mouth. Once she took it in her mouth, Shilpa lost her inhibitions and actively started moving her mouth to suck on his cock. Sailm moaned and leaned back in the chair. Now that Shilpa was sucking his cock and enjoying it, he removed his hand from her neck enjoyed her wet mouth around his shaft. Now Shilpa was vigorously moving her mouth across his shaft. Her mouth was making slurping noises as she sucked hard. Shilpa never thought that she would enjoy this. But now that she was actually doing she felt that it was not that bad either. In fact she was almost enjoying her herself. She rolled her tongue around his shaft and licked it. Salim’s cock was completely wet with her saliva and his own pre-cum. Shilpa’s nostrils filled with his aroma and her mouth was full of his taste. She almost loved his hard cock inside her mouth now. Also, she felt a thrill of surrendering herself to this wonderful man. She was feeling so hot at the thought of doing whatever Salim wanted. She had loved Salim’s hand forcing her mouth on his cock. She loved the idea of being a slut for him and being dominated by him.

She suddenly pulled her mouth from his cock and panted. She had been sucking hard at his cock for almost 5 minutes now and felt breathless. Salim came out of this trance and looked up at her.

“What happened darling? Why did you stop?”

He leaned forward and put his finger on her lips. He slowly moved it across her lips before pushed it forcibly in her mouth. Shilpa protested by moving her hand and tried to pull his finger out of her mouth.

“I am feeling breathless honey.” She was still panting and trying to recover her breath.

“Just after 5 minutes? I was expecting a lot more than that baby.” Salim said.

“Jaan, I don’t have much practice. Remember that I am doing for the first time. I am feeling breathless. And also I am feeling so wet now that I can’t stand it. Look at my cunt. It’s so wet for you darling. Now please don’t make me wait any more. Put it in me and fuck me hard and deep. I want you so much honey. Please come and fuck me darling.”

She was still on her knees as Salim got up from the chair to oblige her. Shilpa also got up and embraced Salim. Salim hugged her and pulled her closer to him. Then he put his hands under her ass and lifted her lightly. She couldn’t believe how easily he lifted her. But she loved his power and strength. She wrapped her legs around his waist and supported her weight on his it. Her boobs were right in front of Salim’s mouth. She wrapped her hands around his neck and lightly pulled his mouth towards her tits. She fed them in his mouth as Salim mashed his mouth in her tits. She leaned back as her nipples hardened in his mouth. She moved her hands in his hair and moaned as Salim lightly bit in her tit’s flesh. But just as she felt Salim would keep sucking and tormenting her tits forever, he moved away.

“All right honey. So tell me. How to you like to get fucked. You want it on your back?” Salim asked her as he moved towards the bed. Shilpa kissed him lightly before replying.

“Jaan, I am very conventional woman. I don’t like to decide how I want to be fucked. I just love the feeling of pleasing my man. So the question is how you want to fuck me. I will do whichever way my man wants it. You choose.”

“What if I want it hard and rough? Will you still be my woman? “He caressed her ass as her said this.

She looked hard in his eyes as she contemplated her reply. She knew where this conversation was leading and she was enjoying it. She was feeling so hot at this discussion.

“Try me and see for yourself. I will do anything you want baby. Now don’t make me wait. Come and show me what you want.”

“So let’s do it honey.” He reached to the bed, but didn’t release her. Instead they both reclined on the bed together without breaking their union. Her nose filled with aroma of rose petals strewn on the bed.

He laid Shilpa on her back and got on top of her. Her thighs were still wrapped around his waist. She felt his massive cock against her thighs as she closed her eyes and imagined it entering her hot wet hole. Salim obliged her almost immediately as he forced his cock in her cunt. Shilpa cried out vociferously as his massive cock tore apart the flesh of her cunt. Even though she was wet, Salim’s entry was hurting her. She bit her lips as Salim started to enter her further with light strokes. Her nails dug in Salim’s back as she tried to endure the pain. Salim’s face moved down and started sucking her tits. Every now and then he would bite her fleshy globes lightly.

With every stroke, Salim was entering her further and she was getting wetter and wetter for him. She couldn’t believe it, but now Salim’s entire cock was buried in her cunt. She never thought that she would be able to take it. She writhed under him as Salim started fucking her with slow and deep strokes. She moaned as Salim fucked her. Now there was no pain. It was pure pleasure for her as Salim’s huge cock touched parts of her cunt that Aniket could never touch. She also stared thrusting to match each stroke of Salim. She cried out loudly with every stroke of Salim. He rotated his hips slowly as he fucked her hard. Shilpa had closed her eyes and she rubbed Salim’s shoulders and chest with her hands. She felt Salim’s speed increasing as he thrust harder and faster in her cunt. She herself felt her orgasm building in her. Salim was breathing hard as she screamed in pain mixed with pleasure. “Oh god, please fuck me harder Salim. Just fuck me. Come in my cunt.” Salim didn’t make her long as his cock flooded her cunt with his thick fluid. Her body stiffened as she felt a wave of pleasure passing through her body and she also came. Salim collapsed on top her and took her boobs in his mouth. Shilpa was utterly spent, but she allowed Salim to feast on her boobs. Then they both slept after kissing good night.

The 7 days they spent together turned out to be most wonderful in her life. Shilpa and Salim kept in touch even after 7 days. Since Aniket couldn’t father her c***d, even Aniket accepted that fact that Shilpa should be impregnated by Salim. After some time, Shilpa became pregnant ad in due course gave birth to Salim’s c***d. Thought, officially the baby was fathered by Aniket.

The End